Tuesday, November 18

Love Yourself, Nurture Yourself, Gift Yourself

The rule for cash bonuses is that they will be released not earlier than November 15, so I'm guessing that you may already be enjoying your bonuses and the second tranche of your 13th month nowadays. Ours just reached our cards last night and I am so thankful for these blessings. It's as if the government, no matter how much it has been abusing us, has rewarded us with even a little share of its riches. 

But because I don't think I have nurtured myself enough this whole year of 2014 so I'm gifting myself one item that I have long been eyeing at the malls. Actually, I have three items on my list, but since I am one scrooge, I am just buying myself one of these, and as for the other two, I'm hinting Santa Claus to give it to me as reward for being good. Teehee. 

I am an avid fan of backpacks since way immemorial. It may be because the first bag that my Dad gave me was an orange backpack he bought for me from Cagayan de Oro, that stuck in my head since I was little so during times that I am looking for office bags, I always make it a point I buy backpacks. I may have a few shoulder bags, but the smile I get when using a new backpack is different.

This red slippers is a favorite of mine from Outland. I have one sandals from Outland but because Outland prices are quite steep, it's a luxury for me to buy so. Besides, my old sandals still looks new that's the reason why I cannot buy a new one. I don't think I really need it anyway because I can still wear other slippers notwithstanding the brand. 

But this red Keds is forever a must-have for me. I am contented with other brands and other cheap shoes but because it's red and because of its design, I am so much in awe of this red Keds which I have been constantly returning to. remember Tretorn way back in college? That's what I'm trying to picture myself out by wearing this red sneakers. 

Which one I am buying puts me in a dilemma because I love all these three items but as mentioned, I can only buy one, the rest would be up to Santa Claus. So, for now, the topmost on this list would be a better choice. I think I need a new bag which I can flaunt after the release of the Christmases bonuses. This makes me really guilty because I'm really not in need of a new bag, but I love myself, so I'm nurturing myself with a little Christmas shopping. Kind of, a reward actually. Teehee.

Oh, and a full body massage! Yeah, that's what I need.

What are you buying yourself? Go share it in your blog, please, I wanna know. ;-)   

Friday, November 14

Would I Want a Big House?

We went to a meeting at Malungon and it was hosted by a teammate's parents. The family invited us to have the meeting in their home which was an hour's ride away from the city. It was a warm welcome for us since we won't have to shell out for our own expenses for food. So we welcomed the idea of them treating us to lunch. 

It was a very unanticipated plan but we were all excited.  It's the second time we visited the place but we are
more excited about how the place looked with their Christmas decors on.

I love big houses, but mine's not even a fourth of this mansion. Tina's parents got this house as a gift from the Pacman. Whoa! Oh yes, they're kinda known that's the reason why I'm not giving you a clue as to who owned this house. But let me just tour you around. This is their living room, and may I say this is the largest of their three living rooms.  There is another one adjacent to this big sofa.

And was it the only house I have seen with a little garden inside. Ain't it cool? The maids tell us they're changing the plants every now and then, plus they have to of course, modify the landscaping. That is really cool. I mean, how could one have a garden inside their house? It's just the coolest thing one can imagine. I would always want a garden inside my house, seeing the greens - I bet there will always be cool heads with this kind of place. 
Plus, there's a huge bar filled with all kinds of drink you'd want to ask. Not that I would want a bar in my house because I and my husband do not drink except for some occasional and social drinking sprees. We seldom go to bars to enjoy nights away, but when we do, we only take a few shots and we're okay. Besides, I married a guy who's really not into heavy drinking. I have never even experienced having him home drunk. You see, I am one lucky girl. 

So would I want a big house? It depends. It depends on how big a family we can create because so far, my immediate family consists of a
husband and two great kids. 

I'd imagine a life where my children would have a lot of children for themselves. I would want a huge playground for them so they can have the time of their lives playing and running around. I would want a lanais where they can set up a hammock and lull themselves to siesta. I would want something like this where they could bring their assignments and do them, or bring a book to read. Such inviting environment. I wouldn't want to go out for other activities but will just surround myself with books and I will be alright. 

I have often mentioned to my husband that I would not want a big house, because we are a small family. In fact, we have a humble home of our own where no one stays as of yet because we have reasons for doing so, but we are paying for the monthly amortization, a dead investment but one that someday we will consider our very own. And then maybe we can make expansions. 

