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Si Binata at si Dalaga

Ngayon lang ako magyayabang, eto po ang aking mga anak, Biboy, 9 and Tabebs, 4. They're into school na, and doing well in their studies. In fact, this Friday, I will be pinning their ribbons again, for doing great!

This was taken during the culmination of their Buwan ng Wika, Biboy was part of a chorale recitation while Tabebs was part of the kids' choir.

May binata at dalaga na ako in a few years, hayyyyy. Kaya ngayon pa lang, todo bonding na kami, kasi ang bilis ng panahon.

I take great pride in my kids, and I want to share them with you. Kayo, what's your greatest pride?


Ask me what my major major mistake is? Not major, but I did a mistake last Thursday night. It is not something life-threatening, but i felt stupid to have done such a thing.

I was really dead tired last Thursday night, but wanted to wash the curtains, so I went to prepare the washing machine and turned on the faucet. I went inside the house to get the curtains but since the washing machine is not yet filled, I decided to rest awhile on the sofa, until the worst thing happened.

The running water slipped my mind. I transferred to the bedroom, and the nap I was supposed to take turned into one heavy sleep. I woke up at 4am and the faucet is still on, with running water! Gasp! I immediately went out to turn the faucet off, but the water is already wasted, more than 8 hours of the faucet on, with running water.

Sometimes we experience such errors, may be a minor mistake but I feel sad for having wasted so much water. Hayyyyy, so much for aging, I guess?

What I learned: Never ever do somethi…

Major Major Stunning!

My age already exceeds the numbers on the calendar, but it did not stop me or any of us Jenny's officemates, to be bride's maids on her wedding day.

Jenny turned 32 and on her wedding day, and all her close officemates were made bride's maids, to even as old as 49. It was a very nice and colorful affair, where we were able to don very beautiful gowns, and wear our hair as if we were youngsters.

Here's what I looked like during the wedding. And take note, first time ko maging bride's maid, hehehe. Once, I became maid of honor at my sister's wedding.

And to borrow Venus Raj's words, major major stunning, am I not? Tell me, teeeheee...

Proper Breathing Means Healthy Living

Last week, my daughter was diagnosed with broncho--pneumonia, prescribed with an antibiotics and medicines for the cough and the colds. This week, it is the son who was diagnosed with the same, broncho-pneumonia. In my kids' school, there are a lot of children having flu and the worst thing is, dengue cases are rampant here in our side of the world.

Nowadays, you really have to take care of your health. Or else you will have to suffer spending money over medicines that will relieve you from your situation.

Know that the best thing is always prevention, and not cure. So in order to prevent having to get sick, deep breathing is relatively important. Studies have shown that learning how to properly breathe is important because proper breathing can help and is effective in making you live healthy.

Here are steps to proper deep breathing:

1. Take a deep breath, hear yourself inhale.
2. Hold your breath for a short time.
3. Exhale. This time, hear yourself exhale as well.
4. Exhale again, with…

Step Up 3D Made Me Cry

You know you're dancing when tears of pain and happiness blend in with your sweat." ~Anonymous
I don't know how to dance, I believe I have two left feet. Not even a very simple step could go unnoticed by the hubby once I make a move. It's so awkward of me to dance, and when I do, it's always not a good sight to see, so I don't dance anymore, not when I can help it.

But I married a dancer. Hubby was member of the infamous NDMU Kariktan Dance Troupe when he was in his college days. I remember him getting to the office late because he had some trainings to do, and he's been teaching kids in one place to do cultural dance.

Last Friday afternoon, we dated. I assumed he was surprised when, asked to see what movie, I chose Step Up 3D from Salt, Furry Vengeance and Hating Kapatid (which is obviously never my type). So off we went inside with our 3D glasses, cinema almost full, and armed wit…

Another Good Reason To Come to Gensan!

General Santos City is basically known not for its lovely place, not for its lovely tourist spots, but because it is the home of tuna and Manny Pacquiao.

I say this because I hear the reasons they go to General Santos is they wanted to visit Manny and feast on tuna. Some people mistake Gensan as part of Sarangani. Some would love to pass by Gensan only because there is no other way they could get to Sarangani and visit Gumasa, but through here.

Not bad reasons for visiting, but I would love to hear good reasons why they visit Gensan, and probably a better mall could entice them to do so.
Robinson's Place Gensan is a young establishment here in General Santos City. The place is quite an attraction already as it is located along the national highway where buses and most vehicles pass. The mall's welcoming signage facing you would be Gensan's famous tagline: Magandang Gensan.

This is sure a nice welcome considering the fact that Robinson's Place Gensan had us glued at the lo…

Vicks Vaporub, a soothing remedy for coughs

Yesterday, I got a text from the hubby saying Tabebs had fever. The teacher was able to immediately give her Paracetamol, but I was restless soon after I heard of the news.

Dengue has been really rampant in this part of the country, we have statistics reaching 600 and more, and unfortunately, our baranggay, more specifically our purok's elementary school here, has had declarations of three students rushed to the hospital for dengue cases. Lagao, being the biggest of all barangays, has declared the most number of patients.

I was trusting God to take care of my baby, she was restless in her sleep the night prior to that but I was not alarmed much until the text reached me. I went home immediately, and even today, I took a leave to monitor her temperature. The fever subsided, thanks to Tempra Forte (Paracetamol). But I am still concerned about the cough and the runny nose. Flu is rampant, and we better take care of ourselves.

Here's one emergency thing I did to ease the coughing. Be…