Gensan Goes Fibr

When I started blogging, it was because I felt the need to communicate to the world the beautiful things that I have been experiencing and sharing good stuff to people who matter to me, especially family.

I also blogged because I have felt the need to voice out my feelings, what my mind dictates me to feel, how I feel about things and where I have been. My family has been my utmost reason that I do this; it is because I wanted the world to know about my beautiful family, one family whose hunger for travel, food, and everything nice is insatiable. My hobbies are also included on the things that I blog about. 
But that was before. Ten years ago, only a number of people were lurking on the Internet. You can read about people's lives thru their blogs, and you have to visit their blogs in order to read what has been going on in the lives. This time, it is different, social media has been the "in" thing. Most people have their Instagram accounts, Twitter, Facebook and many ot…

2016 Life Accomplishments

Only when you see a good life ahead of you should you risk the race. If you slip and fall, get up and bounce back. If things turned out differently, you have prevailed in trying and nevertheless understood that it wasn't meant for you. But reach for it! Risk the race.
I did, and it brought me tears, but the sweetest is the JOY when you finish the race. 

And after you finished the race, wait for other courses or tracks to open, try them once more. Wait patiently because up ahead is someone who will reward you with what you think has been impossible to achieve, what others have been blind in seeing about you. Other people see your struggles and pains, and they think you deserve better opportunities. Other people just don't care.  inLove them anyway.  

Never stop dreaming! You will get to the point that you think you have covered all. That is a lie! Do not dwell on it! Stay strong with your cores, be efficient and diligent with what you do. Proceed, do not look back at the mista…

Of Octogenarians and Septuagenarians

When my very own favorite grandma and grandpa died, we weren't there in Antique. We were not even there to pay our last respects because of school and financial limitations. But before we came here in Mindanao to join our parents, my Lolo and Llola cared for me since birth and until I turned Grade 5. 
Entering Grade 6, I left them for Mindanao to join my sister and my parents. It was a heartbreak.  They were already in their Septuagenarian days when we left them. And I remember my Tatay Salus, as we fondly called him, roaming the streets near our house and peeing in his pants; he was already in his incontinent state. 
My grandmother, sickly and with an enlarged heart at that time, would carefully and patiently dress my grandfather, bathe him and turned him smelling good again. I still remember the two of them going to church together, and leaving church separately. Nanay Connie would bring me home, expecting Tatay Salus to be home earlier until we had to search for him, in neighb…

Enjoy the Best of the Pokemon GO worldwide craze with Freenet and PayMaya

Filipinos are keenly anticipating the launch of Pokemon GO can now stay updated on the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines and fully enjoy the game when it launches with the help of freenet and PayMaya.
Now a certified worldwide phenomenon, Pokemon GO is a location-based mobile game developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company. The mobile game allows players to catch Pokemon or "pocket monsters" as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.
The game is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and select European countries. It has yet to launch in any Asian country, including Japan where the original Pokemon game originated.
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Those who want to stay updated on news about the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines may now download the freenet app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Through freenet, Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers will be a…

Family Adventure at Eden Nature Park Skycycle

Few days after graduation, my family decided to take a small vacation even for just one night out of town. On our way to Davao City, part of the itinerary was to drop Eden Nature Park in Calinan, a visit.
I have been to Eden Nature Park thrice but it was my Mom's and sisters' first time. The park was filled with guests and we were not able to get a shuttle tour because we booked so late. But we so enjoyed the Eden Nature Park Skycycle. The combo that was the Zipline and the Skycycle cost P300 only. But we couldn't leave Eden without having tried the Skycycle.

At first, I was apprehensive to try it because of the height. I have tried so many adventures from Lake Sebu zip line to the Cebu's Sky Walk, and many other zip lines in different locations but this Skycycle slightly took my courage away as you have to pedal your way to the finish line and back through a cable, just a cable!

What's worse is that, even if I feel so afraid, I kept faking a courageous front so a…

Success Is a Staircase Where You Gotta Reach New Levels

Twelve years ago, I had the guts to enroll myself in law school. It was a challenge but it was also fun. I say it was a challenge because I had to struggle waking up in the wee mornings to memorize articles, statutes, EOs and even ordinances. There was so much energy to burn, too many things to do in addition to my being a mother to a toddler, and having an 8-hour day job.
I say it was fun because I was able to meet new friends who shared with me the same passion in writing, reading and working. We were able to enjoy outing after class, dining out and doing group studies.
And then I got pregnant and had to stop in my tracks to care for the life inside me. Working my ass in a publishing company was taking me by the seconds of my life. Some days I just had to slack off and eventually had to stop the day job but later enjoyed being a freelance writer and attending to a business my husband and I had started. 
After five years, I had my dream job, a government position, clerical. A year aft…

At a Loss with a Pyramid

I used to have the husband by my kids' side in terms of assignments most especially in Math. If there is someone they should call when it comes to graphical requirements and computer works, they call upon their Daddy to assist them. And now, that one moment has come when I needed someone to do the hard stuff for the kids, and I have no one but myself to do it. I must admit, since he left for work, I have had a few worries. That includes the task of refilling the water dispenser, fixing plumbing works and electrical wires and a few tasks only a strong man could do, (I'm such a weakling, aside from having backbone problems". So for the last few requirements in school, my daughter was required to create a 3D image of a pyramid. When I learned about what the teacher wanted, I was not happy at all and was out of bounds on how to do it, in fact, it kind of scared me a wee bit. 
But I immediately turned to Facebook where most guy friends were online. With the help of Google and f…