Thursday, March 10

At a Loss with a Pyramid

I used to have the husband by my kids' side in terms of assignments most especially in Math. If there is someone they should call when it comes to graphical requirements and computer works, they call upon their Daddy to assist them. And now, that one moment has come when I needed someone to do the hard stuff for the kids, and I have no one but myself to do it.
I must admit, since he left for work, I have had a few worries. That includes the task of refilling the water dispenser, fixing plumbing works and electrical wires and a few tasks only a strong man could do, (I'm such a weakling, aside from having backbone problems".
So for the last few requirements in school, my daughter was required to create a 3D image of a pyramid. When I learned about what the teacher wanted, I was not happy at all and was out of bounds on how to do it, in fact, it kind of scared me a wee bit. 

But I immediately turned to Facebook where most guy friends were online. With the help of Google and friends who sent me instructions on how I could make an equilateral triangle as perfect as possible, 

And lo and behold, with some use of creativity I have in mind, our pyramid was made a reality. It may not be perfect but I like it the way it is. I just hope this could pass the daughter's teacher's standards. 

Monday, March 7

Generation Gap in a Bamboo Concert

Forgive me if this blog seemed ignored for like a century already. I have been so busy with so many things work-related plus the thesis and kids and house chores that need attending to. 

But seriously, there are a just a lot of things I have to be thankful for, like having wonderful children who help me cook breakfast in the morning, and a daughter who, while there may be tantrums at times, keeps me sane as she joins me in bed while her father is away for work.

So, children. I have a 15-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter and I am almost but not quite my forties.

I have been very eager to watch Bamboo In Demand Concert here in Gensan because as many would actually know, I am such a fangirl of Rivermaya, a 90's band with Bamboo as the vocalist in their most famed years. 

Came Saturday, and I tagged the kids along with the hope that they get to enjoy Bamboo because they see him as a judge in The Voice, a singing competition aired over the TV on weekends. 

The concert started with a DJ mixing songs, just like the ones you see when in disco houses or bars as this generation calls it. And then, a front act with a few songs was rendered by Jason Dy, Bamboo's protege in The Voice. While all these things happen, amidst the noise of the music and the blinding lights, my kids were silent. My daughter was on her phone playing Minecraft and my son was hooked to his phone watching episodes of The Office which he saved into his gadget. It felt like I was alone, without a companion. I was asking them if they even enjoyed just a wee bit but the answer was a respectful nod, just that. It's a good thing, we were with a few friends who can relate to my fangirl mode that night.

The generation gap was quite evident in that setting. I believe that they were not able to enjoy the things I liked most because they could not even name a song that Bambo sang. It was all songs that touched my heart while I was in my teens, and not of their generation. Had it been Justin Bieber, I am guessing their hearts could be all screaming at his name and their voices out singing his songs. 

I still believe that it was a good weekend with the kids. It was their first time to see a rock concert that their Mom had enjoyed so much. It was a chance to meet their Mom twenty years ago. Well now, at least they knew it was originally Bamboo who sang Hinahanap-hanap Kita and not Daniel Padilla.  

Saturday, October 31

All These Zapped My Energy

While I may look okay in my status posts in Facebook and other social media accounts, I have been secretly dealing with unexplainable emotions, most of which are attributable to a period of adjustment with this Long-Distance Relationship I have just entered into.

For quite a long time, the 15 years we have had together with the husband has made me feel secure in his arms, every day, every night that we are together, even those times that I am out for seminars and official travels, and he with the same. 

It has been revealed in my previous post that he will be away for work, and I have not really grasped the idea, until the following days without his presence near me and the kids. It looked as though things have not been falling into place, and that my days are incomplete. 

The excitement that I felt for him with his new work settled in less than two weeks or so, and was replaced with sorrow and worries. At first, I was elated at the fact that he will be joining a new workplace, this time more secure, and I am happy that what he has been quietly looking for has been granted him. I know for a fact that he has been searching for himself and that he is in need of personal fulfillment just like what I found when I got in the position where I am now. It feels really good to have a career that will embrace you and will call you as its own, minus the contracts that need to be renewed annually.