No, not as big as this, but maybe one that could shelter the two greatest joy of our lives - our children. But yes, I would want a house filled with LOVE, no matter how small it is and that would be our HOME.    

Saturday, November 8

Christmas Toyland in SM Gensan

It’s the most awaited season of the year again, the season of joy, love and hope. It is the time of the year where everyone gets ecstatic and elated especially the children. This year, they are given the focus as the lighting of the giant Christmas tree is themed in Toyland.
The setting will be decorated with different kinds of toys and gifts which will be guarded by toy soldiers. A marching band will parade along the mall to invite the shoppers to witness the momentous lighting of the giant Christmas tree. The crowd will be entertained by a choir who will be singing Christmas carols with ballerinas dancing with them. Also, indoor fireworks will add more delight as the giant Christmas tree is being lighted for the kids and kids at heart. Christmas is the time to celebrate this very special season with family and friends. It’s time to be happy and peaceful, and to give and share the blessings. The essence of Christmas is the idea of gift-giving with Santa Claus around and gives the present to the kids. Truly, tis the season to be jolly!

SM Gensan unveils their Christmas Toyland tomorrow, 5PM. See you there!

Monday, October 27

They Barely Knew Me, But Judged Me Anyway

Working with the government is a classic thing, so they say. You work, you get paid, you get to experience vacations and you get to travel officially. But working with a government agency where you get to work with older people in the office is not - it's a lot more different. It's way beyond compare. In fact, it's lethal.

Don't get me wrong, because I have been misinterpreted many times more than this. I am thankful that I have a job, very much thankful that I get to meet people whose ideas are far better than what I have, intelligent people who know how to speak their minds, and to feel how they should feel. But there are people too, who misjudge you, who think you are being too assertive of what you believe in. Now here is where my rant begins. 

So I was contender for a one-step promotion. I think I did good, and methinks it is high time that I show the people that I deserve  it. And No, I am not bitter that I did not get the promotion. But I am disappointed at how some people perceive me to be while in the office. I am disappointed that others may perceive me to have a bad attitude but does not say it to my face. I may have a strong personality but it is just me, and I can control it if you approach me and tell me the things that you do not like about me. I may be very OC when it comes to work in the office, but maybe because I believe in deadlines and achieving targets and that makes me assertive of deadlines and would get irritated on procrastination. I believe I am a team player, I easily mix myself with people. I may be loud but I know how to listen. For some consolation to myself, I am just glad that I still have friends, a lot of them, and glad to note that when I arrive in a group, they do not disperse seeing me walking near them. 

But if there's one more thing I hate, it is when you fabricate stories about me. I swear, I have never shouted to anyone. I may wear my bitchy face at times, but I will be very patient still, especially for the elders because I believe in karma. Now, if what I do annoys you, then you have a problem. But I will remain to be the person who will aim for excellence no matter what.  But please do not make stories about me, it's like dragging me down to something I did not do. Pretty obvious that whoever said that and scattered that rubbish has that perception about me. S/he could have approached me, and I'd listen. And I am sure that whoever s/he is, is not part of my circle. Because s/he barely knew me, but judged me anyway. My true friends know me better than that, so they'd know it ain't true.

I am happy for the one who got the position. And this thing that happened is one reality that you can never please everyone, and that some people will always talk behind your back no matter how much effort you give. 

Okay, I'll prove my worth next time. God has better plans.   

Friday, September 26

Firing No More

Since last year, I and my friends from graduate school have been planning for a firing spree. Most of my friends in graduate school are policemen/women, one is an agent of PDEA who is armed in almost every day, another is a BJMP staff who makes sure that jailed people do not get their freedom in his stead. 

And because the plan has been inadvertently postponed every now and then, it took us a number of months before the actual event transpired. While I was getting ready, I was the first one they called to try the 9MM pistol. I was shaking, my hands were cold even though we were already briefed on what not to do, and what we should do during the actual firing. After three or five or seven trials with the loading, trigger, and the firing, I still couldn't get to load the gun. And after several tries, I waved the empty gun to my audience, making them shout at me for not following that cardinal rule on gun safety: Always consider the gun loaded, and never point the gun to anybody. 

Armed and Dangerous
As I was told to get ready for firing, my hands shook, so I surrendered the gun to my ranger-friend. And I asked my friends to get ahead of me. 

