Sunday, April 13

Updates, fresh updates!

So I still have a blog, haha. I'm sorry that I was not very mindful of a lot of things right now. Intentionally, I had to let go of a lot of baggage so I could concentrate on my research proposal which is supposed to be submitted before May 31, yet, I have not started anything properly. I think it is beyond my means but I have to get it ready lest I find myself getting flunking grades for this semester's subject.

I have been too busy, very busy that I no longer have time to read, no time to bond with kids. In order to make up with the lost time, I have to enroll them and myself in a swimming class so that from 6:30 until 8pm, we can be together as classmates in a swimming session. Darn, that is how busy I am.

Okay, so to update you with what has been eating my time, aside from the daily swimming lessons which I think would be very beneficial to me if I get to learn. Hmmm, crossing fingers now. It's more of a survival skill for me rather than the enjoyment I'd get out of swimming.

1. Research Proposal - As mentioned, we are to make a final research proposal before May 31, to be submitted as a bound material. This is in compliance with a professor who required a final sample to know if we had learned during our entire semester in her course. 

2. Work - Wre-e-ek me! That is how I would define work right now, it is beyond means. Sometimes I would complain that work is no longer fair for me. Why am I doing all the stuffs that need to be done? I am not the only employee in the field office yet I feel so burdened and loaded. Enough said, it is better to just do it than complaining about it. 

3. Household chores - something I no longer have time to but I need to put it here to remind me that I have household chores to address. 

4. Job fairs - I had just finished one with my PESO -Alabel group, now I am getting another one on May 1. Talk about things that would surprise us. This one is work-related but on a heavier level, this is a burden of sorts, but I have to deal with it heartily, and until I can master the ropes of job fairs can I be effective in this.

5. Summer - Look, I had a day of outing! An adventure of sorts, it turned to be really great with family. 

But I sure have to do something about the tummy. Haha, the more I think about losing weight or shedding some fats, the more I get weary, really.

I don't know but I have to make sure that I am fit because I don't really feel so healthy. In fact, I am feeling a little weary most of the time now, maybe because of the daily swimming but well, I have to try. 

I will tell you more about the adventure, maybe tomorrow have I the time to do so. It's been a while that I have posted so I must cover up. 

Sunday, March 9

I Date a Man Other Than My Husband

Simply because I need to, we need to bond a little more because I believe there will come a time that he will no longer join me in my visits to the mall, he will already have friends whom he would go out with, and there will come a time that my hands will no longer be the hands that he will hold.

There are times we go out, especially after office hours, I would call him up and ask him if he has vacant time for me. I am this woman who will ask him if he wants to eat something, if he has something he wants and I will buy it for him. I am his woman. 

I will always ask him if he is okay, and if he has problems, he could tell me. I would always ask him if he has anything he wants to talk about, then my ears are always there for him. I would tell him not to bother thinking about worrisome things because I will try to provide. 

There are times when he no longer has time to join me in my walks, no time to join me in doing the grocery. He would rather have his phone ready, and then remain online, and be with the company of his friends. And I would get jealous. 

I would get jealous but I have no way of telling him that I am. And so during times that he says YES to my invitations, I grab the opportunity to be with him, alone with him, have fun with him over snacks, and he would tell me stories. 

These are just small dates with my man other than my husband. I always see to it that we get to bond because I am only counting the days that he will be calling my name as often as he would. Maybe soon, he will only call me when he needs money, or when he needs my signature, or my affirmation. He will have the mind to decide on his own without consulting me. There will come a time that will no longer have to  ask for my advice anymore. There will come a time that he will have his own trips to the mall, or trips with his friends, and I will be set aside. 

My son is growing up so fast. I can feel the change now. I remember those times when he was little and he would never go elsewhere without having to hold my hands, but now, he evades my arm over his shoulders. He gets to shake off my hand whenever I slip it into his. My son is growing up to be a big man that is why I make most of the time that he still wants me to be there for him. I enjoy our dates after class because that's when I can only be with him, and he can tell me stories about school. 

Time flies so fast that when you are a mother, you easily get jealous of the people surrounding the people you love because you feel ignored. Am I just being too possessive or what, because I surely feel that way sometimes. But yes, I am a MOM that's why I fancy the times that my son and I get to bond with each other, even without his dad. After all, he is the one man I love, next to my husband.

And, he's turning Grade 8 in June... he's slowly becoming the good man that I want him to be. And I am happy that he is. 

Oh Kuya, grow up slowly will yah? In a good way? 


