Warning! Allergic Reactions Appear

And what would that be? You would surely ask that. Last week, I found myself scratching my legs because they are so itchy. There's this blotches in it wherein the skin looks like it has been stung by a bee, or a mosquito bite. I scratched it and whoa, it became wider. It was all over my legs, mostly near below the knee part. I was aghast at what has become of my legs, and thinking it was allergy from something, I bought myself Celestamine for the allergy. Celestamine is an anti-allergic medicine. However, this med will surely keep you drowsy. A few hours after I had the pill, the itch and the blotches were gone, leaving my legs some map-kind of red leftover from my scratches. And so i was happy.

The following day, I had been watching my diet and the foods I eat, thinking the allergy came from the santol I had(though I ate none of it again), the blotches were again visible in my legs. This time, it spread through my arms, and my hands. I felt very itchy that I could only cry my eyes out. I texted my doctor friend, Jojo, to ask for help and he told me to take Celestamine again, and until the itch and rashes fade will I take the pill.

He asked me what was the foods I took into my system to make the rashes appear like that. And to my surprise, I basically had the common denominator of it all ---> chicken!

Yes, I think I am allergic to chicken. OMG! And that leaves me to concluding that I can no longer have my ever beloved Chickenjoy, and can no longer taste the delish Mang Inasal Chicken Barbecue.

the yummy Jollibee Chickenjoy ---> yummy no more
for me, that is!

Jojo courteously added that I could still eat chicken until I had a shot of diphenhydramine, 1 ampule will be enough. And that could benefit me for long.

allergy shots - Diphenhydramine, 1 ampule

I once had a similar allergic reaction to something I thought was quite fine for me ---> San Mig Light. My best buds Iko and Jerry, Hubby and I went to this bar to have some time together, but what I had was red rashes all over my body, face and neck mostly.

So I guess I really am allergic. I need to have that Diphenhydramine Shot. What do you think? Or will I not, in order for me not to eat the B-A-D chicken? I need to shed off some of these fats in me anyway. Arrrgggghhhh.


I went to the dermatologist last Saturday and the doc diagnosed my case as one with urticaria. A certain type of allergic or non-allergic reaction to a lot of things. I was given Loratadine for the rashes, and if within two weeks the rashes do not come back, I am free to eat chicken again, and other stuffs too. Urticaria issues can be found here, in case you're interested to know more about it. Good day!


witsandnuts said…
I super miss Jollibee!

Btw, hope the allergy subsided already. Take care. =)
I just had an allergy 3 days ago. I don't know why, but I'm also thinking that the culprit is CHICKEN! It appeared on my arms and legs too, I thought it was insect bite or something. So I started cleaning the house, wiping everything with disinfectant from the walls to everything I can see! But my hubby noticed I'm the only one having those rashes. Anyway I didn't take any medications, and I don't want to take any because I am nursing our baby. I only elliminate Chicken on my diet! Except last night during the party at one of our friends' villa where they served kafsa/ kabsa with roasted chicken- can't resist the temptation to eat chicken! So here I am again with those rashes.
k.g. said…
Hello Sheng!

I linked you up already! Anyway, regarding this "allergy," I suggest you consult a dermatologist regarding this. You will never be sure unless you consult one. My daughter had the same case. She had these rashes on her feet that just wouldn't go away....and we attributed it to chicken and eggs (anything "malansa"), which was affirmed by a derma. So for years, we did not allow her to eat chicken (like you, she LOVES Chickenjoy; and para damayan sya, we also did not eat Chickenjoy for years). But the rashes did not go away despite this "deprivation." So we had a second opinion from another derma. This derma asked me if my daughter had been allergic to chicken before the rashes came out; I said no. So she did some tests and found that it was NOT allergy to chicken but skin asthma. The derma prescribed a regimen, and after a few weeks...the "allergy" was gone! We ate Chickenjoy almost everyday after that! :)
So try checking it out with you derma first before you deprive yourself of chicken. Although it might be the case, you must be sure. Sayang naman kung di ka kakain yun pala di ka naman allergic sa chicken! Anyway, just a suggestion...:)
ms firefly said…
used to have that same allergy when i was younger. i grew out of it i suppose, as i can eat all i want now. :)

the shot is a good idea, but staying away from chicken is much better. :)
Anonymous said…
I think we should be more aware that food allergies can be deadly and that we should take it seriously. My 3 yrs old have food allergies like egg,nuts and seafoods w/c is very sad for a parent like me. My kids pedi prescribe epipen for kids for first aid. Restaurant should also post their allergy info or ingreadients they have in their foods
Anonymous said…
i had the same allergy recently.. like 2 days ago. me and my friend drank brandy mixed with iced tea. though it wasnt my first time to drink alcohol, since i drnk red wine during family gatherings, it was the 2nd time that i had rashes all over my body especially my trunk. its so itchy and with that i cannot sleep. until now i still have the rashes, i already took 2 tab of cetirizine. i always have that since im also allergic to chicken, seafoods... and a lot more... now ..alcohol.. tomorrow if i still have these symptoms i will consult a doctor.. i hate this feeling.. i cant eat delicious foods esp seafoods because of these.. :(

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