My bloated pride has suddenly been replaced with worry just by looking at the his pictures of the small cramped bedroom he is sharing with four other bedspacers. Panic sank in me just wondering if he is eating properly, and what foods does he eat with the soaring prices Manila does offer. And what feeling washed over me knowing he is traversing Intramuros back and forth from his workplace to his boarding house daily (almost 3 kilometers) because the price of padyak is way too high to squeeze into his budget. 

Moreover, I am scared that with his knowledge and expertise with his new work assignment, his bosses will see him as an asset and will not allow him for a transfer to someplace near his family. My trust in him has not been tarnished but I wonder what kind of friends will he entertain and will they be the kind of friends I would like him to mingle with. 

I think I am overthinking. Way overboard. 

Add to this scenario the fact that I have been sleeping on my thesis which is supposed to be submitted by the end of November, and which should be defended by first of December. 

Plus the kids, the dogs, and this abnormally high BP.

The fact that work has been a constant duel, and laundry is a consistent weekend enemy. That and many more, I wonder if I could get away with all these, and emerge beautifully successful. 

Again, I think I am overthinking. So help me God.   

Saturday, September 12

The Long Wait is Over

The Long Wait is finally over. 

We have been waiting and praying for the result of the husband's application at a certain government agency for a year now. It has been a hell of a long wait, if you ask me. It was on July of 2014 that they posted the vacancies on their website, August 6 was the deadline and so the husband was already completing all his documents since then. The first job exam was held on August 31 in Davao City where we both went, and the announcement of who passed that exam was only done on the first day of November, two full months wait. And then there was the second exam which was held in Manila on December 13, an interview was given on December 22. Then nothing. NO updates, nothing. Until months after that they were asking thru SMS whether the husband wanted to pursue his employment at the certain agency. Months of waiting until, on March 3, 2015, they posted the list of recommendees for appointment. We were elated then, just because his name was there.

And after March 3, there was nothing again. No updates, no posting (relative to the result of their application) on their website. We only relied on inside information thanks be to a friend who has a friend inside the bureau.

Then lo and behold, after March 3, just this September 11, last Friday, after 6 months of waiting, there came a text that husband's appointment has already been signed and approved by the Civil Service Commission. And we only have to wait for the website to upload further instructions. 

That was the great wait. 

This long wait may have tested our patience and confidence in the trust that we give our government. Was the bureau intending to really hire the mister or was this only a way to create a hullabaloo among the 400 applicants recommended for appointment.

While we may have prayed and claimed for victory over this matter, it assailed our faith, and tested our patience for a while. It has been a tediously long wait where you have no one to ask, and the bureau's phone may have been intentionally disconnected for our several attempted calls. And finally, that SMS that there was already an approval from the Civil Service Commission and the appointment has already been signed seals our unending gratitude to the God Almighty for it was HIM working HIS ways albeit the long process.

So, we have to wait another short while. And I am preparing myself, because for sure, when they call upon the husband to serve the government, my world will turn upside down for many many reasons. 

Thanks be to GOD for testing us and for making sure that we learn the lesson. GOD's time is always the Perfect Time. Congratulations, RSD, for the good work.

PS. Government name withheld for a good reason. 

Tuesday, August 25

Gensan is a Heavenly Fruit Basket

Southern Mindanao, specifically Gensan, enjoys a bountiful harvest of fruits despite typhoons and very warm weather interchangeably affecting the "BER" months. @ P100 for 3 kilos, these mangosteen fruits are sweet and presents itself as a healthier option for your snacks or desserts. 

Lately, fruit carts and truckful(s) of fruits like rambutan, lanzones and mangosteen have been displaying their produce at national highways in the city. Other fruits including durian and marang also have a different station where you can buy durian at 30-40 per kilo depending on the variety. The best they say is the Golden Puyat variety, some would say it is arancillo, just the same, durian smell has been invading Gensan and neighboring towns.

We are very fortunate to have these fruits at very cheap prices. A healthier way to fill the tummy, we buy more fruits now than junk foods. Better to buy lakatan (table banana) for munching during snacks than fastfood munchies. 

Mangosteen in Gensan is cheap and available everywhere, but cheaper at Kablon Pasalubong Center, beside Greenleaf Hotel. The table bananas (lakatan) are available at the Food Terminal (Bagsakan) @ P14/kilo. Such a steal!

Avocado at 20 per kilo, lanzones at P50 per kilo. Fruits overload in Gensan! 