And so the prac
tical shooting/firing began. After a while, my nervousness left me, and I was able to fire a good shot at a plate using the 9MM. After which, we tried the M16 or more commonly called the armalite. I was not able to hit the target using that weapon, maybe because it's a hard thing to get the target down as using the armalite needs for you to be farther from the target plates. After 8 tries, I wasted all 8 bullets on nothing. Same thing happened when I tried the .45 caliber. Nada. I shot the wind. But I cannot blame the .45, but instead my shaking hands, and my failing reflexes. I realized that when you point a gun and take a fire, all of your body shakes. And you have to hold the gun really well to put it in place. Boy, those guns were heavy, especially the M16.

After a good bonding time with my friends, we called it a wrap up after three hours. What is funny is that after the activity, I saw a video of a man killing the guard while declaring a hold-up at a certain pawnshop in Koronadal City. The video became viral after the CCTV clip was released by the pawnshop. And there and then I realized how heavily wrong I was trying my best to practice firing/shooting.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against the use of firearms, especially maybe for the use of securing one's safety. It's just that while watching the video, I realized how fatal a gun could be. Just a shot and one could be dead. And that's what happened to that guard and other incidents of crime in different parts of the country. Very deadly. 

And so I'm not going to waste my time trying to fire bullets even if it's for my safety. I will not use a gun to shed some blood. I abhor what I did, I suddenly hated myself for doing that, really.

But all has been done. And I am glad to have stricken off that thing in my bucket list, something which I regretfully did - firing. No, I can be pro-gun for the public's safety. That's responsible firing. But I condemn firing and killing lives for no apparent reason. It's just sad that some people can be very irresponsible with their weapons. 


Saturday, September 6

On Achieving Work Targets

I rarely complain when work is the topic because I know I will intentionally lose myself in the argument. I have always taken the guilt for being the youngest in our team that is why much of the bulk of work is on me. I have been feeling a little more than stressed lately and my blood pressure can't seem to go below 140/110 but I am taking things in stride because I have a family too, and I cannot just live for the work placed upon my shoulders.

But I enjoy work, and that is an understatement. Maybe because I have loved the kind of work that was given me and I enjoy the service to others that I always feel like it's a chance to helping out the needy. I take it on me to support the needy especially when they really need a shoulder to help them. I have this passion for making good with my work that at times it leaves nothing for me and the children.   

I get accustomed to going to trips because I have to send myself there in order to conduct orientations, give lectures, meet people. And I enjoy all of them. 

My work continues even as I reach home, and that is no longer healthy as I would understand it to be. I have oftentimes disagreed with my boss for being such a jerk in decision-making. I am a player, and to rest in between for me spells nothing  else for me but FAILURE. And all this I do because I want to be best at what I do. I do not want to be complacent about things and put blame on others just because he or she is not doing her job. However, we do have our individual targets, and to reach it is a group effort and the performance is based on how the group did something to achieve it. Talk about inequality. Haha.

So how do you really take things in the proper perspective when you feel inadequate anymore? You have been working from the tips of your fingers to the tip of your hair but it just doesn't feel complete. 

It hurts me right now to think that I have a very laid back supervisor. And my personality is too strong to take him with ease. It hurts me because he has just reached the Senior citizenship and sometimes my fierce tongue would lash out undesirable words which I feel is proper reasoning. 

So I guess I just have to push myself to what is intended and expected of me. I just hope and pray that when the credits are given, my name is on the top list because I feel I deserve it. I'm applying for a promotion, I have been trying to get this position equal to the fingers of my right hand,  if I get this, then I'd truly believe that there is fairness and equality in the world, and that the appointing officer is true to her word of "fairness" and "transparency".

Allow me this short rant. I just want to let out some steam.


Monday, August 18

His Eyes Were Upon Us

Yesterday has been a crazy day, to say that it is full-packed is an understatement. When I arrived at work, I wanted to breathe hard, the type where you don't know when your last breath will be. When I arrived at my desk though, work immediately took its toll, I had to haggle with time which ones I have to facilitate doing first and what gets my attention next. It went on and on until I only had so little time for breaks, the last I checked the time, it was an hour before getting home. Time is so short it doesn't consider giving you any second chances.

