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25 Days Before Christmas

And it is so soon.

I love Christmas, it's a season for gift-giving and for peace. The kids love this season because they get what they ask Santa, the thing is, they have to be really nice and behaving really well before they get what they ask for.

Just last week, we decided to put up our Christmas decor, the house is not that really decorated, because we don't have a big house, the house is only capable of sheltering our family of four, but nonetheless, we had to have the decors because we want the kids to feel the Christmas spirit.

Now, it's really fast approaching, and I have yet to:

* shop for gifts for the kids and inaanaks
* shop for things we want to prepare for the Christmas eve
* save up for things I want to have before the close of the year
* list down the things I would really want to achieve (lots, to learn to drive for one)
* list down the things I want the family to enjoy ofr the following year

We don't have that much money now, as we have to save up and pay debts …

I Mourn for Maguindanao

Worst Day of journalist killings in Mindanao
Maguindanao Massacre death toll rises
Death in Maguindanao

And that scary, inhumane thing happened on a November week, just when we were celebrating Mindanao Week of Peace...

I couldn't think of any better word to describe the heartless massacre that Maguindanao has experienced yesterday than this: INHUMANE.

in·hu·mane [ìn hyoo máyn]

not compassionate: lacking compassion and causing excessive suffering.

Inhumane may be an understatement, it's barbaric even, but for now, i'd stick to it.

For those who took time to pass by and read this blog, please give me a minute of your time to just close your eyes and offer a prayer for Mindanao. Daghang Salamat.

“Think Mindanao,
Feel Mindanao,
Bring Peace to Mindanao”

Fighting Migraine

I have migraine, and I just have to share this few knowledge with you I have learned from my readings.

A migraine headache is a throbbing or pulsating headache that is often one sided (unilateral) and associated with nausea; vomiting; sensitivity to light, sound, and smells; sleep disruption; and depression. Attacks are often recurrent and tend to become less severe as the migraine sufferer ages.

Some women experience migraine headaches just prior to or during menstruation. These headaches, which are called menstrual migraines, may be related to hormonal changes and often do not occur or lessen during pregnancy. Other women develop migraines for the first time during pregnancy or after menopause.

Types of Migraine

Migraine with aura is characterized by a neurological phenomenon (aura) that is experienced 10 to 30 minutes before the headache. Most auras are visual and are described as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision (called scintillating scoto…

Tagaytay, one of the few heavens...

We started preparing at 7am, and we were on our way there by 10am. 2 hours of traffic and black smoke from the coastal to Dasmariñas. We arrived at past 12, just about ready for lunch. We traversed hell to get through heaven...

But this I'll say, one of the reasons I would love to go back to Luzon, aside from seeing friends and the luxury of travel...

the cold breeze kissing your nose

the wonderful smell of the few pines you pass through

the gentle air that blows your way
while seeing lovely lush green scenery

the beauty of nature, a reminder of God's love...

and the hope that someday,
this beauty remains for the generations to come.

Ahhhh, Tagaytay, I miss you.
I will come back, soon.

One More Time: Rizal Park, Manila

Jose Rizal's death was martyred here, the Declaration of the Philippine Independence from American rule was witnessed here, different rallies and movements were placed here.

A lot of historical events happened in this place, and the only thing the elementary books say is that, this place is where Jose Rizal was shot to death, that made him a hero.

When I was in Luzon, I did not want to go back to my hometown without checking this place out. It has been ages since I and my family visited this place, and proceeds to Manila Zoo. After a long while, I went back and was amazed at what changes there has been. So clean, so nice, surely a grandeur the Philippines takes pride in having, and the tourists savoring.

Visitors, tourists, men after men came and went, and had their photos taken. A memento to bring to their roots, to brag about, I have been to Rizal Park, Philippines!

There's nothing more I can tell you, but you have to check this place out. And if you're a Filipino, place yo…

Oh My Gulay!

I have heard news about the prices of vegetables in Luzon. When I was there, I wasn't able to visit markets because i was too preoccupied with meeting writers which was actually the reason for my trip. When I got home after one meeting, I was surprised that Medy (an officemate assigned in MM Branch) was done with her shopping. I really wanted to go with her so I could at least explore Luzon markets. But they were already opening grocery bags and I joined in the hullabaloo. On the table was laid veggies that I could not contain my surprise at the prices of the veggies.

cabbage head: P37.9

2 carrots: P29.8

2 pieces sayote: P32.6

I was shocked. Yes, correct term to use because I was actually more shocked than I was surprised at what I saw. Question: Why was I shocked? Answer: Because, ladies and gentlemen, these prices are double, even triple the prices of these veggies in General Santos! For real! In the malls, you can buy the best cabbage heads for P10-P20 each, depending on the siz…

The Hundred Islands in Pangasinan

The schedule for the meeting with writers in Pangasinan was on a Sunday, and it shoved me good that at 6am, we were on the road to reach Pangasinan by 11am. The SCTEX was lonely, only a few cars were on the road and I was able to have a good view of the highway that made me feel like I was in another country, so clean, so smooth, with such breathtaking views.

We reached Tarlac at 7:30, imagine the fast ride I was enjoying, had breakfast at Chowking Tacrlac, and I was awed at the scenery I saw while traversing Hacienda Luisita. I remembered Ninoy and Cory while we passed the Ninoy Aquino Museum in Tarlac.

What I just don't like is going through palay being dried along the roadside! Yes, it occupies half of the two-lanes road we were coursing through.

We arrived at Pangasinan by 11, just in time for the meeting, I wasn't able to take pictures while there since I was too preoccupied with the meet-up with writers I have only been communicating through my cellphone and through the …

A Visit to the Big City (Part 1)

We arrived in the big city at 9am, the boss is already waiting for the vehicle that will pick us up from the airport, and my eyes were scanning the big city life, buildings there and everywhere, the racing vehicles and the ever annoying traffic.

It's been a long while that I have not visited Luzon. I spent two years of my life in Pasay while I was 5-6 years old, all the rest of my days were spent in Antique, and when I was in Grade 6, transferred to Koronadal City, in college till now, here in General Santos City.

You see, it has been a long while that I have not seen the progress that's happened in Manila, and I was amazed at the skyscrapers that surrounded me, I felt so small in a world so tall.

Manila, a place many people have longed to visit, longed to live in, and longed to conquer. But when I was there, I was jittery to be back in my comfort zone, Gensan.

True, Manila is a big city, a land of many opportunities for whatever things you'd lay your hands on, but this is not…