Sunday, February 23

Bob Ong and My Favorite Book

Forgive me if this blog seemed ignored for like a century already. I have been so busy with so many things work-related plus the major subjects in Graduate school, with requirements to include 1 research paper, 2 other papers and an oncoming midterm exams for next week. But seriously, there are a just a lot of things I am handling now that I cannot seem to prioritize which ones need my attention first or the most.

But I had a chance to bond with my friends after a super duper long hiatus of bonding with family. We agreed that since we all are Bob Ong fanatics, we would watch ABNKKBSNPLAko together with our families. It was laugh trip and a journey to nostalgia. 

And since we all enjoyed the movie, Sir Gilbert was generous to give us a copy of the 12th anniversary book version and the card game to which this post is the reason of. It was belated Valentine's gift and advance Mother's Day gift. That was really sweet of him.

I opened the card game and behold, the question for me says: 

Ano ang paborito mong libro 
at tungkol ito saan?

Master of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, one of my favorite authors; the story revolves around the six generations of the fictional MacGregor/Blackwell family. Kate Blackwell and her granddaughter, Alexandra and Alexandra's husband Peter and son Robert. 

The story is about revenge, a game wherein most would consider as realistic because it is what actually happens in real life as well. The feud between families because of inheritance, of cheating and of greed. 

Of course I am not going to talk more about this because I want you to read the story. And sharing more about it would be a spoiler for those who would want to read it.

Thursday, January 30

Sharing Builds Children's Character

When I first visited this place and when I saw the situation of the residents especially the children, I have promised myself that I will be back and will give them something to be happy about. It was never in my mind that I will be supported by friends who have the heart to also share what little they have in order to make these kids happy. 

Armed with P3,000.00 in my pocket, I went to the nearest department store and bought some cute and educational toys and school supplies that I think will bring a smile to the kids' faces. Ate Alfie who has a big heart in sharing, added some more toys for the kids. 

And so we went there with a sackful of gifts for forty children, afraid that the gifts might be lacking. And we have limited food as well, we only prepared 40 also, haha. We were unsure of how many kids there were in the community.   

And alas we arrived. From the made-up wobbly and collapsible wooden bridge, we got through to where the kids have gathered, passing through shanties that may look quite like an eyesore to others but nevertheless a shelter for our target beneficiaries. 

Ate Alfie, Bito and Wowa were there even if they went home late because we still had to finish packing the gifts. My whole family was also there to support my outreach activity. It took them enough strength to wake up at 5AM because we had to reach Maasim early. 

Th reason I brought the kids is that for them to realize how fortunate they are with their situation as compared to other children. I hope they understood what I meant when they saw the place.

My former boss, I am glad for Sir Jay's support even for the transportation that he has provided, and also for the coloring books for the kids. 

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. 

I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” 

~ John Lennon ~

“We cannot live only for ourselves. 
A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; 
and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, 
our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”   

~ Herman Melville ~

“When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, 
you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. 
In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”   
~ Albert Camus ~

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. 
 We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, 
tired into a single garment of destiny. 
 Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.”

 ~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~   

You can learn many things from children. 
How much patience you have, for instance. 

~Franklin P. Jones

No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves.
No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves.

 Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music. 

 ~William Stafford

While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt~

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. 
 ~Frederick Douglass ~

Women gather together to wear silly hats, eat dainty food, and forget how unresponsive their husbands are. Men gather to talk sports, eat heavy food, and forget how demanding their wives are. Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun. 

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

This may be a late post, but I am thankful to friends who have supported me in this endeavor. May we all have a more generous heart in the next coming days of our lives, because truly in sharing, there is true happiness.

Sunday, December 29

2014 is Going to be a LOT BETTER!

More veggies, less meaties.
More fruits, less rice.
More water, less caffeine/soda.
More exercise, less laziness.
More rest, less stress.
More studying, less compromising.
More book readings, less social networking.
More writing, less daydreaming.
More family bonding, less unimportant socializing.
More early log-ins, less tardiness.
More cohesive reports, less procrastination.
More early reports, less overtime.
More silence, less useless talks.
More prayer time, less senseless chitchats.
More savings, less expenses.

Reviewing my New Years' resolutions for the past 3 years, and I thought that while some of them may have been followed, more have been compromised because of some circumstances that were yet unknown the moment the resolution was written. 

I wonder how I can accomplish all these new ones, because the other resolutions were kind of specific, but this one's not. But definitely, I will try my best to just follow all these things I've written here. And maybe seek for excellence in everything I do.

