For the Kids in Kinilis

It was only last year when we have experienced Kinilis and the beauty of its nature, and the people there, and everything about them. We have witnessed how passionate they are in serving nature and in helping each other build better lives. We, together with the Rotary Club of Polomolok, went back there last December to share our Christmas love and the children were very happy.

I am awed at their love for each other, and their want for education that I and some friends have planned on giving something for the Kinilis children this coming schoolyear.

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And this time, the thought is becoming a reality.

South Cotabato Tambayan has donated 50 sets of these school supplies, and there's a lot more pouring in. We will be sending them off before June comes.

If you want to help us in sending these kids to school, kindly let us know by emailing me at sdumalay[at]yahoo[dot]com.

This is for the children in Kinilis...


Photo Cache said…
good job. may your tribe increase.
Nortehanon said…
Hi Sheng! I totally relate sa activity ninyo na ito. I am also doing a similar thing to the children in my province. Well, it's not really a big project but somehow it makes some children smile and I think it is more than enough. The effort may only be a ripple but I know that the children feel the effect of the ripple.

Good luck sa inyo, Sheng, and I salute you and your friends for doing this for the children of Kinilis.

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