Sunday, November 23

Connect the Dots of Sarangani's History at Munato Festival

The province of Sarangani is celebrating its 22nd founding anniversary and the 12th  MunaTo Festival. This festival commemorates the birth of Sarangani Province with the celebration of its People, Culture, and Treasures.

Sarangani Province was born through the efforts of Congressman James L. Chiongbian in 1992, by the passing of Republic Act 7228.  Formerly the area was part of the 3rd District of South Cotabato. It became a separate province on May 19, 1992.

MunaTo Festival is coined from two Blaan words that means “First People”.  The anthropomorphic jars found in the caves of Maitum (Ayub, Pinol, and Sagel), give clues to Mindanao’s early history and of the Philippines as a whole. The carbon dated anthropomorphic jars depicts that Maitum was the home of early civilization dating back to the Metal age. The original jars are currently in the National Museum for safekeeping and exhibition.  Based on the historical time line of the early history of the Philippines, after the Tabon Cave in Palawan, the next earliest pottery is found in Pinol Cave in Maitum.  Thus the claim that in Mindanao, the First People or “Munah To”, possibly are from Maitum, Sarangani Province.

Sarangani province is a young province with a very long and rich history.

MunaTo Festival is a festival that was conceptualized in 2002. The idea was to create a cultural festival that would celebrate the vibrant diversity of Sarangani Province… It has been celebrated yearly bringing the 7 municipalities of  Sarangani together and featuring the best in each town.

MunaTo Festival 2014

For this 2014, MunaTo festival is taking a new twist in making Sarangani more relevant, more fun, and interactive!  The province of Sarangani is creating this new concept of the MunaTo Yesterland Themepark.  This will allow the students, cultural enthusiasts, and the general public, learn and appreciate History, Social Science, Science, and Culture and Arts in an “experiential” kind of education. This year’s MunaTo Festival is slated on November 27-29, 2014 at the Sarangani Capitol in Alabel, Sarangani. We look forward to seeing you join us in this endeavor.

  The Munato Yesterland Themepark is showcasing 12 Attractions.

  •  Cave of the Ancient – This is a light and sound show regarding the anthropomorphic jars found in the caves of Maitum, Sarangani 
  • Tribal Village – This will showcase the Tboli, Blaan, and Tagakaolo tribes. There will be a show every hour about their music, dances, chants and stories.  Also found here are products for sale made by the Indigenous peoples of Sarangani. 
  •  Sarangani Wildlife Museum – This is found at the ECPC, where one can see the different animals that are preserved for study. This museum shows the varied species found in Sarangani.  Also at the 2nd floor auditorium will play Sarangani- made films from last year’s Salamindanaw’s entry. 
  •  Looms & Beads  - Located at the Kasfala Hall, the Looms and Beads is an extensive, elaborate, and detailed exhibit featuring traditional arts and crafts in Mabal Tabih, Saul (bead works), and other artifacts.  This is an exhibit of Heirloom designs and fabrics  from our Indigenous Tribes in Sarangani. 
  •  MunaTo Fotoloco – This is the sculpture of Kublai found at the Sarangani Capitol depicting the first people. Here people can take their wacky and fun photos.  A photo booth will be available to take photos for a fee! 
  •  Sarangani Street Arts – On the back street of the Capitol, several Sarangani artists will create a 3D street art of the different Sarangani tourist destination for those with tickets to take their chance for photo ops. 
  •  Glan 100 – Since Glan, Sarangani is celebrating their 100th year this 2014, we are giving a tribute the first settlers of Glan.  We invite you to also try to be one of the Colonos! 
  • Sarangani Historical Lane – Sarangani gives tribute to all the leaders that have served Sarangani Province since its creation since 1992. 
  • Moro Cottages  - The different tribes and Moro themed cottages will be on display with hourly cultural dance show. Here you will learn about the traditional practices for marriage, for childbirth, and the others.  The Moro themed cottages will be a people’s choice competition.  People gets to post a sticker vote for their favorite cottage! 
  •  Fabli Guni & Farmers Market – This will be the biggest gathering of Sarangani Produce and Products. Included here will be Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Sarangani Upland Rice varieties including ornamental plants, and potteries. Also for sale, will be Sarangani’s processed foods, Aquaculture harvests, handicraft and furniture, fashion, and even Halal foods.  This is one full market where you can buy and even deal with suppliers! 
  • MunaTo Arcade – This is the section for food and novelty items. Here we will have traders selling snacks, meals, drinks, and other goods. 
  •  MunaTo Center Stage  - Found at the center grounds of Sarangani Capitol.  Here free shows and activities that can be viewed by all Themepark goers.  This includes the daily parade and mascot appearances, the tribal sports and boxing competitions, magic shows, concerts and Pearl of Sarangani.
And meet Sara and Gani! Oh, the kids will love this!

You may book your MunaTo Yesterland tickets in the following outlets:  Sarangani Tourism & Investment Promotion Center (STIPC) – (083) 5085230, Go Sarangani Travel (083) 5528015, or at their Ticket Booth in KCC/Veranza.