This morning though, on my way to work and while riding the multicab, the cab incidentally swerved to the left intersection of a long avenue at the Capitol Grounds in Alabel, almost bumping into trees and shrubs, without the engine stopping. We were shouting that a student passenger is alighting almost near the Alable Science High School, but straight and fast goes the vehicle. A few meters away and the engine stopped, that's when the driver revealed he lost his brakes. We were thankful that it did not happen along the highway or who knows what would've happened to us then. God's protection has enveloped us, and will continue to do so until HE wills. I could never thank HIM enough. Truly, HE doesn't abandon.

Had it been that the cab continue its motion towards buildings or trees, I know not which bone is fractured on me, or which part of my body has got the most bruises. Or if I could still be writing this blog now. 

The scared look on my co-passengers' faces cannot be drawn on paper, with bated breath until the engine stops, it is something I will never draw, the fearful looks of their smiles that turned into anxiousness. Some of them turning a little paler than they already are. 

What could have been an accident did not happen. For whatever reason, GOD has given me a second chance to live my life the way HE wants it to be. 

Now I'm doing it HIS way, not mine. I could never thank HIM enough.

Thursday, July 10

My Two Cents on Brotherhood, Fraternity, Sorority

When I was in college, my parents have reminded me over and over again that getting to clubs that do not put value to your studies first is something that should be avoided. I have kept that in mind. However, I have learned that on her second year, my sister joined a fraternity without my knowledge when I should be keeping an eye on her. So she went home and I was wondering where on earth did she get those bruises and hematoma, no cuts, just violets and green on her legs? And then I knew she had joined a fraternity that initiated her that moment to become a sister to a brotherhood.

I have kept silent about it, because what happened was to her own liking. I may have told it to my parents after the bruises were all gone, but she was already part of the club and she takes great pride in what she has done.

My belief though does not join my sister's. Not until after college, and I was sworn in to be a member of an exclusive law fraternity and sorority. No initiation rites, no pressure on whatsoever, but the only thing that I was tasked to do is to go for my studies, finish law school, excel in exams and recitations. And I failed them still.

The issue about hazing is not new for the Filipinos. We keep on learning about these kinds of abuse from frat men and women. These concerns have started since time immemorial, and I cannot fathom for whatever reason these youngsters would love to be in a group that would beat them before they make him a brother or a sister. Just like how I could not understand my sister from joining a group that beat her legs to bruises.

Fraternity may yield some advantages, I believe in that. But brotherhood cannot be reasoned out by hazing. Can't we be brothers without initiation rites? Or can't we be accepted in a club without having to go through the process of beating someone or putting some pressure on the newbie? The adventure of brotherhood is fun, it spells unity, camaraderie, connections.

Only in law school did I understand the true meaning of fraternity - but not brotherhood. Because even in the group, there is faction, and there are misunderstandings.

I am a member of a fraternity/sorority. But I could only understand the meaning of brotherhood as displayed by my family. Not by any group I may have belonged to. 

Monday, July 7

Join the Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014

I have oftentimes dragged myself to wake up earlier than the usual to go jogging and walking especially on weekends. I have pushed myself to do something relevant to my health, even before the diagnosis of the heart condition. I drive myself to walk, and do a little exercising or zumba if it can be done. But that's somehow lessened, if not stopped because of the heart. I am afraid that the heart will collapse if I make it weary. I know I am not god to tell the heart when to stop and what to feel, that's why I am being careful. But I was also told that a little walking/jogging won't hurt and short runs can do good to exercise my main pumping muscle. 

So here's a good thing I'm doing again with my friends. The Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014. It will happen on July 19, 2014. The Run  starts at Veranza Mall and you have a choice of registering for the following: 

I am sure it will spell FUN. Let's just say that Fun runs have always been a hit for my friends and it's something that I have not done yet. This is my first time ever to join a fun run. Consider this - FUN, you are not required to run all the way through the finish line but you can run and walk, and walk or run however it suits you. Sometimes, our idea of fun runs are always races and marathons, but we need to consider that fun runs can be good starters of a healthy lifestyle, and I'm going to start walking this weekend to prepare myself for this event. 

Aaaaannnndddd, they have lots of things to raffle away, 200 limited NBA sports bottles, a plane ticket, ROXY and DC and Quicksilver stuffs, and a lot more! 

