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The Climb

I resigned from work a month ago, so I was jobless. Unexpectedly, an application I made for a the Department of Labor and Employment many weeks back was given answer just last week, Wednesday, and on Thursday, I was interviewed by the boss. "We'll call you." That's the usual thing you'll hear from the headhunter, right?

Well, the waiting is over, just yesterday, no call came but a text message saying I'll proceed to Tierra Montana to sign my contract for the employment. I thank the Lord for He never ceases to amaze me, His love and understanding is pouring over His children.

The next six months will be another adventure for me as I will be tackling and giving a shot at government service. I just pray that the months after this employment will be much better. I may have held back some reservations for myself, but here's a new mountain to climb. And as I was listening to my music stream yesterday, Miley Cyrus caught me with her song. I think it just suits m…

The Weekend That Was

What a weekend we had. Last Saturday, it was time for me to do the laundries, and on Sunday, the husband gave me an idea of re-arranging the master’s bedroom, so I gave in after I put off my reading.

With a little push and pull, and vacuuming here and there, we managed to squeeze in some fresher air into the bedroom, and the space was kinda’ relaxing already. So I laid down and closed my eyes, until… The kids saw the bedroom and requested theirs to be re-arranged as well, so, again, armed with the broom, vacuum, rags and Lysol, we had to clean their bedroom and re-arrange it too. Until I saw the grin on my kids, a grin of happiness for the nice new way their room was arranged.Until I saw my husband trying to maneuver the living room. Accckkk! So I was forced to clean the sala too, until he got to switch the TV places, and I found myself re-arranging the kitchen.Only this Sunday. One day of supposedly restful sleep and eat, the husband and I made the house a little more exciting. Plus…

Better Safe Than Sorry (Story No. 1)

Yes, I'd say one must better be safe than sorry.

When dengue cases erupted and death rates scored the statistics to its highest, I was scared for the kids and myself. The neighborhood around MIL's place have a stagnant or "not-fast-running water" on the ditch. We make it a point to clean the ditch every now and then but for some unknown reasons, the neighbors a few blocks away keep blocking its flow. Hence, water does not really flow fast and stagnates, allowing for the reproduction of mosquitoes.

We have been living there for more than ten years already and only going home to our own house during the weekends or long holidays. I'd say the mosquito bites bring the itch but who knows when it will bring the dengue virus, right?

So as a mother, I make it a point to keep safe the kids and use the mosquito net. We have it handy since we got kids and I do not allow my kids to be exposed without the mosquito repellent. For the information of all, I am a mosquito-hater. I h…

A Night of People and Foam

Last Saturday was a busy day for General Santos City as Robinsons place-Gensan celebrated its first year anniversary with a bang. There were fireworks and bands on the al fresco strip, while other establishments have some parties as well.

Husband and I were invited to a foam party. Well, am not really fond of going to parties and social events, but then, some people said foam parties are fun, and I wanted to experience it. Thanks to Bariles for the free complimentary tickets, we were able to experience how a foam party is celebrated.

There were lots of people, teenagers, yuppies and even adults were crowding in the huge East Asia Royale Hotel Parking Area cum party area that night. It was the highlight of Oktoberfest and San Miguel Beer was holding a Rocksteddy concert for the party people of the city.

This tube creating soap suds and foam are the favorite place of the party goers. They get to surround the area underneath the three tubes, and getting soaked with all the bubbles they coul…

All I Want for Christmas

'Tis the Christmas season! And my good blogger friend Prinsesa Musang is holding a christmas gift-swapping among bloggers and even to non-bloggers. It is a good way to know more friends and meet new people.

Hop on over to her blog to read the mechanics, and here's mine for what I want this Christmas!

Something small: a notebook or pen Something big: espadrilles shoes, size 5
Something cute: hair accessories
Something soft: marshmallows?
Something techie: iPhone4? Haha
Something fancy: fashion accessories, no loop and dangling earrings pleaseSomething (insert your favorite color): RED
Something wearable: red shirt
Something you need: new pair of flipflops
Something you can use for work: organizer
Something sweet: Cadbury Zip, Snickers with Almonds
All I Want For Christmas:
Well, since world peace is overrated, I'd rather get myself a new phone, hahaha. I hope to get myself an Android one, in due time. No rush though! Lotsa things to prioritize!

What If?

‘What’ and ‘if’ are two words as nonthreatening as words come.
But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life:
‘What if?’…”

-Letters to Juliet

I was in tears yesterday because of this movie, it came as a light movie, but was powerful it actually moved me. Love comes without season, nor reason. This may be a cheesy flick, but I urge you to watch this movie, there's more to love than the pains of a broken heart. What if? And if I am to say something, What if I have not loved you, then I would not have the two most beautiful people in my life, Biboy and Tabebs.
What's your favorite love quote? Would you mind sharing them to me?

Me and Motherhood, and One Big Question

In case you don't know, I am just around, I have not been elsewhere,but am having a lot of thoughts to consider.

First, my migraine simply won't let me sleep and the serious migraine attacks I've had the past week seem to be terrible that I'd love to give my brain a rest from all the reading, I want to resign from work (day job) before the year ends in order for me to rest the eyes and the brain from the pressure it gets.

Secondly, I am also busy with the online job which I think gives me better compensation than what I get from the office. So I am stuck with the notion of this, will I resign or not. Resigning from work means I can rest the eyes and brain, but not having the salary, however, I still earn at home and bigger too, though, I know that an online job is not that stable. I can even take care of the kids better. What do you say, of course it's pressure just thinking about it, but I am praying for God's direction, you know I have been wanting a new job si…

One New Love

I first met a Razon halo-halo when I was in MOA last year. There I met blogger friends, Jeanny and Dyanie for the first time. And meeting them was a great feeling. But more so meeting this halo-halo. I fell in love with it the first time.

And now that it's here in Gensan, what more could I ask for?

my new love!

Bloggers enjoined by the owner itself, Ian Razon, during the opening of Razon's in KCC Mall of Gensan.

Bloggers with happy tummies! Yum yum. Welcome to Gensan City, Razon's halo-halo! Oh and by the way, there are two branches of Razon here in Gensan City, the other one is located at Sun City Complex, along the National Highway!