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One Very Special Day with HIS Gandaness

during Manny Pacquiao's Birthday Bash

If there's one BIG person I could call on when I need a good laugh, it's HIM, THE gandaness ever so much. It was during plurkfiestas when Sir Orman had the chance to bond with us, as we have been earlier recruited by his awesomeness brother, Bariles, to join the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers.

I was actually aloof at joining them during events because I felt like they are the kind of people who would be hard to level with, until HIS Heaviness invited us all his plurk buddies to his birthday bash at Taaz Bar. We were there and we were especially mentioned and thanked for because of our presence. This made me feel welcome with the group and after which, some more events followed that's when we eventually bonded.

my birthday at Olaer Cold Spring Resort

There were even moments when we just had to text each other, plan for a swim at Olaer and everything followed including food. Yes, food, because everywhere we went, there was food and we do not comp…

Our Baby Model

This is my 4 year old daughter. Tabebsas she is called. She's our baby. And she's SHY!


Tabebs, our baby model

While we were having a photo shoot for a blog anniversary contest, we made her pose for the dad who was busy with the shutter.

And look how she has displayed her poses, and she has all the faces that could melt a heart. She is just a darling. Everything is her own display of character, her own actions, no cue from me or the dad. She's done it with poise and carried herself well in front of the camera, methinks.

So, do you think I have a model in the making?

I Want One, Now!

I am sure many people who know me, know that I am a sucker for stamps. I have been collecting stamps since grade school and in fact, I already have two filled albums. Although I used the photo album to keep them, this time, I think I want to try organizing them again for a better look.

I already organized my coin collection two years back, and I will begin with my stamps soon. I found this very interesting stamp on the internet, and I could not help but want to get my hands on this beauty. And words leaked that the French people who made this, gave it a dark chocolate scent as well that lasts for two years. Oooohhh, I want to have a copy, so much that I could ask for your help if you got French relatives, please ask them for me. Haha.

Click on the stamp for more stamp stories.

My love for chocolates is more than my love for stamps. But if i could get them both, who knows? What is one thing you would love to get your hands to right now? Well, aside from your dreams, and your desires for…

Of Beers and Wines

I know I'm kinda unsure of the tastes of wines, that is because, I have never loved wines, and for one fact, I am not interested in it. It may sound very backwards of me, or very strange of me to be apprehensive with wines.

Ok, I just feel that it's a man's drink. But I do know and understand that there are a lot of people, regardless of the gender, who love wine tasting and the idea of wine-drinking.

There's one fact I would like to share with you, when I was in high school, right after graduation, my best friend and I celebrated our diploma, we each had a bottle of Beer na Beer to enjoy. When I went home, I threw up everything that I consumed.

The following week, there was another celebration and we consumed half of the small Bouchard bottle that was served us. Again, I threw up.

When in college, I was on my third year, we had just finished doing our feasibility study when my group decided of getting some Red Horse Stallion, I had a bottle but passed out after two glasse…

She's Me, Physically

What can be more fascinating than after a day's work, you close your eyes and think of what you have accomplished, count how many people you made happy and how many people made you smile.

Each day, when I arrive home, I ask her what achievements she did in school, and she'd just close her mouth and say nothing. She wouldn't tell me the things that kept her busy and activities they had in school.

One day, I surprised her in school while they had their lunch break and found she was wearing a medal. I asked the teacher what the medal was for, and she told me that my daughter's been the most behaved girl during the day. And funny thing is, she's been wearing the medal for days already for different reasons at all, like she was the only one who answered the teacher's questions or she was the only one who was quiet that day.

These simple joys, after a long tiring day, makes my heart leap.

She's me. Physically. She's dad's. Behaviorally. Well, to those who kn…

Meet Guillain-Barré Syndrome

A friend of ours, wife of hubby's distant relative died last Sunday. The news shocked us all because, first, the last we saw each other was June 6, burial of a relative also. She was really healthy that time we saw each other, we thought she was feeling all right. Second, she is only 34 years old, so young at that age, and she left her 5-year old only child to the husband.

According to stories, it all started last April, she had been feeling headaches, and recurring headaches the following months. The husband said she had been attacked by head-splitting headaches that she could not sleep, area around her eyes were already very dark. According to him, of the 24 hours, she only had 2 hours of sleep. And that was her daily routine.

In two weeks time, her pains and sleepless nights plunged. She became blind partially, then totally. The doctors could not decipher the cause of all these pains and agonies she's felt. The tests, MRI, CT-scan and other lab results showed negative.

The hea…

One Day Life of a Model

I have a photographer for a husband. And yes, I am thankful for that. The Lord has given me a very creative husband who understands me inside and out and knows me very well that I am not, NEVER fond of modeling for him.

But GandaEverSoMuch has this really challenging photo contest, and I have to join, hence I wouldn't have that much coveted red Opera shirt I have been eyeing for, from my friends.

So I budged the hubby as to what we will be doing for the contest, and knowing his creative juices do not run low in supply, he made me do this:

That really heavy set of gorgeous colors came from HK, and it was actually the first time we opened that box, just for the photoshoot. The brush and everything else, including the face having my glasses on are just his ideas. Oozing with creativity, we did this all one very hot afternoon.

While having to carry that set of colors, he was maneuvering his camera way up above my head, hoisted on tripod and his hands on the remote. It was a number of pose…

Me na Me! Agree?

Hello. This is me. Indeed this is so me.

When Blogusvox announced on his blog that he was giving away a caricature for those who can answer his blogoversary treat, I was more than willing to try. It was a thing I wanted, and knew that he can make me a good cartoon of myself. He is that good.

And when he announced that I was one of the winners, I was more than ecstatic. A few days after that, I got my caricature.

Blogusvox is a really cool guy I have met on the net. He has helped me once with my queries regarding a trip to where he is. A kind and responsible father for Bea and a good husband to the wife. i love his insights on different things, a very intelligent man as seen from his blog posts. I am an avid fan of his Buhay Buhangin series and wants him to get on the groove with making this into a book and have it published. I am sure this will be a sure HIT.

If you have not checked out his site, please do hop over here. He will keep you coming back for more.

Thanks so much Blogusvox, I am…

Ganda Ever So Much!

Hello guys!

Let me introduce you to a blog i have been visiting daily for almost a year now.

I knew he was the guy who made things possible in festivals and other events, but I didn't know we could get closer.

It wasn't until Bariles announced that his brother (or sister for that matter) already has a blog after a few budging and forcing to. And it was then announced to many of his networking sites like plurk and blog, and even thru the SMS to ask us to visit the blog and see what makes of it.

Of course I couldn't get more giddy, I felt excitement, here's the big guy doing a blog and trying his way to pour out what he feels through his online journal.

...and so I went to visit, and everyday I visited, and the next days, I was still there. I wouldn't just be there for the wrong impressions, will I? BUT, it is because his blog will sure keep you coming back. His stories though may not be one of a kind, the posts are at times nice and at times angsty. Of course, that's…