A few may be questionable depending on my schedule and priorities but I will try to keep up with this vows, and as a commitment, it would best that I write them down in this blog as I usually do, so I may be able to check and double check again.  

One prayer though, and I hope we claim it NOW...

Tuesday, December 24

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 20

At Most Two Bottles

On Thursday was the third Christmas party that I have attended, as there were a lot of invitations trying to grab my attention to join them in their parties. However, I am not always at liberty to join these parties. First, I take consideration that during the night, my kids need me and it is only the vacant time I have for them. Second, I do not really enjoy going out without my husband, or going out for a few drinks and getting merry all by myself.  

But there are exceptions, always. And this Christmas is one. 

On November when I was in Cagayan de Oro, I was able to join my long time friends to a one night (barely 4 hours) of KTV party in the long stretch of Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City.Whilst there, these friends enjoined me to a bucket of flavored Tanduay Ice. 

For the information of everybody, the first one I have tried was actually a bottle of Beer na Beer, back in my high school days, and that was only after the graduation in high when I had a try at it, getting home quite tipsy because I could not muster to drink more. 

The first hard drink I ever did taste was a Bouchard drink wherein half of the smaller bottle was consumed by my best friend and me during a pajama picnic at their house. Her brothers and sisters were the drinking kind and I was not, so I was urged to stay because I could not afford to go home  with just 3-5 shots of the liquor.

Lately though, now that I am mature enough to drink and be merry at parties for adults or social drinking, I was trying to measure myself on how far I can go with beer. And I have decided on 2. But wait, no, they are not the hard stuff. 2 Bottles of San Mig Light, (apple flavor please) is all I can muster and my path could still be straight. I had 2 drinks of Tanduay Ice when in Cagayan de Oro, and another two bottles last Wednesday night for another Christmas party I went to.
And my heart was ready to burst because of palpitation. 

And I easily get red, all over. 

So, even though Christmas may be for merry-making, I can actually celebrate Christmas without these drinks. I am trying to limit my intake to only 1 if I could help it. And my head would still be clear. Going two, and I'm afraid my heart's gonna burst. 

Christmas does not mean extravagant food on the table, it does not require too much feast, it does not require too much lights and sounds, and the presence of too many friends. Christmas means having to remember that Christ came and died for saving your soul. 

Well, are you a hard drinker? How many can you consume? Hard liquor or just a few beer bottles?

I hope you have a good one, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15

The Widow and the Matriarch

We are celebrating husband's 37th birthday this December and while prepping up for an advance  celebration, I was in the kitchen with my mother-in-law when she asked how old my husband is as she wanted to validate his age. I answered the number and then she got silent, and said, "So I'm already 30 years a widow". And that kept me silent as well.

As she was talking, I could feel the pain inside her suddenly gruffy voice, she remembered that 30 years ago on the fifth day of a cold December night, her husband succumbed to cardiac arrest. And after that, her whole being was dedicated to working her life off as a solo
parent trying to raise three boys, my husband the youngest of the brood.

The thirty years that came after Tatay's death was kept as memories filled with challenges and grief, but there were also many times they had celebrations of a kind, one that would keep them going and going even if it meant not having a father in the family.

And so she raised the kids alone, hurdling the finances alone, as a teacher.

I remember asking my husband if during his younger days, his parents attended PTA meetings and Christmas parties at school, and he would say he had none of those experiences because his Mom had to be in school, teaching other people's kids in order to bring food to their table. 

His Mom had to teach high school as a Math teacher, hurdling 2 hours of travel time to reach the barrio that she was then teaching, crossing rivers and mountains in order to deliver the services she is giving. And the kids were staying at home with their aunt, who also is a spinster. 

My husband and his youth practically had to be a life without a Mom, because she had to spend her time away from them, busying herself with other people's children, teaching them how to read when the husband and his older siblings had to ease their own way to reading, with the attention and care given by the aunt who was also a busy teacher at an elementary school.

But that is history. What I wanted to share is how difficult their life had been without a Mom. I could feel the pain and the hurt that for 25 years, my husband has never had a Mom at their home attending him and his siblings, attending their celebrated moments. It is only now, almost 10 years that she has retired from public teaching that she went back home, attending not anymore to the sons, but to my kids. 

Even with what happened, she has never failed to inspire my husband and other siblings to pursue their education. Even with the meager allowance because they all had to share what little they could get, my husband turned out to be a computer engineer, three years his senior, the second brother became a civil engineer, while the eldest was a marine engineer who turned out to be a Maths teacher too. And while working her ass off, Nanay also had to take care of her career, that she retired a good principal. The best principal, even, as told by her subordinates during the testimonial given her.

