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12 Years of Loving

Met in May.  Fell in love in September. Engaged in April.  Married in May. 
From then on, it's been 12 years of loving. And still very much in love with each other.
That flicker of LOVE became the flame over time.  We could have walked away when the heat was too intense,  but we made a choice to love when the choice made no sense.  You could ask me again, knowing now what I didn't know then,  cause everyday the vows renew, It's still I do. - by Luanne Hunt
Happy Anniversary, Boss! 

My Take on Credit Cards

Credit cards! One thing I was so excited having when I first got my hands on them, something which I am allergic to this time. 
It's been a long while I have stopped using my credit cards because I have long terminated them. Years before, I had three. Now, I have none. Why, you ask? It's because I don't want to stress myself from the calls they torture you when they ask for payment. I have avoided some calls. I also have experienced trying to negotiate because I have this huge balance with them, until such time that I slowly paid one of them, and is struggling to pay another one right now. 
How credit card companies offer you this service is very enticing, they just call you, and from where they got your number is just a wonder. Someone from East West Bank just called me this week, to my surprise, offering me an Instant Approval Credit Card, something which I abruptly declined. had they known I have a bad credit history, they wouldn't have offered me something like th…

Sheng's Stir Fried Beef Teriyaki and Veggies

I seldom go home to the husband and the kids now because of work. And I feel guiltier because I do not have time to cook for them when I am home because I always reach home very late and/or I get out of the house very early as well. During the times that I am home, weekends or during times when I take a leave, I cook, I get addicted to cooking as if it is a stress reliever for me. And so I cooked, and last weekend's home cooking was beef teriyaki with veggies. 
My husband and kids are carnivorous, they like beef, pork and all the dishes combined for as long as they contain pork or beef. The husband is not fond of seafoods, but I do, so I sometimes whip some seafoods platter for me and the rest of the family, and make some beef veggies for the husband, hence the beef teriyaki I made for him while I was enjoying my halaan soup.
I cannot really tell you in detail how I did this but it's a little sauteing, mixing of veggies and simmering. I only added carrots and cauliflower and …

Dear Onyxx, I Also Want an Asus Zenbook

My back has been slowly killing me for the past months, maybe because of my bad posture because I am bad sitter, I slouch. But then again, I sometimes blame it on the laptop I am carrying with me in my backpack. It's just huge, and heavy. Though it bears an i3 processor which is really fast and efficient, the weight it adds up to my back load is just inexcusable. And just when I thought I'd really want a Macbook Pro which of course I can't because it's too damned pricey, Onyxx posted this on her blog. An Asus Zenbook as light and as thin as can be.
I'd be lucky if I win this in raffle draws or if I get luck to pick up a wallet with lotsa moolah, or something like that. But I guess I just have to save up for this, even if it means not eating my favorite chocolate for a year.
Therefore, instead of going to the moviehouse for some action-filled or mushy movie, I'd rather catch some cooking lesson new york on TV.
And pink, yes, I want it pink.

Somewhere in the Philippines

As if I am not drowning in readings, learnings and work, I have decided to create another blog. The question is where I can rob time to add to my days to make it longer so I could fulfill many of these tasks I am liable of finishing. 
Somewhere in the Philippines was born yesterday, May 11, for the reason that I want to showcase my husband's captured pictures from his/our trips anywhere in the Philippines. We are not really travelers so to speak, but we can inform the world through our pictures, that there is something good somewhere in the Philippines. 
I believe I can make use of my husband's talent and creativity here, so the photo credits are his, all his, what's mine is all these blah blah.
So there, Congratulations to me! Goodluck to me as well! 
Oh and there's one more thing I'd ask of you, will you drop me a visit there? And leave a comment please? Teehee. Terimah Kasih!

Aklat Para sa SIKAT

It's back to school time! And while we are busy with shopping for our kids' school supplies, books, uniforms, and other school needs, let us realize that there are many other kids whose parents cannot afford for their schooling, thus this project.
This activity from and with the Black Pencil Project provides opportunity for the kids to learn to read, do something worthwhile even if they cannot go to school, and add to their library of learning through the old books that we are to donate.
I have always been supportive of these kinds of events because I feel for the kids. Last year, I and a good friend from South Cotabato was able to give away school supplies for the kids in Kinilis. By visiting the place, I was able to realize that the kids are very eager to learn had they had enough means to do so. With this, I am asking for your benevolent support to help the kids in Lake Sebu in their quest for education and learning.
If you want to help, you may also contact me through thi…

May 13 is Mother's Day!

For she deserves NOTHING but the BEST.

Happy Mother's Day  to all MOMS out there!

And for those who aren't,  what surprise will you give your moms?

B.U.S.Y. Very Very Busy

This picture depicts how hard it is in finding a job. May 1 was the busiest day in the entire 2012 for me, just because it was Labor Day and among the celebrations we were having is the Jobs Fair. 
I find it hard to believe that there are thousands who came, waiting in line for their turn to be interviewed by managers and hiring officers. It is such a pity that people look for livelihood thru jobs, despite the Philippines being a rich country. 
Though employment may be scarce or hard to find, people still enjoy being in this kind of crowd, because it is a challenge. 
I am very very fortunate to have found a job that suits me fine and one that I enjoy despite being away from home, being away from the kids, and despite being with people of different characters and attitude. 
I do not complain, really, but I think I also deserve a trip to the beach resort, have a good massage, indulge in some good cups of coffee in grand private rooms of my choice, enjoy a bar of chocolate while indulgi…