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A long Weekend to Reflect

Thank you all for the prayers you have extended to us, we were on our ngarag moments last weekend, but we did found the time to enjoy ourselves while doing the printing of graduation stuffs.

We had a deadline to beat, and are supposed to deliver the programs by 4pm today. But thanks God for HIS all-time love, we were done with the prints at exactly 8 last night. Finally, we can already have good sleep.

And now it's Holy Week, a time to reflect and pray, and to count the blessings God has bestowed upon us. For me and my family, bonding time and a satisfying rest awaits. May you all have a
spiritually productive Holy Week.

But wait, while browsing the net today for some Holy Week Quotes, I managed to find some really funny beliefs during this week, and I laughed out loud when I read this one.

Dru – "My mom said wounds during Good Friday will remain fresh forever. Imagine my panic, having been circumcised a week before Good Friday, crying and willing the wounds to heal in 6 days.&quo…

Busyness Ever

March is here, and as always during these times of the year, we are extremely busy with graduation stuffs. We have been in this line of business for years and years already, and although we wanted to surrender because of the hectic and toxic way to deal with this, we need extra income so we grab the opportunities that come.

Our clients have been with us for long, and by word of mouth, our services have been marketed from schools to schools already. Hence, my busy life. I am busy and was not able to drop by your sites. Worse, from today till the 30th are our ngarag days.

I will read your posts after I am done with all this stuffs. Imagine, it's 10,000 pages to print! And we are not even halfway - deadline is Sunday! Waaaaah! Cross your fingers for me, please!

Red Trellis Asian Food Cuisine - a Seafoods Haven

Crabs and shrimps, and everything is fine!

The last time I craved for crabs was last month, and the last time that I fully craved for crabs is because of Barlies' seafoods and crabs experience.

Last Wednesday night was a blast. Hubby and I were invited by the Maestro, Bariles himself to join them at Red Trellis, a fancy fine-dining restaurant just 5 minutes away from our house. We always pass by the resto but was too busy to even drop by and check the place.

Walking in, the cozy but light atmosphere amazed me. Trellises in red abound and the romantic lighting made my visit definitely not my last.

Please click images to enlarge.

There's a small pond with koi fishes bridging you to the kitchen where delectable aroma of seafoods and other Asian foods are being cooked to excellent taste. Tables in red, and waitresses in kimono made me think it was one Chinese or Japanese restaurant, but no, I was wrong. It was one Asian food cuisine we have entered into.

Waiting for us inside was the ow…

King Crabs, Anyone?

1.2 kilos of crab? Di nga?

Yes, there's even a 2.2 kg crab. That big! And uberly delicious and yummy and everything your salivary glands will tell your brain how it tasted.

Please wait for the post! For now, drool, baby, drool! Busy pa ang beauty ko!

Sprite Story #1

Everything is just lovely with Sprite. He makes kids happy, and is the new source of entertainment for the kids. I love how he makes my kids giggle and laugh. He is the new JOY-giver at home.

We just bought him stuffs, a bag of dog food, a chewy bone, and we gave him a ball to play with. he is just 2 months old yet and we have to bring him to the vet for vaccine shots. I might as well bring the kids along so they can talk to the vet as how to raise dogs.

Do you have pets too? What pets do you have?

Enjoy your stay with us, Sprite.

Kalilangan 2010 - Kadsagayan Street Dancing

Honoring the Past,
Understanding the Present,
Embracing the Future

Kalilangan is derived from the rootword “Kalilang” which means festivities, jubilation and celebration. It is a Maguindanaon word which connotes unity and gathering of leaders, tribes, and families.

Kalilangan celebrates colors, ethnicity, thanksgiving. There's actually more that depicts Kalilangan, and we here in General Santos City celebrates Kalilangan for a lot of reasons we are thankful for. It is also the 71st Foundation Anniversary of General Santos City. And I am so proud to say that I celebrated this year's Kalilangan with awesome friends and visitors.

In the afternoon of Feb 27, just after lunch, our group headed to the streets. And awesome colors awaited us in Pioneer Avenue.

Bariles taking colorful shots of the street dancing.

Colorful costumes, drumbeats, heart-pumping drumrolls and huge musical instruments paraded the street. Awesome noise surrounded the air. The heat of the sun never stopped us from en…

Kalilangan 2010 - Lakan and Lakambini

I was late, the show was already starting when I came, but nonetheless I was awed at the result of the long nights of rehearsals these candidates suffered.

For the Kalilangan, we have the Lakan at Lakambini ng Heneral Santos, while it's the ever infamous Miss Gensan whenever September comes for the Tuna Festival.

I cannot give you a good description on how they performed but I was surprised at how beautiful these ladies are, and how macho these Gensan guys are.

The lovely Filipiniana gowns were designed by an international designer to the name of Johnny Abad. Admittedly, these are the gowns that i would love to fit, they really are sexy.

The contenders in their lovely gowns and colorful barongs.

We have been trying to behave ourselves, at times, when there are pageants like this, I usually cannot keep my mouth shut. But this time, I behaved. The fact that our university has a candidate, I was actually praying she'd make us proud. She did not, though I was satisfied with her answe…

Kalilangan 2010 - Car and Bike Show

Kalilangan started off with this Car and Bike Show at Robinson's Place, General Santos City. To my surprise, I cannot take my eyes off some of the lovely wheely things I have seen. The kids were also surprised at how grand these cars and bikes looked. These cars drive my mind back to those good old days.

But there are also those who are much into the future, as they are called futuristic cars with enhanced dashboards and nice steering wheels, to the gigantic rims and tires. Ahh, so much for mechanical stuffs. But these babies, sing to me: Baby won't you ride my car?

First off, the bikes.

They look oldies but naturally goodies. I can only imagine my grand dad hovering in the streets with this bike. Cool.

There were only a few of them as the show was basically put up for cars. And for those who are into these stuffs, drool baby, drool.

I bet you have seen much much better cars than these, but they are the cars which can only be found nearing and passing by the city streets. The owner…

Kalilangan Teaser

You very well know that I'm busy. Yes, I am. That's because every year during March, I and hubby accept on the side jobs doing layout designs for graduation printing needs.

It's actually a tough thing to do because we are employed during the day and works double during the night. We have been doing this for years already and even without marketing strategies, our clients already know whom to contact when this season comes.

Nevertheless, I will not forget that I owe you my Kalilangan 2010 Festival experience. This year's Kalilangan is by far my most exciting. But then again, patience is a virtue. So I ask you to be patient until such time I gather my thoughts and pics, and I will surely share to you how we Generals celebrated our Kalilangan Fest.

Did I make you smile with this pic? I hope I did.