Carpe Diem!

You know you're busy when things just pop in your head like crazy and you suddenly remember you have to do this and that.

I just looked at my computer today and I remembered, yeah, I have to write some updates on my blog but the question as to what to write remains a mystery.

Anyhoo, I am fine, but things are crazy now. My nose is bleeding with the new things I am slowly learning each day in my job. Everything started as a blur, but now, things are becoming clearer. It pains me to lose time with my family but in time, everything will be just fine.

I don't even know if I am even making sense here, but it's been a busy week, Attagirl!

When one thing ends, another one begins! Carpe diem, everyone!


kayni said…
I understand what you mean. I barely have time to get proper sleep these days with full time work, grad school and hospital visits. I hope the holidays will bring a much needed break.
BlogusVox said…
Kaya mo yan, sheng. Okay lang yan. Blogging is just an emotional outlet for me. I don't put it ahead of my other priorities.
docgelo said…
better than busy than lazy with nothing to do. but of course, we're on the same boat that we get tired every now and then. so breathe and seize the day! :)

smile, sheng! weekend is just around the corner...
kg said…
don't forget to rest sheng!

happy weekend!
Eds said…
we're on the same boat sheng. goodluck to us!

happy weekend!
Rence said…
Congratulations for being nominated in The Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao!!! More power.

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