Tuesday, November 18

Love Yourself, Nurture Yourself, Gift Yourself

The rule for cash bonuses is that they will be released not earlier than November 15, so I'm guessing that you may already be enjoying your bonuses and the second tranche of your 13th month nowadays. Ours just reached our cards last night and I am so thankful for these blessings. It's as if the government, no matter how much it has been abusing us, has rewarded us with even a little share of its riches. 

But because I don't think I have nurtured myself enough this whole year of 2014 so I'm gifting myself one item that I have long been eyeing at the malls. Actually, I have three items on my list, but since I am one scrooge, I am just buying myself one of these, and as for the other two, I'm hinting Santa Claus to give it to me as reward for being good. Teehee. 

I am an avid fan of backpacks since way immemorial. It may be because the first bag that my Dad gave me was an orange backpack he bought for me from Cagayan de Oro, that stuck in my head since I was little so during times that I am looking for office bags, I always make it a point I buy backpacks. I may have a few shoulder bags, but the smile I get when using a new backpack is different.

This red slippers is a favorite of mine from Outland. I have one sandals from Outland but because Outland prices are quite steep, it's a luxury for me to buy so. Besides, my old sandals still looks new that's the reason why I cannot buy a new one. I don't think I really need it anyway because I can still wear other slippers notwithstanding the brand. 

But this red Keds is forever a must-have for me. I am contented with other brands and other cheap shoes but because it's red and because of its design, I am so much in awe of this red Keds which I have been constantly returning to. remember Tretorn way back in college? That's what I'm trying to picture myself out by wearing this red sneakers. 

Which one I am buying puts me in a dilemma because I love all these three items but as mentioned, I can only buy one, the rest would be up to Santa Claus. So, for now, the topmost on this list would be a better choice. I think I need a new bag which I can flaunt after the release of the Christmases bonuses. This makes me really guilty because I'm really not in need of a new bag, but I love myself, so I'm nurturing myself with a little Christmas shopping. Kind of, a reward actually. Teehee.

Oh, and a full body massage! Yeah, that's what I need.

What are you buying yourself? Go share it in your blog, please, I wanna know. ;-)   

Friday, November 14

Would I Want a Big House?

We went to a meeting at Malungon and it was hosted by a teammate's parents. The family invited us to have the meeting in their home which was an hour's ride away from the city. It was a warm welcome for us since we won't have to shell out for our own expenses for food. So we welcomed the idea of them treating us to lunch. 

It was a very unanticipated plan but we were all excited.  It's the second time we visited the place but we are
more excited about how the place looked with their Christmas decors on.

I love big houses, but mine's not even a fourth of this mansion. Tina's parents got this house as a gift from the Pacman. Whoa! Oh yes, they're kinda known that's the reason why I'm not giving you a clue as to who owned this house. But let me just tour you around. This is their living room, and may I say this is the largest of their three living rooms.  There is another one adjacent to this big sofa.

And was it the only house I have seen with a little garden inside. Ain't it cool? The maids tell us they're changing the plants every now and then, plus they have to of course, modify the landscaping. That is really cool. I mean, how could one have a garden inside their house? It's just the coolest thing one can imagine. I would always want a garden inside my house, seeing the greens - I bet there will always be cool heads with this kind of place. 
Plus, there's a huge bar filled with all kinds of drink you'd want to ask. Not that I would want a bar in my house because I and my husband do not drink except for some occasional and social drinking sprees. We seldom go to bars to enjoy nights away, but when we do, we only take a few shots and we're okay. Besides, I married a guy who's really not into heavy drinking. I have never even experienced having him home drunk. You see, I am one lucky girl. 

So would I want a big house? It depends. It depends on how big a family we can create because so far, my immediate family consists of a
husband and two great kids. 

I'd imagine a life where my children would have a lot of children for themselves. I would want a huge playground for them so they can have the time of their lives playing and running around. I would want a lanais where they can set up a hammock and lull themselves to siesta. I would want something like this where they could bring their assignments and do them, or bring a book to read. Such inviting environment. I wouldn't want to go out for other activities but will just surround myself with books and I will be alright. 

I have often mentioned to my husband that I would not want a big house, because we are a small family. In fact, we have a humble home of our own where no one stays as of yet because we have reasons for doing so, but we are paying for the monthly amortization, a dead investment but one that someday we will consider our very own. And then maybe we can make expansions. 

No, not as big as this, but maybe one that could shelter the two greatest joy of our lives - our children. But yes, I would want a house filled with LOVE, no matter how small it is and that would be our HOME.    

Saturday, November 8

Christmas Toyland in SM Gensan

It’s the most awaited season of the year again, the season of joy, love and hope. It is the time of the year where everyone gets ecstatic and elated especially the children. This year, they are given the focus as the lighting of the giant Christmas tree is themed in Toyland.
The setting will be decorated with different kinds of toys and gifts which will be guarded by toy soldiers. A marching band will parade along the mall to invite the shoppers to witness the momentous lighting of the giant Christmas tree. The crowd will be entertained by a choir who will be singing Christmas carols with ballerinas dancing with them. Also, indoor fireworks will add more delight as the giant Christmas tree is being lighted for the kids and kids at heart. Christmas is the time to celebrate this very special season with family and friends. It’s time to be happy and peaceful, and to give and share the blessings. The essence of Christmas is the idea of gift-giving with Santa Claus around and gives the present to the kids. Truly, tis the season to be jolly!

