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Stop Child Labor - It is Not Their Obligation to Labor for Food

Her name is Nica. She's 13 and even with her age which is supposedly a Grade 7 age, she's still in fifth grade because her teachers retain her there for she cannot read well. They are 9 in the family, 10 to include her father. Her mother died of childbirth after her youngest sister was born. She's a child laborer, like many others her age and even younger. Nica enjoys the life that her friends are experiencing now, they make it feel like they are on a game, a race or contest to be exact, like how many bundles of cut sugar canes they could carry to the truck, and how much money they can get after the deal is done.  
I went up the mountains to document on the child laborers of a certain municipality in Sarangani Province, and there I met Nica. When I interviewed her to ask of her profile, she was almost in tears not because I was asking deep questions, but because I was asking her what she wanted for Christmas.
My first question was: What would you ask Santa Claus to…

My Daughter Can Draw... and I CANT

That is just the most awful part, the phrase that says I can't draw. To think that my daughter did not get any training or any help from any of us regarding her drawing skills is but an amazement to us all. She can draw, very well, and she even won First Place in the Poster Making Contest of their school, and she's just 7.

 I wonder where she got the talent in making use of lines and curves and she can even make one that's seen as an aerial view of a resort like the above picture for that matter. There's a playground, a pool with slides and bridges to make it more interesting. She has a mind that's amazing, really, and I believe she can do more when she grows up. But I am sure that she's taken after the father who is a computer engineer and has great and amazing creative skills as well, from computer graphics to plotting CADD in 3D.

 That's why I am supporting all her needs from crayons to paints and pastels and sketch pads, it's not everyday that you …

Excited for GDayX Mindanao in Gensan: Happening Soon!