Thank You, Sarangani Province

So tomorrow would be my last day in DOLE XII-Sarangani FIeld Office.

Just like in any relationship, my 1 year and 6 months of stay in Sarangani was quite a challenge. The province being considered as one of the poorest has become a test for me. It was a test to see how I could be contributory to its progress. However, the time that was given to me to stay in the province as its servant may not be enough to really create an impact, but I am not complaining. I am happy that I have learned the dynamics of the province for which I have learned to love in my short stay. The people have been very welcoming. The trips to the three-pronged directions of the province may have been painstakingly enduring, but it was a good ride.

The first 6 months have become very enjoyable, I have learned that the people I get to talk with are diverse in themselves. I enjoyed speaking with the people in their most common language, and I have showed interest in learning their customs and traditions. Dealing with the high-ranking officials of different municipalities may have given me apprehensions, but it was as if I have befriended them in the long run. Until I have become familiar to their personalities.

The following year has been busier, what with the many programs that we are providing service for, add to that the many other administrative functions with which I have to attend to. But I did not complain, cannot complain because I enjoyed everything.

What I will miss about Sarangani are the people, the places I have visited, the friendship I have made with the many different folks I have shook hands with. I have developed a rapport with the networks we have founded, from the career guidance network, the PESO, the barangay officials with which I personally was pressing for reports, lists, and many others. It is a bitter sweet emotion to be leaving the province that has adopted me, and welcomed me open arms in such a short stay.

I may have fallen short of your expectations of me, and I apologize for not delivering. I may have curtailed the patience I am supposed to give but I am only human capable of making mistakes. I may have shortchanged you of the services I gave you, but that's because I am feeble, unhealthy, and loaded with so many things in my mind that I cannot cater to all your needs and wants. If I have offended the people I have dealt with, it is with great sorrow that I have not been careful. And pardon me for the way I may have behaved if I have become too haughty, too assertive. I may have driven people crazy because of the reports I was asking, only because I want other people to believe that we can deliver what is expected of us.

To the heads of the province and municipalities who were more than willing to accommodate my requests for Special Recruitment Activities, Job Fairs, visits and orientations, conduct of LEGS and many others, my gratitude for allowing me and my group to disturb your peace. I know we may have been very pesky but only because we aim to contribute to the employment, protection and betterment of the worker's welfare.

Come January, I will be treading a new direction, and I am happy because I will get to learn more, deal with another batch of people, make friends with new people. But more importantly, I will discover more of myself in my change of direction. It is a direction that I cannot complain about because it will mold me and shape me to what I aim to be, a good servant. It will be a new direction that as the new year brings will bring me new challenges, new learnings, new tasks.

Come 2015, I will welcome a new adventure in my life. And I am excited! And it is with great gratitude that, come 2015, I am praying for a better part of ME. And this will be very helpful to my family, because I will be a lot nearer to them, will find more time with them, and I get to save extra moolah for the movies minus the cab fares in going to Alabel.

Thank you, Sarangani Province. It has been a great ride!

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