Saturday, June 6

No Rest for the Weary

That's what you get when you work with the government. 

I have never been too busy in my whole life except these times when I have consistent loads on my table, and I get to bring them home. I find it quite hard to believe that despite these struggles, I could still come up energized, ready and willing to go.

The life of a government employee is being envied by many. Many would desire the position I am in the government, they say it is good because of the stability, the huge enough pay, and the perks that come with it. While all of that may be true, I think I am blessed that I work with the department that I work now that I enjoy and love, but I despise some disadvantages that are attached to it. 

What are these disadvantages? Well, for one, being a government employee entails your time to adjust to the bosses. Your time depends on how fast you can do your reports, and that's when you can finally rest. When the boss calls, you have to answer, not doing so might get you into trouble. 

You need to bring your reports home, in that way, you can fully concentrate with work, because when you are in the office, you have to answer client queries, client meetings, and attend to never ending meetings that start too late and take too long to end. When you are working for the government, most of your Saturdays and Sundays, you tend to spend in the office, because if not, your whole mind keeps reverting to thinking about what you need to do, what is to finish, and to thinking have you reached your targets. 

When you work with the government, just like the nature of my job, you will meet people who will get to complain about what the government has done to them, when they only think about the government only after being entangled in a dilemma. Just like the would-be OFWs, they only remember the department when their passports have been withheld by illegal recruiters. They only remember to call on the government when they are abused, jailed, placed on death row. But did they even think about the government long before they did that? Some of them were even undocumented...and many more have been lost because of them not following the right process.

But those are just my concerns, nothing really significant, no big deal. 

Sometimes it's sad, that people working for the government do not feel appreciated by their clients. We do our best in order to treat them well, cater to their needs, and yet, even our Saturdays which are meant for families, they tend to take away.

And these bosses who seem mindful only of those closest to them, they promote, but those who do the legworks, they ignore.

No rest for the weary, but well, I have taken this oath, and so shall I remain. 

~ sHenG ~ 

Saturday, April 25

Hottest Summer in Gensan

This meme has been shared all over Facebook, and it speaks clearly and truly about the state of the dry spell hat hit this city. 

As I have heard from the news, the hottest has been a scorching 38.4 and could go as high as 39 to 40. And it's in Gensan. It's as if hell is just around the corner, seriously. 

For some though, it's still a season of enjoying the sun, and with that, people still scamper to the beach if only to experience the cool tide waters. But as for me and my family, the beach is not in our list. Why? Because the hot Gensan sun is too much to bear, and the air is also as humid as any day is. Well, that's it. But more to it than that, I'm up to my neck with workloads, that's why. So the beach is not in our summer list. 

(Let's just keep the busyness part secret from my kids.) 

Hello everyone! I hope it's not as HOT  in your place as it is here.

Monday, February 16

A Visit to the Big City - The Mind Museum Trip

My heart cannot contain the happiness I still feel knowing that I gave my kids a wonderful vacation during my birthday weekend. The travel was booked July of the previous year that's why we had enough time to prepare for the said travel. I had enough time to prepare for funds, itinerary, and schedule of where we are to go and a lot more. 

As a Mom, it was a hard thing to do, knowing what to do in Manila during the 3-day visit and where to bring the kids that will excite them, or make them behave. But with the help pf my friends who were in Manila and who have been to the places we have wanted to go, everything was a bliss. They were the ones who helped me decide where to go to, and what not to miss when in Manila. Of course, there's the internet who enticed me and their Dad to visit such places. But there were also places we missed going because of the lack of time, and well, we are remembering to visit such places on our next trip back to Luzon. 
But let me tell you that Manila had an appeal to the kids that never before appealed to me. Probably because of the traffic, the pollution, the crowded streets. h the difference between my generation and theirs. They were not at all concerned at the traffic, the noise, but they were instead happy to be roaming the busy streets of Manila, even how much tired they were with all our walking, they still managed to stay up and about. 

We visited The Mind Museum on the very day we arrived in Manila. We proceeded to Taguig to enjoy the long thing that excited us, Science! Everything in Mind Museum was a scientists escape farm. We had so much with our 3 hour visit even if we had just arrived. We explored every nook of the place, where there are exciting things to do, we did. We jumped at Shadow Boxes, had our hair stand to its end, watched Mad Science Lab activities, walked on piano-like staircases and so much more. We had a chance to watch two 3D shows via the Observatory Dome, and the kids had a chance to dig up fossils. There were so much to see in The Mind Museum. We saw skeleton of a huge dinosaur, and saw how big a whale was. And then, there were these games of seeing people thru night visions, how the first printing machine ever came to be, and a lot more to see.

