Of Achievements and Recognitions

Their Recognition Day was set on May 24. I wasn’t there even if parents were supposed to be present. I was attending a Supervisory Training for 5 days in Koronadal City where, had she called for me, I would have immediately came. 

She didn’t call me to join her, so I thought it was just fine. I understand that recognitions in Pisay are hard to achieve. Their standards are quite high. So I settled with the fact that she didn’t get to the cut. 

Then on May 30, the teacher sent a SMS and explained how she made this huge mistake of not sending my daughter on the stage for her winning moment on the fourth recognition day. Turned out that she submitted a wrong file to the awards committee hence missing out my daughter’s name. She was very apologetic. 

I called my husband after having received the message and both of us were in unison of thoughts that we shall dismiss that part on the neglect of the teacher to submit the name of our daughter to the awards committee but focus on what should be a better thing to do. 

I felt bad after having talked to my daughter about it. She explained to me that she also expected to be on the honors list after comparing her Math exams results to other students/classmates. She said that her grades were better than those who were up the stage for Director's List. However, she also thought that her grades in Computer Science may have failed her to get to the cut. 
I understand her pain as she was crying while telling me those things. But she was very understanding as well when I told her about the honest mistake that her adviser was able to commit. I told her that the going onstage for the Recognition Day may be important but more important to me and her Dad was the fact that she was exerting all her efforts to be better each day in school. She understood. 

As a sister and daughter to teachers, I understand how these things could happen. And I know that there will come a time when the stress will be too high should a parent just turn this issue into a balloon. I’d rather dismiss it while acknowledging the fact that the teacher was very apologetic.

So even if it’s late, I am posting this because I am proud of my kids who have become better in their studies, and who proves to us that they are putting all efforts to value our weary days put into work. 

Congratulations Raine Cassandra Dumalay! Mommy and Daddy love you and Ric Chris Dee so much!


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