One More Time: Rizal Park, Manila

Jose Rizal's death was martyred here, the Declaration of the Philippine Independence from American rule was witnessed here, different rallies and movements were placed here.

A lot of historical events happened in this place, and the only thing the elementary books say is that, this place is where Jose Rizal was shot to death, that made him a hero.

When I was in Luzon, I did not want to go back to my hometown without checking this place out. It has been ages since I and my family visited this place, and proceeds to Manila Zoo. After a long while, I went back and was amazed at what changes there has been. So clean, so nice, surely a grandeur the Philippines takes pride in having, and the tourists savoring.

Visitors, tourists, men after men came and went, and had their photos taken. A memento to bring to their roots, to brag about, I have been to Rizal Park, Philippines!

There's nothing more I can tell you, but you have to check this place out. And if you're a Filipino, place your palm on your heart, close your eyes and think about what our ancestors did to save the Philippines.

Jose Rizal may not be my favorite hero, but I don't argue that he is one mind behind the freedom of the Filipinos against the Spanish conquistadores. And that influenced much to the freedom we are having now.

He was a hero, yes, and Jose Rizal still is, please don't forget to tell your kids that story. Let us preserve the littlest things we have left of our ancestral heroes. Lapu-lapu, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini, Diego Silang, Gregorio del Pilar. They are heroic stories that shaped the Philippines, and may forever be kept in books, until such time you let your kids know the value of what they did, share to them the story.

Because I am absolutely sure, your kids know Superman and Batman better than they have heard of our Pinoy REAL heroes.


kg said…
maganda sa luneta, lalo na dun sa grass part sa harap ni Jose Rizal. sarap tumambay! :)

glad you were able to stop by luneta during your visit sheng!
lito antoque said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
lito antoque said…
what's good in rizal park is it's pangmasa ambience ... at malinis at malawak ito
princess_dyanie said…
nasan na yung picture mo with jose rizal? hehe ;)
Reena said…
lam mo i havent stopped at rizal park in a long long time eventhough i pass by it often. ayan, taken for granted na sya. hehe. pero i will visit the place soon! siguro by saturday since ill be around that area. hehe. tc. hope to see more of your manila travels.
Kayni said…
it's been so long since i visited there. it is certainly a place to visit.
ALiNe said…
Makabalik nga dito... bata pa ko nun last ako nakapunta dito e
Rico said…
Safe ba? The last time I was there was college time pa. Sa Botanical Garden yata kami nagpunta.
Eds said…
glad to hear that you were able to stop there sheng. ang ganda noh. makapunta nga din ulit doon. medyo matagal na rin akong hindi napasyal don eh.
the donG said…
oo nga. mas kilala na nila ang mga bagong at hindi totoong bayani. kakalungkot. pero lumalabas naman ulit ang icon ni ninoy. sana makikilala pa nila ang ating mga bayani.
Rej said…
ok nga Luneta kaso medyo mabaho ang usok. sakit sa ulo. pero ok dun lalo na pag Sunday.

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