And there's a real nice singlet waiting for you when you register, plus drinks coming your way during the event. Registration Outlets: 

                                             SunCity Suites Front Desk
                                             Bench Robinson's Place
                                             3rd Floor KCC Mall (Near Japan Home Shop)
                                             Mitchy's Car Accessories (Magsaysay Ave)

Saturday, July 5

The Event that was The Social Media Day

Many people have managed to learn about technology because of the unending supply of new gadgets that hit the market. From phone devices to laptops and tablets, and there's the smart watch which one can use for notification of having an email or a direct message. There are a number of ways one can directly message someone, or leave a note to friends or even check what's going on in the country and elsewhere. 

 And how can one use these gadgets but not be connected to the net? Of course we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Plurk, and other Social Media sites and apps that one can use for communications and flaunting purposes. Believe me, these are the things that consume us. 

How many hours do we stay on the net, checking our emails, and stalking our friends over Facebook, checking what food they eat, where they are or whom they are with? You do agree with me also, that these are the things that sometimes, you just can't live without, right?

So we in Gensan also celebrated the Social Media Day. Whilst it may be a tad earlier as we celebrated ours on June 28 when the Social Media Day is supposedly June 30, we had fun time to share with friends a few topics like "Five Tips to Rock Your Social Media Game Plan", benchmarking the success of SarBay Fest which actually reached more than 130,000 likers and people talking about it on the net and even responded to its invitation to be the greatest beach party in Mindanao. Another was "How You Can Profit from Social Media" wherein the speaker taught the attendees ways on how they can use the social media experience and earn from it. 

About 40 attendees joined us, and we continued to advocate that we need to blog or post something responsibly in FB and other social media sites. Content is still king when writing a blog. 

The core group where I belong to has done something really sacrificial to pool this number of attendees and make the event a success. It was a concerted effort of Google Business Group (GBG) - Gensan and the Sox Bloggers. The students who were present did not go home empty as they were able to bring home swags and other freebies aside from the lessons they have learned. 

2014 Social Media Day had the theme "Best of Online Media in the Philippines" using the hashtag #BoomPH. 

Social Media Day is celebrated yearly in partnership with supportive telcos, in our case, it was #SmartLiveMore. 

Saturday, May 24

Discovering Davao's Discovery Science

So we are still in the Philippines and we just took a very short vacation in Davao City because I have promised the kids that I will bring them to Discovery Science at SM Lanang Premier.

What's a short vacation worth but the smile on my kids' faces and the feeling that you have bonded with them even if it is for such a short while.

So we went, and we had to proceed to SM Lanang first thing when we arrived in Davao City after lunch and checking in at a cheap hostel.

I have heard good reviews about the place, and even Davao bloggers recommend to bring the kids here because they will surely love it. And yes, they did not fail me. I went there because I am a Mom who fulfills promises, and also because my kids love adventure, so this trip to the museum and the experiences they will get because of this trip will be stored in their memories.

You will have a guide who will tour you inside the museum  and first thing we did was walk through an Earthquake simulator where we had to experience a Magnitude 1-6 earthquakes. You could feel the house moving and the feeling that you are in an earthquake attack is kinda' scary. The guide though knows how to make us feel relaxed because he was telling us stories and explaining how earthquakes happen. 

Also, we tried their Periodic Table of Elements quiz where the kids and adults alike may familiarize themselves with the elements and their symbols. It was like going back to High school and enjoying the Chemistry subject again. 

Don't tell my Mom I am enjoying this now because back in high school, I hated this subject, as well as Maths and anything with numbers.
There was also the Bio Wall where you can take a look at what  animals help in the food web, do they do, and what are their major roles in the ecosystem. There was a huge ant, earthworms, termites and a bee. The guide will explain to you why they were there, and what their importance is to the ecosystem.

It is creepy that huge ants are displayed but the kids loved them anyway, so, it's alright.

Harness the Earth's Power is a booth where they will tell you what powers/energies the planet has and what can we do to conserve this energies. We have the wind power to light up our homes, we have the solar power as well as geothermal. 

It is because of man's creation and doing that destruction comes and attacks our world causing energy imbalance and nature's wrath which includes tornadoes. Below is a simulator of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Tabebs providing heat energy to a solar powered car.

This simulator shows how a tornado is born. The warm air and the cool wind from above merges and a tornado is produced. We may not have tornadoes here but in some parts of the country, we have smaller versions we call ipu-ipo which is also a natural disaster that can cause a lot of destruction to a number of homes.   

