Wear That Green Attitude

We had an orientation about greening our department last week. The objective is to create an awareness on greening the department and create a move in helping out the National Greening Program. Who would've thought that the government is doing its part in greening the earth?

I actually never thought the departments of the government are into this. I thought all the while that these departments are concentrated into doing their respective marching orders, and that least of their concerns is thinking about the climate change. I was so wrong.

For the information of everybody, we have the RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act that orders us to segregate wastes from the source, throw trash in properly marked bins and create a Materials Recovery Facility. This is just one of those orders the government has pushed in order for us to follow what needs to be done in helping save the Earth from total damage and salvage us from the harsh causes of global warming.

Don't blow it! Good planets are hard to find. So true, and for the moment, we only have 1 planet to live in. Executive Order No. 26 created the National Greening Program, one that enables us to live in accordance with a Green attitude, thinking about our Mother Earth in all aspects of our lives, incorporating the 5S, the 3Rs, using fewer resources, lessening the energy we are using, reducing wastes and all these will eventually lead to safe, healthy and an environment conducive to work and family, and that which will eventually lead you a productive workforce.

The president gave us marching orders to plant 1.5 Billion trees to cover 1.5 million hectares of land starting this year until 2016. And with this, we are doing our very best to try reach the goal and more!

It's time we start acting, and working seriously to achieve a brighter and better future, along with this comes the quest to better the quality of life Mother Earth will give us. Maybe soon, there will be less floods, and what happened this week because of Typhoon Pedring won't ever happen again.

The National Greening Program following PNoy's EO 26 has this to follow: Greening the Philippines: Mission possible.

Why not? It's about time! We can make this happen! Greening the Philippines is sure a possible mission to accomplish!


Lawstude said…
Here in Pasig, they have this project of not using plastics on certain days. Good deed indeed if we really want to save our earth even on little things such as these.
dong ho said…
in one way this may be too late for us but i believe there's something we can start doing. an di appreciate initiatives like this.

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