The fact that she had to sacrifice her time for her children to give them a good life is what amazes me. The thirty years of being alone, and trying to make amends to the children for the lost time is but a painful journey towards success. I could never imagine myself without having a husband to be on my side while I'm rearing the kids. God forbid, because I don't think I am that strong to withstand the trials and the storms. 

But GOD always makes things easy, especially when you pray. I now believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and sharper. 

My high respects for the Mother-in-Law, who was able to bring her children to the world amidst the sacrifices. I am so glad to have met a woman who has changed the way I believe in life. She has made a wonderful mark in history, etched in my husband and children's hearts. She is a woman of great kindness and love. 

And she is my inspiration.




Friday, December 6

In Pursuit of Other Children's Happiness

While my children may have had a mom and dad whose minds and concerns are over their basic needs, education, shelter and most especially food, there are some parents out there who do not really care about what their children are up to. They are the carefree parents who'd permit their children to work even in hazardous workplaces if only to provide for additional food to their homes. 

As a program manager for the Anti-Child Labor Program of our department, I am one with others in trying to curb this wrongdoings. I am also one with many others whose hearts melt in pity of the children, and would want them to experience a good life, a safe playground, unlike the ones they are used to playing at - the sugarcane field. 

I have already mentioned about the working children in Malungon, Sarangani Province, and I have even asked a few friends to help me in making these children a tad happier this Christmas. And so, with a help of a generous sponsor, and friends who helped provide for some gifts to them, my partner and I brought these five (5) children to some place they never had a chance to go to - Jollibee.

It was a morning and breakfast was a must for them before we bring them to their next adventure. I am glad that the children behaved and that they were willing to listen to their mentor. They were willing to just stay put and behave at Jollibee. One of them said it wasn't her first time to eat at Jollibee but all the rest were first-timers. 

I ordered burger steaks for them and hot chocolate because I knew they need to fill up their tummies with something nutritious that they doesn't always get to have at home. The kids were excited when their food arrived, the twinkle in their eyes were something that could melt your heart because you'd know a happy child when you see one. And right before my eyes, I saw five happy children busily clinking their utensils and enjoying their meals.

Raffy watching the fishes swim at the pond
And so, right after, we had them visit a mini-zoo, a few miles away from where they reside, an hour or to away from their homes, there's this beautiful place called Dolores Farm where they keep a few animals, and a few zoo pets, and a grand playground. 

Nica, Adrian, Raffy, Jenny and Cherry were very happy that they could not contain their excitement to seeing the animals. They saw monkeys, different kinds of birds, a wild boar, snakes and pythons, and also crocodiles and different kinds of geckos. 

They were smiling and laughing and enjoying each others' company. They had to tell stories about their homes where they could also see similar looking animals like the bayawak and the snakes, and the baboy ramo.

My heart sang with gladness that the children were able to experience this kind of joy that they had that very moment, very simple pleasures and they had so much fun. I bet they were to tell so many stories to their classmates when they got home.  

And look at their smiles while playing, their enjoyment could not be measured. They could not stop playing the swing, the monkey bars, the see-saw and by just running around trying to be carefree, and most importantly, trying to be children and enjoying their rights for time to play and be merry.

I'll be posting another story about these children, and how YOU and many others made them happy.  

Unlike them, you were also once a child, but what was your childhood like? Mine was playing in the dirt, molding cakes made of soil, playing in clay pots, and plastic toys that can be molded into cakes, playing buy and sell using candy wrappers, Mom shouting at me for being such a big mess already. And at school, playing chinese garter before heading home, playing under the moonlight, and a few others that brought child-friendly memories. That's my childhood, and I'm lucky enough to have had responsible parents who molded me to be where I am now.

Many of our children are luckier than these children are, they do not have to experience the ordeal of carrying huge loads of sugarcane to load up in a truck, or to weed farms in order to get money for buying snacks at school. How lucky some of today's children are, and I think we need to tell them how blessed they are for having good parents, and a differently easy childhood. 



Monday, December 2

Snap Right Away!

The weariness that you feel when you get home gets a little bit relieved when somebody welcomes you home with some milliliters of canine saliva, thus we have a pet. Her name is Coke, she was a gift to my kids when they were depressed because of the death of our first puppy we named Sprite. As you may notice, we are a family of soda-loving people, hence the names of our pets. 