Inside the Discovery Science Museum, you will see a lot of booths that features the heart,the many smells that humans produce, what is the reason you belch or barf, as well as the many systems inside your body.

It was an exciting travel down the Science lane. There was also a Gravitram where you can see balls going up and down levers.

There was an activity area for quizzes on how much you know about Science and Chemistry and Physics. And there was a Reefs in Danger wall where you can see different corals, and the guide will explain to you the names of the fishes inside, and why we should stop people from destroying our reefs.

There were a lot of booths at the Discovery Science, most of them you can enjoy even if you are an adult. Aside from the museum, you may also want to watch a planetarium show which is just amazing. I am so amazed at how the whole place was converted into 3D and the story was as great as the show was. The place is a must-see for your kids so it is highly recommended that you bring your kids there. As for me and my family, we enjoy this kind of trips even if it is such a short bonding time. 

I may be a tad poorer but there is never a price for my kids' happiness.  

Discovery Science is at the 3rd Floor, SM Lanang Premier.

Wednesday, May 7

For the Children in T'boli

When Jonallier called me to invite me for a trek, I was excited at the same time hesitant about going. I was excited because after a long while, somebody has again invited me to be part of a trek to Lake Holon, in T'boli, a place where a lot of travel bloggers have announced to be a place of beauty, peace, and oneness with nature. It was a beauty out there as they constantly say. 

But why apprehensive and hesitant you ask? Because I have never been to a serious trek ever in my life. The first and only short trek was that on our way to Kinilis in Polomolok where you can see the coffee plantation and where the civet poo is being harvested for kafe balos.

Next reason is that the husband is also hesitant because we do not have climbing gears to use, no mountain climber bag, no tent, no whatsoever. We only have a sleeping bag but it will not suffice, I'm sure. So I had to take a raincheck for that because of the reasons I have stated. 

And then I saw a post that makes me really want to go, but deep in my heart I know I can't, so I thought about the toys I have set aside supposedly for the community in Data Anggas. We were not able to go there in Dcember due to some reasons but the toys were already ready. Therefore I am sending these toys for the children in the community of Lake Holon, T'boli. I may not be with the group in person but I will be sending them what I think may bring a smile to the faces of the T'boli children.

As a child, I was not gifted with so much toys. I remember having to eye toys that are really huge because my classmate has one. I used to envy our neighbors for having telephone toys that ring when you place batteries in them. Because I only had little toys when I was a kid, and those are the toys I had to share with my siblings. 

But I did have toys, and so I must pay it forward. These are for the children in Lake Holon, T'boli. These are for them to enjoy and be happy about. I just hope they would learn to share and not be selfish about what they have, because in doing so, many will be happier. 

Sunday, April 13

Updates, fresh updates!

So I still have a blog, haha. I'm sorry that I was not very mindful of a lot of things right now. Intentionally, I had to let go of a lot of baggage so I could concentrate on my research proposal which is supposed to be submitted before May 31, yet, I have not started anything properly. I think it is beyond my means but I have to get it ready lest I find myself getting flunking grades for this semester's subject.

I have been too busy, very busy that I no longer have time to read, no time to bond with kids. In order to make up with the lost time, I have to enroll them and myself in a swimming class so that from 6:30 until 8pm, we can be together as classmates in a swimming session. Darn, that is how busy I am.

Okay, so to update you with what has been eating my time, aside from the daily swimming lessons which I think would be very beneficial to me if I get to learn. Hmmm, crossing fingers now. It's more of a survival skill for me rather than the enjoyment I'd get out of swimming.

1. Research Proposal - As mentioned, we are to make a final research proposal before May 31, to be submitted as a bound material. This is in compliance with a professor who required a final sample to know if we had learned during our entire semester in her course. 

2. Work - Wre-e-ek me! That is how I would define work right now, it is beyond means. Sometimes I would complain that work is no longer fair for me. Why am I doing all the stuffs that need to be done? I am not the only employee in the field office yet I feel so burdened and loaded. Enough said, it is better to just do it than complaining about it. 

3. Household chores - something I no longer have time to but I need to put it here to remind me that I have household chores to address. 

