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FREESTYLE BAND and DJ TOM TAUS at the Grand Year-end Party of SM City General Santos

Where do you plan to be for the rest of the long holidays? It will be more days of rejoicing because school is still out and to party on a good day is not a sin, but a chance to have fun. So free yourself! Be indulged to a merrier magical shopping, dining, entertainment and experience the dazzling year-end party tradition of SM City General Santos featuring the renowned Pinoy Rock- R&B band, FREESTYLE and the former child actor, DJ TOM TAUS.

FREESTYLE band was dubbed as the Most Popular Group Entertainer by Guillermo Awards in 2002 and one of the premiere bands in the Philippines. They were the makers of hit songs such as “So Slow” and “Before I Let You Go”. FREESTYLE has a soulful sound, influenced by rhythm and blues and urban music.

After 14 years of leaving the country to migrate to the United States, former child actor TOM TAUS is back in the Philippines. TOM TAUS has been making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ and known as “DJ Tommy T” to Los Angeles Club Crowd.


Thank You, Sarangani Province

So tomorrow would be my last day in DOLE XII-Sarangani FIeld Office.

Just like in any relationship, my 1 year and 6 months of stay in Sarangani was quite a challenge. The province being considered as one of the poorest has become a test for me. It was a test to see how I could be contributory to its progress. However, the time that was given to me to stay in the province as its servant may not be enough to really create an impact, but I am not complaining. I am happy that I have learned the dynamics of the province for which I have learned to love in my short stay. The people have been very welcoming. The trips to the three-pronged directions of the province may have been painstakingly enduring, but it was a good ride.

The first 6 months have become very enjoyable, I have learned that the people I get to talk with are diverse in themselves. I enjoyed speaking with the people in their most common language, and I have showed interest in learning their customs and tradit…

Merry December events at Microtel GenSan