What I cannot imagine was that, the kids and adults enjoyed it albeit the weariness of the long flight we had. The sparkle in they eyes of my kids were precious. 

The Mind Museum was a place that would bring my kids to talking much when they got back home, and I am sure that stories should be told as per their experience. 

With this experience that we had, I am a happy mother who intends to bring the kids again to another trip should time, health and finances agree with us. We will definitely be taking another trip. To where? That remains to be seen!


Friday, January 30

Mindanao, My Beautiful Mindanao

I was in Grade 5 when my parents decided to transfer to Mindanao, permanently. That was, give and take, 25 years ago. While we had limited opinions as we were yet kids, we were apprehensive of finding our place in Mindanao because of the things we heard back then about the place. 

That there are killings in Mindanao, that the Muslims are known to be abusive people, that we are foreigners to their land, and that it is hard to live there because of the conflicts between Christians and Muslims are just some of the reasons why I and my sisters wouldn't want to welcome the thought that we were leaving peaceful Antique to a land unbeknownst to us.

But it happened. My family moved to Mindanao. Passing through Zamboanga City, we arrived in Koronadal, South Cotabato and it is where I took my 6th Grade and more. It is the land which opened my eyes that what they say about Mindanao is not true. That there is no truth to some lies they say about the land. That Mindanao is beautiful. 

And then I and my family continued to survive, lived through many conflicts in General Santos City and in Koronadal where my parents lived. Until I graduated from college, had a family in General Santos and traveled to Mindanao places where they say could be dangerous but only found the beauty that is Mindanao.    

I have heard so many conflicts arising in my land. And I even experienced the fear of some of these instances. It was in 2005 when a series of bombings happened in the city where I live. I was in Law school when texts about bombs planted all over the city spread. One among those bombs exploded, some dismantled. I remembered how fearful I was to go out the streets of the city. But Mindanao has not been truly affected by all these things, as it continues to bear fruit lessons, tighter friendships, vigilance and wider perspectives to its people. The Maguindanao Massacre, the series of clashes between the government troops and insurgents, and many more, they were experiences that were felt by Mindanaoans, and yet we continue facing life. 

Mindanao is beautiful, very beautiful. Davao, Kidapawan, General Santos City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro City, Cotabato City, Surigao, Butuan, and many others. These cities including its rural areas are beautiful. Its clean rivers, lakes, falls, and many other tourist attractions are just some of the things that make up a beautiful Mindanao. But I am not saying this just because of tourism in Mindanao. I say this because of its people who are equally beautiful. There may be differences between our beliefs and culture, but we remain friends when we see each other outside. We respect each others' beliefs, and we make sure that we respect each other as a brother. 

I salute the men who fell to protect our country. They died in the line of duty, making themselves sacrificial lambs in the hope to attain peace. But they were slain, fallen. But there could be a reason here, I believe. While some say an all-out-war is needed to pulverize the enemy in order to bring peace, would there be peace, really if that happens? Would it eventually stop the killings, the brutal abuse of the rebels against our men. And I still salute those who, even in this trying times, would still want to continue the pledge that s/he has pronounced in commitment of his duty.

You who say an all-out war is needed do not understand what it is, how it will greatly affect the people of Mindanao, the people of this country in general. You who call out for a war do not understand that there will be children, students, parents, grandmothers, lives who will be at stake. You do not understand that we here in Mindanao will be greatly affected by what you say could turn peace around. You do not understand that Mindanao is wide, very wide, and that when you say there is war in Mindanao, you only refer to a small part of the huge island that is Mindanao. 

We are good here, we are fine. We are indivisible. You might want to qualify what you say about raging Mindanao. Because we here remain a beautiful place. And we do not want war, instead urgent peace. We pray for peace to reign, again in our beautiful land.