SM Gensan unveils their Christmas Toyland tomorrow, 5PM. See you there!

Monday, October 27

They Barely Knew Me, But Judged Me Anyway

Working with the government is a classic thing, so they say. You work, you get paid, you get to experience vacations and you get to travel officially. But working with a government agency where you get to work with older people in the office is not - it's a lot more different. It's way beyond compare. In fact, it's lethal.

Don't get me wrong, because I have been misinterpreted many times more than this. I am thankful that I have a job, very much thankful that I get to meet people whose ideas are far better than what I have, intelligent people who know how to speak their minds, and to feel how they should feel. But there are people too, who misjudge you, who think you are being too assertive of what you believe in. Now here is where my rant begins. 

So I was contender for a one-step promotion. I think I did good, and methinks it is high time that I show the people that I deserve  it. And No, I am not bitter that I did not get the promotion. But I am disappointed at how some people perceive me to be while in the office. I am disappointed that others may perceive me to have a bad attitude but does not say it to my face. I may have a strong personality but it is just me, and I can control it if you approach me and tell me the things that you do not like about me. I may be very OC when it comes to work in the office, but maybe because I believe in deadlines and achieving targets and that makes me assertive of deadlines and would get irritated on procrastination. I believe I am a team player, I easily mix myself with people. I may be loud but I know how to listen. For some consolation to myself, I am just glad that I still have friends, a lot of them, and glad to note that when I arrive in a group, they do not disperse seeing me walking near them. 

But if there's one more thing I hate, it is when you fabricate stories about me. I swear, I have never shouted to anyone. I may wear my bitchy face at times, but I will be very patient still, especially for the elders because I believe in karma. Now, if what I do annoys you, then you have a problem. But I will remain to be the person who will aim for excellence no matter what.  But please do not make stories about me, it's like dragging me down to something I did not do. Pretty obvious that whoever said that and scattered that rubbish has that perception about me. S/he could have approached me, and I'd listen. And I am sure that whoever s/he is, is not part of my circle. Because s/he barely knew me, but judged me anyway. My true friends know me better than that, so they'd know it ain't true.

I am happy for the one who got the position. And this thing that happened is one reality that you can never please everyone, and that some people will always talk behind your back no matter how much effort you give. 

Okay, I'll prove my worth next time. God has better plans.   

Friday, September 26

Firing No More

Since last year, I and my friends from graduate school have been planning for a firing spree. Most of my friends in graduate school are policemen/women, one is an agent of PDEA who is armed in almost every day, another is a BJMP staff who makes sure that jailed people do not get their freedom in his stead. 

And because the plan has been inadvertently postponed every now and then, it took us a number of months before the actual event transpired. While I was getting ready, I was the first one they called to try the 9MM pistol. I was shaking, my hands were cold even though we were already briefed on what not to do, and what we should do during the actual firing. After three or five or seven trials with the loading, trigger, and the firing, I still couldn't get to load the gun. And after several tries, I waved the empty gun to my audience, making them shout at me for not following that cardinal rule on gun safety: Always consider the gun loaded, and never point the gun to anybody. 

Armed and Dangerous
As I was told to get ready for firing, my hands shook, so I surrendered the gun to my ranger-friend. And I asked my friends to get ahead of me. 

And so the prac
tical shooting/firing began. After a while, my nervousness left me, and I was able to fire a good shot at a plate using the 9MM. After which, we tried the M16 or more commonly called the armalite. I was not able to hit the target using that weapon, maybe because it's a hard thing to get the target down as using the armalite needs for you to be farther from the target plates. After 8 tries, I wasted all 8 bullets on nothing. Same thing happened when I tried the .45 caliber. Nada. I shot the wind. But I cannot blame the .45, but instead my shaking hands, and my failing reflexes. I realized that when you point a gun and take a fire, all of your body shakes. And you have to hold the gun really well to put it in place. Boy, those guns were heavy, especially the M16.

After a good bonding time with my friends, we called it a wrap up after three hours. What is funny is that after the activity, I saw a video of a man killing the guard while declaring a hold-up at a certain pawnshop in Koronadal City. The video became viral after the CCTV clip was released by the pawnshop. And there and then I realized how heavily wrong I was trying my best to practice firing/shooting.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against the use of firearms, especially maybe for the use of securing one's safety. It's just that while watching the video, I realized how fatal a gun could be. Just a shot and one could be dead. And that's what happened to that guard and other incidents of crime in different parts of the country. Very deadly. 

And so I'm not going to waste my time trying to fire bullets even if it's for my safety. I will not use a gun to shed some blood. I abhor what I did, I suddenly hated myself for doing that, really.

But all has been done. And I am glad to have stricken off that thing in my bucket list, something which I regretfully did - firing. No, I can be pro-gun for the public's safety. That's responsible firing. But I condemn firing and killing lives for no apparent reason. It's just sad that some people can be very irresponsible with their weapons.