Would I Want a Big House?

We went to a meeting at Malungon and it was hosted by a teammate's parents. The family invited us to have the meeting in their home which was an hour's ride away from the city. It was a warm welcome for us since we won't have to shell out for our own expenses for food. So we welcomed the idea of them treating us to lunch. 

It was a very unanticipated plan but we were all excited.  It's the second time we visited the place but we are
more excited about how the place looked with their Christmas decors on.

I love big houses, but mine's not even a fourth of this mansion. Tina's parents got this house as a gift from the Pacman. Whoa! Oh yes, they're kinda known that's the reason why I'm not giving you a clue as to who owned this house. But let me just tour you around. This is their living room, and may I say this is the largest of their three living rooms.  There is another one adjacent to this big sofa.

And was it the only house I have seen with a little garden inside. Ain't it cool? The maids tell us they're changing the plants every now and then, plus they have to of course, modify the landscaping. That is really cool. I mean, how could one have a garden inside their house? It's just the coolest thing one can imagine. I would always want a garden inside my house, seeing the greens - I bet there will always be cool heads with this kind of place. 
Plus, there's a huge bar filled with all kinds of drink you'd want to ask. Not that I would want a bar in my house because I and my husband do not drink except for some occasional and social drinking sprees. We seldom go to bars to enjoy nights away, but when we do, we only take a few shots and we're okay. Besides, I married a guy who's really not into heavy drinking. I have never even experienced having him home drunk. You see, I am one lucky girl. 

So would I want a big house? It depends. It depends on how big a family we can create because so far, my immediate family consists of a
husband and two great kids. 

I'd imagine a life where my children would have a lot of children for themselves. I would want a huge playground for them so they can have the time of their lives playing and running around. I would want a lanais where they can set up a hammock and lull themselves to siesta. I would want something like this where they could bring their assignments and do them, or bring a book to read. Such inviting environment. I wouldn't want to go out for other activities but will just surround myself with books and I will be alright. 

I have often mentioned to my husband that I would not want a big house, because we are a small family. In fact, we have a humble home of our own where no one stays as of yet because we have reasons for doing so, but we are paying for the monthly amortization, a dead investment but one that someday we will consider our very own. And then maybe we can make expansions. 

No, not as big as this, but maybe one that could shelter the two greatest joy of our lives - our children. But yes, I would want a house filled with LOVE, no matter how small it is and that would be our HOME.    


Photo Cache said…
beautiful house. if it's free, i'd take a big house.
sheng said…
@Photo Cache: Same here, who wouldn't want a huge house if it's a blessing? Hehe
Kayni D said…
I can't image the keep up and cleaning though. Our house is small but cleaning takes a lot of time.
Reena said…
I want a modest home with a huge garden. :)

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