Tuesday, January 20

Back to My Roots

My year and a half of stay at the old office  where I was assigned at, were both happy and sad, both a challenge and a struggle. That short stint as focal person of so many programs has been quite a challenge not because of the work it gives me, but more because of the people I deal with and how multiple my tasks were. There has been times when I could not understand what am I to do first because everything is in a hurry. But I was happy, I had to enjoy the work that was assigned to me. I am supposed to enjoy the people that I have to deal with and I have to be polite to them while having to treat my bruised ego and hurting heart.

But the Good Lord answered my cries. I was transferred to another field office where I can just ride the trike and pay a minimal amount, and so I could save more. More to it than that, I am closer to my family. They are only 10 minutes away from where I now work.

This new workplace is very familiar to me despite the changes of management and the people who are now here. Because the management seemed to shuffle us like a deck of cards, we are at a loss of where we will be assigned, but I am back to my roots. This is where I started my employment with the DOLE, and this is where I have learned to deal with the public who are our bosses. I am now back to my roots where I can be at ease, where hopefully no one can spread lies about me, and where people would appreciate the things I do for the good of the agency. 

I am now back to my roots where I will continually love and enjoy the things that are expected of me. I am back to my roots which has shaped me to be a good public servant. I am now at ease here, and I am praying that I can move forward, and others may see my worth. 

And I am hoping I could share my experiences with you on each passing day, as I dwell back to my roots.

Sunday, December 28

FREESTYLE BAND and DJ TOM TAUS at the Grand Year-end Party of SM City General Santos

Where do you plan to be for the rest of the long holidays? It will be more days of rejoicing because school is still out and to party on a good day is not a sin, but a chance to have fun.
So free yourself! Be indulged to a merrier magical shopping, dining, entertainment and experience the dazzling year-end party tradition of SM City General Santos featuring the renowned Pinoy Rock- R&B band, FREESTYLE and the former child actor, DJ TOM TAUS.

FREESTYLE band was dubbed as the Most Popular Group Entertainer by Guillermo Awards in 2002 and one of the premiere bands in the Philippines. They were the makers of hit songs such as “So Slow” and “Before I Let You Go”. FREESTYLE has a soulful sound, influenced by rhythm and blues and urban music.

After 14 years of leaving the country to migrate to the United States, former child actor TOM TAUS is back in the Philippines. TOM TAUS has been making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ and known as “DJ Tommy T” to Los Angeles Club Crowd.

Catch them all this December 30, 7pm as you also enjoy the extended mall hours until 10 o’ clock in the evening. Get entertained with their world-class voice and international-calibre stage performance and witness the Magical Fireworks Display at The Roof Deck of SM City General Santos.

For updates and inquiries, check-out SM City General Santos (Official) on Facebook, or call (083) 878-0667.

Saturday, December 27

Thank You, Sarangani Province

So tomorrow would be my last day in DOLE XII-Sarangani FIeld Office.

Just like in any relationship, my 1 year and 6 months of stay in Sarangani was quite a challenge. The province being considered as one of the poorest has become a test for me. It was a test to see how I could be contributory to its progress. However, the time that was given to me to stay in the province as its servant may not be enough to really create an impact, but I am not complaining. I am happy that I have learned the dynamics of the province for which I have learned to love in my short stay. The people have been very welcoming. The trips to the three-pronged directions of the province may have been painstakingly enduring, but it was a good ride.

The first 6 months have become very enjoyable, I have learned that the people I get to talk with are diverse in themselves. I enjoyed speaking with the people in their most common language, and I have showed interest in learning their customs and traditions. Dealing with the high-ranking officials of different municipalities may have given me apprehensions, but it was as if I have befriended them in the long run. Until I have become familiar to their personalities.

The following year has been busier, what with the many programs that we are providing service for, add to that the many other administrative functions with which I have to attend to. But I did not complain, cannot complain because I enjoyed everything.

What I will miss about Sarangani are the people, the places I have visited, the friendship I have made with the many different folks I have shook hands with. I have developed a rapport with the networks we have founded, from the career guidance network, the PESO, the barangay officials with which I personally was pressing for reports, lists, and many others. It is a bitter sweet emotion to be leaving the province that has adopted me, and welcomed me open arms in such a short stay.

