Weekend and World Peace

I was home over the weekend, plus the holiday that was. Even though I and Hubby were busy with the Id’s (when will this end?), we had so much to be thankful for because we had an enjoyable time with the kids.

Saturday came and it was raining the whole day, we haven’t finished doing the laundry, but instead, we curled up in bed and talked and laughed. I prepared breakfast with a good smile, I made bulalo. The steaming hot soup was good enough to warm us up. It was a superb Saturday.

For everyone to know, I can cook, hehehe.

Steaming hot bulalo for the rainy days

Sunday came and I made breakfast again. Now, considering that Gensan City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, I fried some tuna belly. This is how it looked while raw. Another pic here displays the fried tuna with some garnishings on the side. Yummy as it is, kinulang kami ng kanin, hehehe…

Raw Tuna, sprinkled with powdered coatings

Hmmmm, what do you think of this?

This is actually the first time I am blogging about the foods I prepare so here, let me share to you what I did to make the Fried Tuna as enjoyable as it looks.

Fried Tuna Belly


  1. 1. Tuna Belly
  2. 1 Egg
  3. Salt
  4. McCormick Powder Coating


  1. 1.Sprinkle a little salt on the tuna belly.
  2. Whisk the egg, pour them over the un-frozen tuna belly.
  3. Coat the tuna belly with McCormick Powder Coating.
  4. Deep fry in medium hot oil.
  5. Be sure that the tuna is already well cooked before you take it out of the steaming hot oil.
  6. Add some tomatoes and onions on the side for some garnishings. Done.

Happy Tuna Festival

General Santos City!

Sunday afternoon and we did not have anything to do, except encoding the IDs, I decided to make myself a little busy. So I rummaged through my stuffs, and got some beads, some bracelet wires, and dyarannnn, I made these! I really envy those who have the talent in doing these kinds of stuffs. They put so much love in what they do and the output is very beautiful. I want my craft to be somewhat a beauty too.

Crsytal beauty

Pink Pearl Beauty

Of all the things I did, this is my favorite. A pair of earrings I would have to give to Allene, my officemate, soon after I make another pair similar to this one.

And this bracelet too, very beautiful and gorgeous in black!

It sure looks good in Tabebs' hand.

Monday, a call from hubby’s brother came, asking if I was interested to go to Bora. Who wouldn’t? Kuya A is president of the National Association of Master Plumbers of the Philippines (NAMPAP) in Iloilo. Their organization will be joining a bid for the NAMPAP to hold the next NAMPAP Convention to Boracay, and he wants me and Hubby to canvass for facilities and amenities Bora can offer. After we make the tour, we are commissioned to make flyers and a little presentation for the BIDS to watch, and for them to decide if Bora is the next to hold the Annual Convention. So, will I go? A definite yes for me, but considering I will need to shell out some cash for the Bora visit, I have second thoughts now. But juicy offer, don’t you think?

**Of Ninoy's Death and World Peace**

Today is Tuesday, and I am wearing a black polo-shirt. To make me more dramatic, I chose to wear the black bead bracelet, instead of my usual gold links. Boss noticed I am so in black, and said. “You in a mourn?”

And my reply, “Yes, mourning for the things that the country is experiencing, Lanao del Norte being ambushed, and Maasim, Sarangani Province being harassed by heartless MILF Rebels. Maasim is an hour away from General Santos City. We have a client-school there who ordered a thousand IDs from us, and they have to schedule the pictorial yet. My heart goes out for them, most of the civilians were so innocent and they had to be killed for no valid reason at all. Where is peace and democracy all this time?

I am in a mourning state, because In Memoriam of NinoyAquino, the life he sacrificed to achieve the DEMOCRACY in the Philippines is being neglected.

So it is true, the Filipino is worth dying for. And many are sacrificing lives.


Rico said…
My wife has been craving for bulalo for the longest time. Too bad we can't have it because I don't eat beef.
As my wife's family export's tuna, we have had tuna in more ways than you can imagine. Sometimes we just give it to friends.
jen said…
the bulalo looks good!!!
Blue Rose said…
wow! bulalo is perfect for today's weather here in manila. masyadong malakas ang ulan at hangin.

your crafts are cute. i love to wear that pink pearl beauty. hehehe.
Sinta said…
Mmmmm, bulalo! Just looks like how my mom makes it. And Boracay? I'd jump on the chance, if it weren't for an 18 hour flight -_- Hope to see some lovely pics of your trip there if you decide to go :) Your jewelry is lovely! I haven't gotten past simply hooking things with things yet.
Jeanny said…
HI Sheng. Love the bulalo....bagay sa tag ulan :)

When were at paranaque to visit his mom & sisses, we make it a point to buy frozen tuna at citra mina, I think sa gensan din galing mga tuna that they are selling. :)

Your into jewelry making na rin...kainngit ah hehehe :)
witsandnuts said…
Sheng, your post makes me want to go back to GenSan soon. =) Nothing beats fresh tuna. I used to make those sort of kikay accessories for my personal consumption and pambigay sa friends. I like the black one, it looks elegant.

There's unrest in Mindanano again. I hope it'll be peaceful (again) soon.
ms firefly said…
citra mina's mother company is in gensan indeed. :)
first time ko ma miss ang tuna festival. i miss pritong tuna sheng, nganong gi post man nang picture nga na? baw, may batok pa gid. kanamit. hayyy. way di tuna. :(

go to bora, and there's business opportunity attached, you can't be luckier than that! and think of the beautiful pictures you're going to take. :)
sheng said…
@rico: My bulalo was really good, hehehe, in fairness to me. Yes, the best tuna is found in Gensan, heheh, when you get to visit Gensan again, do tell.

@jen: yes, really, the bulalao was good. hehehe...

@bluerose: grabe na naman ang ulan diyan sa Luzon ano? Thanks for the compliments.

@sinta:Your knitting is actually the best. I wish I can have that talent too.

@jeanny: hay naku, actually marami akong hobby, noon pa ang mga beads ko and other stuffs, kaya i have to rummage through my baul to get them back, hehehe, now, i don't know how to link them again.

@witsandnuts: yes, please pray for us here in Mindanao, Maasim, Sarangani Province was harassed last week, it's just an hour's drive from our city.

@odette: yes dette, namit ang batok, medyo crispy, ginhungod ko batukon gamay. padala ko tuna da? hehehe...
Weng said…
hi sheng! :) that was a very long weekend. :) ooh, bulalo and tuna belly! yummy!

i've always wanted to get into jewelry making as a hobby. yung beads beads lang naman. i keep seeing books and kits at my favorite bookstore. well, maybe sometime soon. :)

it's sad what's happening in mindanao. :( ingat kayo lagi ha!
God bless!
caryn said…
sheng, sabi sa iyo, sali ka na sa creative swap e! ;-)

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