4. Job fairs - I had just finished one with my PESO -Alabel group, now I am getting another one on May 1. Talk about things that would surprise us. This one is work-related but on a heavier level, this is a burden of sorts, but I have to deal with it heartily, and until I can master the ropes of job fairs can I be effective in this.

5. Summer - Look, I had a day of outing! An adventure of sorts, it turned to be really great with family. 

But I sure have to do something about the tummy. Haha, the more I think about losing weight or shedding some fats, the more I get weary, really.

I don't know but I have to make sure that I am fit because I don't really feel so healthy. In fact, I am feeling a little weary most of the time now, maybe because of the daily swimming but well, I have to try. 

I will tell you more about the adventure, maybe tomorrow have I the time to do so. It's been a while that I have posted so I must cover up. 

Sunday, March 9

I Date a Man Other Than My Husband

Simply because I need to, we need to bond a little more because I believe there will come a time that he will no longer join me in my visits to the mall, he will already have friends whom he would go out with, and there will come a time that my hands will no longer be the hands that he will hold.

There are times we go out, especially after office hours, I would call him up and ask him if he has vacant time for me. I am this woman who will ask him if he wants to eat something, if he has something he wants and I will buy it for him. I am his woman. 

I will always ask him if he is okay, and if he has problems, he could tell me. I would always ask him if he has anything he wants to talk about, then my ears are always there for him. I would tell him not to bother thinking about worrisome things because I will try to provide. 

There are times when he no longer has time to join me in my walks, no time to join me in doing the grocery. He would rather have his phone ready, and then remain online, and be with the company of his friends. And I would get jealous. 

I would get jealous but I have no way of telling him that I am. And so during times that he says YES to my invitations, I grab the opportunity to be with him, alone with him, have fun with him over snacks, and he would tell me stories. 

These are just small dates with my man other than my husband. I always see to it that we get to bond because I am only counting the days that he will be calling my name as often as he would. Maybe soon, he will only call me when he needs money, or when he needs my signature, or my affirmation. He will have the mind to decide on his own without consulting me. There will come a time that will no longer have to  ask for my advice anymore. There will come a time that he will have his own trips to the mall, or trips with his friends, and I will be set aside. 

My son is growing up so fast. I can feel the change now. I remember those times when he was little and he would never go elsewhere without having to hold my hands, but now, he evades my arm over his shoulders. He gets to shake off my hand whenever I slip it into his. My son is growing up to be a big man that is why I make most of the time that he still wants me to be there for him. I enjoy our dates after class because that's when I can only be with him, and he can tell me stories about school. 

Time flies so fast that when you are a mother, you easily get jealous of the people surrounding the people you love because you feel ignored. Am I just being too possessive or what, because I surely feel that way sometimes. But yes, I am a MOM that's why I fancy the times that my son and I get to bond with each other, even without his dad. After all, he is the one man I love, next to my husband.

And, he's turning Grade 8 in June... he's slowly becoming the good man that I want him to be. And I am happy that he is. 

Oh Kuya, grow up slowly will yah? In a good way? 


Sunday, February 23

Bob Ong and My Favorite Book

Forgive me if this blog seemed ignored for like a century already. I have been so busy with so many things work-related plus the major subjects in Graduate school, with requirements to include 1 research paper, 2 other papers and an oncoming midterm exams for next week. But seriously, there are a just a lot of things I am handling now that I cannot seem to prioritize which ones need my attention first or the most.

But I had a chance to bond with my friends after a super duper long hiatus of bonding with family. We agreed that since we all are Bob Ong fanatics, we would watch ABNKKBSNPLAko together with our families. It was laugh trip and a journey to nostalgia. 

And since we all enjoyed the movie, Sir Gilbert was generous to give us a copy of the 12th anniversary book version and the card game to which this post is the reason of. It was belated Valentine's gift and advance Mother's Day gift. That was really sweet of him.

I opened the card game and behold, the question for me says: 

Ano ang paborito mong libro 
at tungkol ito saan?

Master of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, one of my favorite authors; the story revolves around the six generations of the fictional MacGregor/Blackwell family. Kate Blackwell and her granddaughter, Alexandra and Alexandra's husband Peter and son Robert. 

The story is about revenge, a game wherein most would consider as realistic because it is what actually happens in real life as well. The feud between families because of inheritance, of cheating and of greed. 

Of course I am not going to talk more about this because I want you to read the story. And sharing more about it would be a spoiler for those who would want to read it.