On a visit to the boss' house one day, we were also welcomed by their cute pup named Kyro. I just couldn't resist myself from taking a snap of this cute 1 month old doggie. 

The boss is in awe of the pup, that when Kyro first arrived, he had to fan Kyro because it is used to staying in an air-conditioned room. Knowing Gensan as the brownout capital of the country, Kyro whimpered and scampered because of the warm room he was kept in. And so the fanning went. 

But that's just one of the stories of Kyro. And that's just one of the stories I would like to tell you. What I really wanted to tell you is when you get a chance to see something beautiful or something nice, and you have a camera with you, snap right away. It always pays to document and capture the moment that you want. That's actually trying to make sure that you get to enjoy more about the present, which will eventually come as a past soon after the moment is captured. But what is best there is that you have captured a beautiful moment in your life, and you have your memory to live with it. 

I salute people who can carry their camera(s) and DSLRs with them each time they get a chance. I admire photographers who always carry with them their gadgets in order to snap right away when the moment calls for it. For me, that makes them wise people because they can feel the moment, capture them and make use of it to their advantage. 

I'm hoping to be like them, that is why I am speculating of buying a tablet phone which can be of use to me in my studies, as well as in getting pictures of experiences and moments I like to capture and live with. 

Bonuses have arrived, and some of them already gone, but I've been blessed this December, thank God. 

It may not be in the form of a promotion which I was aiming for, but I still thank God for the favors that He has bestowed upon my family. 2013 may not be really great for me and my family as we had a few clashes with fate, yet, my faith is strong that 2014 will be better. So I'm gonna decide soon, so I can snap away and take lots of beautiful pictures that 2014 and GOD will give me.

A camera or a tablet phone?


Sunday, November 24

A Story of Betrayal...and Moving On

I couldn't think of anything to say while he was talking to me. The first thing we did was to laugh it out, because even if it meant him having to re-tell his story, I could sense that he was hurting inside, the pain searing through him, obviously weighing him down that he's gotten pretty much skinnier after 3 years that we've had a close encounter. 

I never had any problem with him since I did my graceful exit from his company. If there was a problem with him, it was work related. It was never on a personal note that I went away to find a better workplace. It was something that I believe was due to some bad company decisions that gave me a chance to find my own place in the sun after working with his company.

I'm talking about my former boss. 54 years old, beautifully married with three children for 27 years, until just recently when some bad turn of events came to claim his wife away from him. No, we weren't only just a boss-subordinate type, I believe we were more friends, even after I left the company and the job that I have been enjoying for eight wonderful years.  

He'd ask me to make his business letters for him, teach him how to type, teach him how to input some message on his high-end mobile phone. Because he was the boss and he is rich, and he is one that appreciates the things you do for the company, even if his wife wasn't the kind that supports him in any similar way. He'd tell me stories about how he championed his way to riches, how he met his wife, how they had started with nothing until he was able to build a company that eventually catered and fed more than a hundred people. He told me stories about how he grew up with almost nothing,  time when he was a dropout, and that time he was in love with a girl, yet had a fling and had to be a responsible man for who later on became his wife who bore him 3 kids.

He was the kind of boss who would understand. In fact, I was closer to him than his wife, because I saw him as someone who could understand, was open to any suggestion that you say, would listen to a recommendation if he thinks it is the better way. He was able to bring me to places, a trip to Cebu with my husband, a trip to beautiful Eden Nature's Park in Davao with my whole family, and to Manila, Pangasinan and Tagaytay to meet his pool of writers, maybe because he trusted me that much while I was at their employ. It was then that I have gotten closer to him and his family that we would get coffee any time we want and talk about each other's progress, and still be my boss when we reach the office.

Until that fateful night I walked away from the job I have loved because my demands weren't met. 

But we still remained friends, as I have mentioned. We were more than the boss-employee type, because I understand what happened and I would always understand the ways he is trying to make in order to cater to the business, I understand more so the caprices and aggrandizement of the wife to which he never fails to satisfy because of love or maybe to cover for the lack of time he has given her. The wife was someone whom I have also entrusted with eight years of my career, however, she was not the kind I would automatically trust with my life because she is the bossy type, not somebody who could understand human ways, she's more the boss than the husband who actually built the company. It is even safer for me to say, she is still under the employ of the husband, their marital relationship aside. 

