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Wear That Green Attitude

We had an orientation about greening our department last week. The objective is to create an awareness on greening the department and create a move in helping out the National Greening Program. Who would've thought that the government is doing its part in greening the earth?

I actually never thought the departments of the government are into this. I thought all the while that these departments are concentrated into doing their respective marching orders, and that least of their concerns is thinking about the climate change. I was so wrong.

For the information of everybody, we have the RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act that orders us to segregate wastes from the source, throw trash in properly marked bins and create a Materials Recovery Facility. This is just one of those orders the government has pushed in order for us to follow what needs to be done in helping save the Earth from total damage and salvage us from the harsh causes of global warming.

Don't blow i…

Makeup or no Makeup?

Despite friends' further urge on making myself a lot more presentable to others, and despite the words I got from friends not to dress like my man, I still have not done anything to improve my looks. Maybe because I am just busy with other stuff, or am I just too lazy to learn putting color on my face and dressing up like some goddess, haha.

We attended a one night DOLE Family Day at the beach with a Luau theme, but I have not done anything to look like I am in a Hawaiian party, ugh. I only wore a not-so-skimpy shorts with a flowery (not even) shirt top.

And so I think, I must invest some time learning the color schemes and the brushes and the strokes in order to put some color on my face and ask advice from fashion gurus on which dresses I should wear and what not to.

My hair is a big mess nowadays, if not in pony tail, it's tucked with a clamp. But then again, I still feel so comfortable with just the ordinary me. Yet, I'd still love a new look, yes. So, someday soon, I'…

Starbucks Bottled Coffee = Newfound LOVE

The closest I have in association with Starbucks are two organizers given by Marian of Upto6only and Dong Ho. They were given to me when 1) Marian sent me a copy knowing we are so far from Starbucks as it can only be found in Luzon that time, and it was a Christmas gift; and 2) when Dom visited me here in General Santos City as pasalubong.

I feel so jealous of my friends knowing they can enjoy Starbucks as much as they can because it is just a few steps away from them. It was just lately also that Starbucks opened its Ayala Abreeza Branch in Davao City which is, still not a good idea for me to be frequenting as it is 3 hours of bus ride away from where we are located.

But when a good friend saw this bottle of Starbucks frappuccino at a local grocery here in our place, I couldn't help but be giddy at the idea. And when we both had a chance to check, there, in all its glory, sits this mocha-flavored bottled coffee from Starbucks.

Seriously, it was really good, the closest I could be n…

Game Muna Tayo!

Okey, I got this from PM's site and I was like ooooh...

It spelled F-U-N for me, but made me think afterwards if I deserve to be called that. I'm sharing it with you with the hope that you will tell me what words described you. Game?

Click image for larger version.

The first three words I saw were



I Want a Divorce!

It's been bugging me, it's been a long time that I have been thinking about it. I personally made moves on how we can settle some differences, yet, I failed. I have been very stressed thinking about ways I can solve this problem, but there seems to be no resolve. I want out, NOW!

Yes, I want a divorce, with my bulging tummy, that is. It's been causing me sleepless nights and I still can't find ways to at least, trim down. I have been doing some brisk walking, and yet, that good hour of brisk walking is just defeated by thirty minutes of good sweets in the office, some snacks of bijon guisado, some peanut butter sandwiches to which is also my fault that I indulge.

I just can't stop munching, food seems to be everywhere, and even if I don't have the means to buy them, they come knocking on my door like a sweet temptation.

I don't really know how I can trim down, it's been A for effort thing for me. But still, there is no reduce to the waistline. Oh and yes, …

Orchid Blooms and More!

It's been a week's time that we have not visited our own house because during weekdays, we stay at MIL's place, so the five days swiftly went by. Last week, when we got home, I visited the backyard to check on my plants and lo and behold, i saw a budding group of orchids. They are so beautiful. It made me squeal with happiness that the husband immediately asked me what happened.

Added to that, I looked up and saw my atis tree having not one but two fruits. Whoa, what a year of blessings and happiness.

And just today, this is what welcomed me when I got home after three rounds of brisk walking inside the subdivision:
"Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him."- 1 John 5:14–15
Happiness starts with yourself! Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



Status for Life

What a surprise this August has given me. Surely, when you knock, it shall be opened, when you seek, you shall find; and when you ask, it shall be given you.

I worked hard for this, I prayed so hard. I did my best, I performed to the best of my capacity. I was not dismayed, I kept on. I did not settle for mediocrity but accepted failures as a challenge. And if there's one thing I never will forget, It is by HIS grace, and in HIS perfect timing that all things are falling in its place.

This is my most loved status, way better than my FB status updates. This is a start of a new beginning, new challenges, new adventures, new career. Status in employment: Permanent.

Now, it is safe to say: In the interest of public service, I remain.