Experiencing Good Sleep and Bath at Elai Hotel and Resort

The way Elai Hotel and Resort arranges their lobby is an eye candy to me. Very pleasing to the eyes unlike some hotels I have been to with my not-so-many-hotel-accommodations I have experienced. Elai Hotel and Resort seems different from them.

At Elai Hotel, I had a good sleep, everything seemed so cool, the cozy room with its intricate designs, the friendly staff, and the soft bed that I slept on. Maybe because the hotel is still new, and it has a scent favorable to the nose unlike some hotels that smell of soap and Downy, and sprayed with air fresheners.    
I really love to sleep on their bed, I swear, you'd love it there.

But look! This is my favorite part of the lobby, I reckon these are the collections of the owner, and her collections are really amazing pieces of china and glass, goes with great color picks as well.

I cannot tell you how comfortable a stay with Elai Hotel and Resort is, I just want you to know that I enjoyed every second of my time spent in their hotel. And no, this post is not a paid ad for Elai Hotel. I just want you all to know what I have experienced from their hotel. It was really Service Deluxe for me. 

I know you may have experienced hotels better than this one, more costly than this one, grander than Elai Hotel, but can you blame me if I'm simply in love with this place?


Kayni said…
Gusto ko yong display cabinet nila, pati yong mga collection nila.
kg said…
i like to lobby too! maaliwalas. :)
Ibyang said…
once in a while you do find a place where you'll feel comfortable. the place may seem simple compared to 5 star resorts but the good sleep you had is more luxurious and that's what's important.
docgelo said…
it may be simple looking but i honestly like its cleanliness and the little details in the interiors.

sheng, unsolicited advice : you may create an account in tripadvisor then post the same review of this hotel there, tapos lagay mo link to your blog. :)
bertN said…
Wow! The Kidapawan that I remember in the mid '60s was a sleepy, dusty town with no overnight facilities for travelers.
sheng said…
@ibyang: Nice hotel talaga siya.

@Kayni: Same tayo ng gusto sa kanila.

@docGelo: Mas magaganda naman yung mga hotels na napasukan at natirnhan mo na! ;-)

@KG: Di ba ang ganda?

@bertN: The Kidapawan that you know is long gone! Hehehe... you should visit it one day soon!
onyxx said…
the place looks great. inviting, too. hmmm...
Ems Aujero said…
Can you give me an idea on their room rates? i'd really appreciate it. thanks
Anonymous said…
how much ang kanilang rates??

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