He just sent me a private message on Facebook, there is something he wants me to do, a book that I need to edit, given my experience with them as a proofreader/writer. He wanted to meet me for coffee, so I was able to give him a little of my time. Then I saw him in his skinny profile, somebody whom I knew to be skinny has shed off more pounds and more haggard looking now. He was all wrinkles and I was taking pity on the life he has led. 

And then he re-told his story all over again. That his wife left him for another man after 27 years of marriage. He said he never ever imagined his life to be in this situation - ever. Because he thought that they were okay. True, he calls everyone his sweetheart, he is a marketing man, and sales agents like him does have the reputation to be womanizers but it was never his intention to have a broken family. He may be close to his women sales agents under his employ, but he never had a child outside marriage, he never had to leave his family because of some woman. He admitted having a few flings here and there, but they were just as it is - flings. But they never came to a point of getting any serious relationship, one that could wreck a family. 

I could feel his pain. I could feel how betrayed he was, and I could feel how deeply he hurts by the way he told me his story over a grande of coffee. I can sense his loneliness, I can sense his ego hurting too much and his concern for the children who were also hurt because of what their mom did to them. But what surprised me most is when he told me the reason the wife gave him when they separated. He said that the wife said she was never happy with him the way she is now with the present lover. What a piece of crap!

After 27 years of marriage with three kids, a promising line of businesses, after all they have gone through, when they started from scratch until the many family trips to the US, she'd say she was never happy like she is now with her present lover? Methinks that was bullshit. Seriously? After all those years, you'd say you were never happy with him?

What happened to their marriage, that I could not really judge because I am not in their shoes. I could never understand it the way they could because I am only a listener to a story. I can only pray that a flicker of hope would cover the whole family, that they will remain friends however impossible I could think of it. But that is the most I could give them. Whoever is telling the whole truth, I could not definitely say, but one would have the instinct to know who is telling the honest story. And I stand by him whom I consider my friend.

She sent the annulment papers already, ready to be signed by him. He's been talking with his lawyer now for division of their properties. He said that she never left anything at their house, not even a handkerchief to remind him of her, but she did left the children to his care. And that for me, is her biggest mistake. Because I see him being taken care of by the children, and she is all alone with her lover whom she is presently happy with. Oh well.   

It is sad that families have to be broken because of unrepairable indifferences. I pray that this won't happen to my own. I swear, I might die just thinking about it.

I happen to be sane that time and told him this: "Move on! It's not worth sulking over." Easier said than done, I know. But he has to get on his knees and move forward. He said he is slowly picking himself up, and that is something that I am grateful for. There is hope for a more beautiful tomorrow if you see more positive than the negative from what happened in your life. And maybe, it's high time you re-assess your life. The remaining years could be more joyous than the longer ones which only turned into bitter-sweet memories.   

I also told him to trust again.

Take care of your families. It's the only one you've got! Unless you've already made a lot!


Saturday, November 9

The Atman Spa Experience, a Naturally Good Way to Relax

The month of October proved to be very draining to me because of work, trainings, school, kids and a lot more house chores. It was a month that I rarely slept early, and the month when I had to be still up at 2AM and up again at 5AM because I needed to study for final exams, plus office reports and deadlines that were looming and work that were almost up to my neck.   

I never wish to be back to that state anymore, because it makes my BP shoot up for lack of sleep and stress and many more reasons.

Imagine Statistics eating up your energy because you have to do a research and to analyze all these statistics for use on your study? That's a lot. Plus, on others subject in school, I also had to write a Research Study (individual) plus a Group Research Study too, all in all 15,000 words.

I couldn't imagine the pain that I felt then, it was a variety of sorts. Back pains, chest pains, eye strain, headaches, plus abnormally high BP.   

And so I needed one that would help me stabilize my state of mind. Thankfully, Atman Spa was there to rescue me. I had a good massage there, the people were very accommodating, and the masseuse was  just what I wanted, with enough pressure to break the body colds into pieces, and one who could passionately give me a good shake to wake up my sleeping vessels.
For P300, you get a good massage, a nice new friend,  and a cup of tea to ease out on you.

Perfect. With their modern facilities, silently comfortable rooms, I would recommend Atman Spa for anyone else who would need a good massage here in Gensan City.

The massage I got here was what  made me sane, it was what I really wanted, and so I was up and running in no less than a day after that very satisfying massage. Atman Spa has given me relaxation and I had a good unwinding while there.

Atman Spa is located at:
1st Floor GP Johnston Building, Magsaysay Avenue, Dadiangas South · General Santos City
Contact Number: (83) 301-7891
Email Address: