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Experiencing Good Sleep and Bath at Elai Hotel and Resort

The way Elai Hotel and Resort arranges their lobby is an eye candy to me. Very pleasing to the eyes unlike some hotels I have been to with my not-so-many-hotel-accommodations I have experienced. Elai Hotel and Resort seems different from them.
At Elai Hotel, I had a good sleep, everything seemed so cool, the cozy room with its intricate designs, the friendly staff, and the soft bed that I slept on. Maybe because the hotel is still new, and it has a scent favorable to the nose unlike some hotels that smell of soap and Downy, and sprayed with air fresheners.     I really love to sleep on their bed, I swear, you'd love it there.
But look! This is my favorite part of the lobby, I reckon these are the collections of the owner, and her collections are really amazing pieces of china and glass, goes with great color picks as well.
I cannot tell you how comfortable a stay with Elai Hotel and Resort is, I just want you to know that I enjoyed every second of my time spent in their hotel…

Service Deluxe at Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City

I have never been outside the country and even though I am itching to go with my family, I just can't because some more trivial matters need to be faced and it will cost me more than money to just go and splurge on something as exciting as a foreign trip. However, I have been blessed with some local trips due to my work, and with these trips I have, I am discovering more of the Philippines and what beauty it exudes.   

This is the place where we stayed for one night in Kidapawan City. Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City is a new hotel and opened only June 28, 2012 and we from the DOLE are their first guests. Meaning, we have the first dips in their glorious clean pool, rested our heads on their majestic beds, and enjoyed ourselves on their clean baths.

How I wish I brought my family with me here, but of course I will for as long as I have the opportunity to take some time off from work. The place is really beautiful, clean and they have a set of attendants ready to help with…

Just for Laughs

As seen on TV.
O siya, tama na ang tawanan, mag-comment na! LOL

15 Things to LOVE About South Cotabato, My Hometowm

As if it is not yet obvious for its constituents, what's really refreshing to think and like about South Cotabato is the laid-back lifestyle this province can offer despite its growing, developing pace to modernization. I have stayed within South Cotabato since elementary, and I have learned to appreciate every nook there is in this province. Below are the best things I am so proud of in this hometown of mine.

1. AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS - Nothing beats the freshness of the products here, from the yummiest fruits especially pineapples, healthy veggies, to the tastiest tilapia, there is no question, those who stay long in the area are careful enough not to tell their waistlines that they have devoured the best food there is in South Cotabato.
2.  PEOPLE - The province shelters very friendly people who are more than willing to share with you their time and their humble homes just to make you feel special.

3. CULTURE - The rich culture of South Cotabato can never be equaled by other pr…

Give Fish A Chance

General Santos City is actually tagged as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Not anymore, I guess, because we are getting less and less tuna here in our country. Probably because we have more boats and less of the fish.
The Soccsksargen Bloggers met with Greenpeace Asia to talk about this topic, the decrease of the fish hatch, and the traffic of huge fishing vessels in the ocean, bringing about limited or decreasing fish tonnage in our tuna industry.
I am quite frustrated at the fact that the indicators of the decline in the tuna or fish quality are very much obvious to this moment. I remember having seen large tuna, and eating really big fishes for less pesos that we shell out, but now, it seems to be the other way around, more moolah you pay and you get bigger fish. 
We were also made to notice that the sizes of fish we have now are smaller than what we have during the 80's or the 90's.
Not that Greenpeace is closing down the Tuna Industry, because a lot of people are liv…

Just Having a Little Fun

My Independence Day turned quite exciting as I had to join a photoblogging seminar/workshop with the famous Jojie Alcantara of Davao Sunstar. She's one of the best photographers I really admire because of her wits and her joviality when it comes to teaching the basics of photography. It was the second time I had to be under her scrutinizing eyes, or my photos to be exact. And I think I have learned a lot, through the fun and laughter that's captured our June 12.
It was more than a day of finding the best subjects, the best place to include leading lines, background and foreground, symmetry, rule of thirds and many more. It was a fun day as well for posing to different cameras. It was my first, albeit not the professional type of photo-shoot as I was just having fun with the other photographer participants. At least, my holiday was not spent researching on tax extension information.
Armed with my husband's camera, I simply followed all the rules embodied in the Top Ten R…

A Different Kind of Coke, Our Stress-Reliever

Just when everybody seems to be heavily sedated, she comes up to us and licks our faces, trying to wake us up in the morning, and telling us we're going to be late if we hasten not. 
Coke is not our only pet, we have two. I named another one Bella, just because I want to. And I (we) named her Coke because we love to drink the softdrink that also bears her name. 
We have been enjoying her licks, and you ask me if she's vaccinated? Yes, our Coke has completed her pet medications, from vaccinations to anti-rabies. This year, we will also be bringing her to the vet for a couple of shots, but Coke is just as active as ever, she is loved by my kids, and my kids enjoy her presence, even if it means having to wash Coke every weekend when it should have been a lazy day.
I just cleaned her house, and I'm pretty tired but if it's for Coke, it's a good thing! She's a great stress relief! Pets are good stress relievers, agree?

Never Too Busy for Mother Earth

I've been too busy to blog lately. I have a couple of talks here and there and sometimes, several programs and services of the department need to be catered to through meetings and brainstorming activities. June was a whirlwind and the next weeks of July will also be one. 

I do not know if I am ever going to be a good mother this time because my work has been eating up my time lately, and I have to succumb because I need to, it is my responsibility.
But thanks to friends who are there to lift me up when I am so downtrodden, thanks to family who supports me even if I  have limited time with them.I draw my strength from my family, and I know that I can do things because God strengthens me. 
Last week, the City of Koronadal spearheaded the 2nd Tree Growing Festival which we from the DOLE are enjoined to participate. Even if we are too busy, I did not lose the opportunity to join in the activity. I am pleased that going up the altitude of 541 feet above sea level, I carried myself wit…