I may have fallen short of your expectations of me, and I apologize for not delivering. I may have curtailed the patience I am supposed to give but I am only human capable of making mistakes. I may have shortchanged you of the services I gave you, but that's because I am feeble, unhealthy, and loaded with so many things in my mind that I cannot cater to all your needs and wants. If I have offended the people I have dealt with, it is with great sorrow that I have not been careful. And pardon me for the way I may have behaved if I have become too haughty, too assertive. I may have driven people crazy because of the reports I was asking, only because I want other people to believe that we can deliver what is expected of us.

To the heads of the province and municipalities who were more than willing to accommodate my requests for Special Recruitment Activities, Job Fairs, visits and orientations, conduct of LEGS and many others, my gratitude for allowing me and my group to disturb your peace. I know we may have been very pesky but only because we aim to contribute to the employment, protection and betterment of the worker's welfare.

Come January, I will be treading a new direction, and I am happy because I will get to learn more, deal with another batch of people, make friends with new people. But more importantly, I will discover more of myself in my change of direction. It is a direction that I cannot complain about because it will mold me and shape me to what I aim to be, a good servant. It will be a new direction that as the new year brings will bring me new challenges, new learnings, new tasks.

Come 2015, I will welcome a new adventure in my life. And I am excited! And it is with great gratitude that, come 2015, I am praying for a better part of ME. And this will be very helpful to my family, because I will be a lot nearer to them, will find more time with them, and I get to save extra moolah for the movies minus the cab fares in going to Alabel.

Thank you, Sarangani Province. It has been a great ride!

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Friday, December 26

Merry December events at Microtel GenSan

Visiting Gensan this Yuletide Season? Don't fret, we have a lot of exciting things brewing just for you! It is a Yuletide of happiness in General Santos City!

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing at Microtel by Wyndham GenSan as they celebrate a December full of Yuletide happenings and New Year’s revelry. As the only international-brand hotel in GenSan which brings you world-class standards in accommodations, Microtel has a number of exciting events this month that will surely have you coming back for more.

Located right at the Valley High Complex, a lifestyle haven teeming with restaurants, cafĂ©’s, and bars, Microtel GenSan started December right with a successful Christmas Tree Lighting event attended by city officials and Valley High patrons. The affair included a parade at the top of the program as well as a choir performance by the Children’s Joy Foundation and children of the Valley High tenants, which culminated with the lighting of the Christmas tree made of bamboo.

Microtel GenSan also launched its online promo. Take a selfie with the hotel’s Christmas tree as your background and post it in your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account with the hashtags #MicrotelPH and #MicrotelGenSan by December 31, 2014, and get a chance to win some cool freebies from the hotel.

On December 15 to 20, Microtel GenSan hosted a Christmas Choral Competition which was participated by numerous choral groups from corporate organizations, special interests, to the academe. The event was held from 6pm to 8pm with the winner announced on December 20. And on December 31, the hotel welcomes 2015 with its special New Year’s Countdown. Including an overnight accommodations with breakfast in a Double Room for P3,750, or a Suite for P4,750, the package includes a New Year’s Eve Dinner for two (2), a show featuring PULSE RATE, raffle draw, and fireworks display when the clock strikes midnight.

Microtel GenSan provides a safe, secure stay in decent-sized rooms and a good night’s sleep care of chiropractor-approved, queen-sized mattresses that are good for your back. Whether you’re in GenSan for business, pleasure, or just want to enjoy experiencing the Christmas season, Microtel GenSan at the Valley High Complex is the place to spend the season.

Microtel by Wyndham GenSan is located at the Valley High Complex, National Highway, General Santos City. For more information call tel. (083) 553-8080, cel. (0917) 319-7447 or email

Microtel by Wyndham® pioneered the no-frills hotel concept in the Philippines that targets the mid-market. Its approach is back-to-basics and focuses on providing consistently clean, comfortable, and secure accommodations at value rates. Microtel currently has 13 properties at Acropolis Q.C., Baguio, Batangas, Boracay, Cabanatuan, Cavite, Davao, General Santos, Manila, Puerto Princesa, South Forbes (near Nuvali, Sta. Rosa), Tarlac, and UP Technohub Q.C.  All Microtel by Wyndham hotels in the Philippines are managed by Microtel Development Corp., the hospitality arm of the PHINMA Group. For more information, call the Manila Sales Office at (+632) 899-7171, email or log on to You may also follow us on Twitter @microtelph and like us on Facebook at for promos and updates.