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I just want to share with you my JOY because of my blogging. Thank you to everyone for all their prayers and well wishes!

This blog was awarded BEST PERSONAL BLOG of the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao!

Maraming Salamat, Shoukran, Terimah Kasih, Gracias, Thank You!

To GOD be the glory!

Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0 / Philippine Blog Awards - Mindanao

Another blessing comes!

No, it's not another batch of Christmas bonus, but things have been really good to me these days, minus the tiring days of work. This Saturday, I will be joining the 2nd Blogfest Soccsksargen. Because of blogging, I have made a lot of friends, local and even from distant countries. I am very blessed because of these friendships, some of them giving me pieces of their minds, and some of them laughing with me and ranting with me in my posts.

I am just very happy that because of blogging, I have opened my world to a new level of awareness, a different level of thinking, a different level of concern for the world, and much better than all these, a different and higher level of becoming a person.

Life has been good, in fact, because of blogging, I have overcome my weaknesses, and became more open to positivity. My blogging friends have given me much inspiration because of their comments, and because of their posts, I have become more educated, even learned.

This is …

Parental Guidance (PG Ratings) : Ignored

Two weeks ago, I was enticed by friends to watch Praybeyt Benjamin although I never really am an avid fan of Filipino films because of their tendency to have predictable endings. My kids who have asked me if they could join me in watching the film were of course rejected for the reason that I saw a PG 13 rating on the poster of Praybeyt Benjamin. But there were lots of kids inside the movie house. And parents tagging small kids along were also a lot.

Last Friday, I had a date with my husband because I was too excited about Breaking Dawn. I decided to watch it on the 8pm schedule. Again, the film has a PG 13 rating, and again, there were so many kids inside the theater house ranging from teens to even toddlers, and it's night time.

Not that I am a strict mom, but as a parent, sometimes we have bad words coming out of our mouths that naturally come out so we have to be careful with everything we say. And they hear that, and even use the same words in their classrooms and who knows …

Carpe Diem!

You know you're busy when things just pop in your head like crazy and you suddenly remember you have to do this and that.

I just looked at my computer today and I remembered, yeah, I have to write some updates on my blog but the question as to what to write remains a mystery.

Anyhoo, I am fine, but things are crazy now. My nose is bleeding with the new things I am slowly learning each day in my job. Everything started as a blur, but now, things are becoming clearer. It pains me to lose time with my family but in time, everything will be just fine.

I don't even know if I am even making sense here, but it's been a busy week, Attagirl!

When one thing ends, another one begins! Carpe diem, everyone!

Bawal na ang Epal

Bawal ang epal. For sure you have already heard of this bill being passed as a law and is being the talk of the TV news shows, tabloids and other media, also being a hot issue in the senate for a time already. But then, if you haven't yet, this bill is sponsored by the lady senator who not only provides me good political comedy but also knocks some sense into me and and all the public through her witty remarks and wisdom on public governance - Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Senate bill No. 1967 is An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit Through Signage Announcing a Public Work Project - something I actually adored from the genius of the lady senator and one that I would love to be passed into law.

Whilst our country has been a country of laws, yet, we remain fortunate that we have hardworking lawmakers who continuously create more laws, be it intellectual laws and stupid ones like the Anti-Planking Bill. This new bill is an inclusion on the long list of our bills but…

My Childhood Christmas Experiences

Christmas is NEAR! I can’t wait. As of today, it’s just a few days before Christmas, and it’s actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We already decorated our new Christmas tree, and the kids are very happy. This is the first time we have our Christmas tree in our very own home, as we only had a Christmas wreath on our door in the past Christmases. But now that it’s so soon, we had to feel it, because we are very blessed this year, and feeling more Christmas-y is just one way of giving thanks for our family.Here are some Christmas experiences I had when I was a kid, one thing I’d like to introduce to my kids too.Aguinaldo - is not only Emilio, it’s also the presents one gives or receives during Christmas. During Christmas, Chinese people give ampao with money inside it as “Aguinaldo” for their loved ones. I remember my lola giving me Aguinaldo once, she has to fake being Santa Claus. I caught her putting chips on the socks we hung.Bibingka – Filipino cake made of rice flour …

Shake it Up!

We have been frequenting our far far away home because of the long weekends. Truth is, we seldom visit this far away home because time won't allow us to do it as often as we could, so, during long weekends, we make it a point to go home and enjoy the weekend there.

Armed with chips, and the fridge filled with food, I am making sure that the kids eat good food, from veggies to their favorite snacks, and almost always bottles of liters of Coke. Everytime we go home, we are actually consuming 2-3 liters of Coke for just a day, and it's making me a very irresponsible mom for giving unhealthy food to my children.

To correct this problem, as my kids' favorite drinks whenever we go to restaurants for our meals are fruit shakes, preferably mango shake, I decided to buy a fruit blender from out of my measly 1k bonus.

So starting yesterday, we have been consuming mango shakes in our every meal, kids forgetting about Coke already. I wonder how long this will last but I am pretty happy t…