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June 1

And yes, 5 more days and it's time to fix kids' breakfast, school needs, baon, prepare school uniforms, wake them up before time, assignments and the list goes on.

There's a lot of things you can do when in June. It may regarded as one of the busiest months of the year aside from December. But thank God for June, it reminds me that kids are growing up. A grade 5 and a Kinder 2, how cool can that be?

So, what's special with June? Nothing. Except that you will be driven crazy by all the things included in the list i mentioned and it will, one way or another, exhaust you.

Are you ready for June? Because I think I am ... NOT!

And migraine visits on the first day of June, gah!

Everything Noodles

I have always loved pasta. Aside from the fact that my kids and husband love spaghetti, I binge myself when faced with a bowl of lasagna and carbonara. Anything with white sauce is a big welcome, and I always find myself not resisting an invitation to pancit canton, pancit lomi and my ever favorite pancit malabon or palabok.

Some men just couldn't understand why we girls have to work our way in cooking pasta. There's a lot to prepare, and sometimes, even if he is excited with the eating, my husband seems to be too bored in the kitchen when waiting for the spaghetti to be cooked.

I still love spaghetti and everything noodles. Sometimes, this gets to be my only meal as this is already carbo-filled. If I want a carbo-overload, I sacrifice a little time, starve a little until my pasta is cooked.

I love pasta. My kids love spaghetti. My favorite though is anything with white sauce. But I just want to share to you that this bowl was done last Black Saturday, and left the dining table e…

11 Years


The First Ever Traditional B'laan Wedding Ritual I Witnessed

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we visited Kinilis, in Polomolok. I was with Nanards and two visiting friends from Davao City, Emi, and her American husband, Joshua. They wanted to go see the kafe balos because it has been very famous now, and they wanted to invest into the business.

Sir Fred mentioned there was a tribal wedding that very day so it was a fortunate day for us to witness something different, a customary tribal wedding rite.

We went inside the house for they explained to us that the traditional B'laan wedding is being held inside the house of the bride where the couple has to sit on a mat and surrounded by relatives and witnesses.

The bride was very beautiful that day, she was adorned with T'nalak inspired accessories, and her hair was placed with a beautiful headdress made of brass. Her hips was surrounded by a brass belt where hundreds of small bells were making noise each time she moves. And she was fully clothed in a colorful B'laan attire, and som…

For the Kids in Kinilis

It was only last year when we have experienced Kinilis and the beauty of its nature, and the people there, and everything about them. We have witnessed how passionate they are in serving nature and in helping each other build better lives. We, together with the Rotary Club of Polomolok, went back there last December to share our Christmas love and the children were very happy.
I am awed at their love for each other, and their want for education that I and some friends have planned on giving something for the Kinilis children this coming schoolyear.
Note: Please read related stories on link provided.
And this time, the thought is becoming a reality.
South Cotabato Tambayan has donated 50 sets of these school supplies, and there's a lot more pouring in. We will be sending them off before June comes.
If you want to help us in sending these kids to school, kindly let us know by emailing me at sdumalay[at]yahoo[dot]com.
This is for the children in Kinilis...

Tips to Shedding Off the Pounds

Gosh, I want to have a body like her's.

I have gained weight, and I am just so mad at myself for eating so much. I was just 40 kilos, ten years ago, and now, I am 15 kilos heavier. Darn!

The husband ain't got plans of changing my wardrobe. He said I must work my way into getting back to the old shape, or at least going back to 110 lbs or lesser. This means I have to get back to doing sit ups, and a few more exercises, and worst, I have to cut down on my eating.

But it's just so nice to eat, right? Especially when you feel like wanting to gobble up something, the craving won't keep away from you like it's some devil inviting you for free dinner. Ugh.

Here are some tips I have read that took my interest. I hope to follow these tips and try if it works in making me shed off some weight.

1.Start with soup.This is the Japanese's best way of treating weight-loss. The soup fills you up fast that you eat least during the meal.

2. Lunch should be…

Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo Adventure Park - Adventure You Shouldn't Miss

After the Sunday-Monday job fair we held in a huge mall here in our place, I was already making reports on Tuesday, trying to finish what could be a report needed by the officials for reporting to the media.

I was so stressed that I could not keep myself from staying put in a place, thus, the report seemed endless to make. Add that to the fact that my mind was actually racing for where I could bring our visiting relatives in order to enjoy General Santos City.

So that Wednesday morning when I announced that the husband will bring them to try the zipline of the nearest barangay, the guests were ecstatic. And I was booking their trip to the venue, but my mind was on the report. Until I finally gave up on thinking about the report and decided to join them.

stairway up the Fifth Mountain

We went riding Ric's cousin's Tamaraw FX, until we reached a part where our vehicle cannot make it anymore. 4x4 vehicles can climb up the top but in case you don't have one, there are plenty of ha…

A Short Visit to the Pacquiao's

That Thursday when our visitors from Iloilo arrived, my mind was already racing on how we can make them enjoy their stay. Three of them has arrived while it was the son and his wife who weren't able to visit General Santos beforehand, hence, their first time. I was thinking of the places where we could bring them, as there are a lot in General Santos and even more in neighboring towns, however, we do not have the luxury of time and the convenience since our car has gone to bonkers. So we thought of bringing them to somewhere nearer.
Our Pambansang Kamao, so to speak, is just a nearby neighbor. He's just a trike away so while he was in the US for his training in preparation for his victorious win against Mosley, we visited his mansion. There are strict security personnel in this mansion but a good friend of mine has allowed us to get inside the premises and take a peek on it.

This is the facade of Pacman's mansion. We weren't allowed to go inside the house because obviou…

DOLE Job Fair Blues: Matuwid na Daan Tungo sa Kaunlaran Para sa Lahat

You may have wondered where I was after I posted my April 26 post. Truth is, I have been lurking and busy doing some work and chores and a lot more. Last April 28, hubby's cousin and his son and son's wife visited us here in Gensan. They came all the way from Iloilo City and it was during that time when I was so busy with the job fair and a lot more.

So there, I was really busy.

But I am available now, and will share a lot of stories for you. In fact, this will be a series of blog posts of the things I experienced during my 2 weeks hiatus from this blog.

You all know how I am as a worker. I prefer to do things perfectly, systematically and in an organized manner. But sometimes, we just don't fully get what we want, especially if there are so many teachers in just one classroom.

I was there in the venue earlier than the others were. In fact, I was still tired that very morning because prior to May 1, we had to arrange some stuffs inside the venue. That morning, we manually arra…