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Blissful Moments of January

"Everything comes in its own perfect time."

I have always believed in this saying. And what better timing is NOW! In a recent post, I have told you of my/our desire to have a laptop.

This is not a luxury for us, but a need. Our small business is in need of this thing because we can always upload stuffs taken by our precious camera, given this. We have been into a lot of lay-out services for a lot of people lately, and while we are at it, we also do some stuffs for leisure, like playing online games along with the kids, and trying to add more knowledge to them through Encarta.

Just seven days after I have posted it here, Hubby's Kuya Allan came home from Iloilo, and gave my hubby this thing of beauty! Oh my, just after seven days! I was so happy that time and I still am because my prayer has been answered.

The thing is, Kuya Allan bought this beauty December 27, 2008, and he was given a new laptop days after he bought this. He got this for P34, 000 and we will only be paying…

Meme Me For Honesty

It is a great honor to be tagged by blogger friends who continue to pay visits to my blog regularly. I know some of them know me already and some of this honest scraps I will share to you have been posted a long while back here, but here are some more of them I would like to share.

So for Jo of Wits and Nuts, Garando of Balut and Natto, and Blogusvox of The Sandbox, here's my piece of honest scraps. Teehee!

1. I hate Math. When I was in college, I almost failed my Calculus. My professor gave me an additional exam, for me to upgrade my grade status into one a little convincing to be given 3.0 as passing grade.

2. I can devour a 2-inches thick book in 2-3 hours, with nothing else to do but just that: Read!

3. I hate talong (eggplants) and sitaw (string beans). I dunno why, but this is really the foods that my stomach cannot accept.

4. I always eat before I take a bath especially in the mornings before I go to work.

5. I am a 2nd year law student, still. I studied law 3 years ago, until I…

That I was Born for You, It is Written in the Stars

A few days from now, ahhhhh, it is February again, the love month, my favorite month of the year. This month of the year has never failed to make me happy. For two reasons, first is that, seven days before Valentine's day is my birthday, and second, of course, the most awaited Valentine's Day!

Hubby and I have been consistently celebrating the Day of Hearts with just simple dinner dates and sometimes coupled with a nice movie afterwards. I smile when I remember him bringing me a basket of flowers, cards that truly touched my heart and made me cry, some cute jokes just to make my day light and bubbly. It is actually a matter of choice on being happy on this much awaited day of lovers, but this year, I would love to make this day of hearts, extra special for me, and the love of my life and king of my heart.

Passing along the streets of General Santos would make you stop and stare at the big signage displayed at street corners:
{Click image for a larger view}

WOW! David Pomeranz! Thi…

The Photographer's Wife (2)

Crazy as we are with the beach in Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, here are some more pics I would like to share with you in continuation with the first part of this post.

sunset (if 3pm is already sunset), and vines in the area

happy couple indulged in the serenity of the place

my ever dependable pair of Adidas slippers

starfishes, they are plenty in the beach, especially during low tide

and teens doing beach activities

starfishes, up close

and a floating log tossed back and forth by the waves

the lifeguard

rockscapes are nice in Gumasa

and there's some logs, a dead mangrove tree to be exact

We saw some men spear-fishing, but this one's holding the bait.

the nearby mountainous area, umm, taken by me, and using my point-and-shoot camera.

Nice place, Gumasa really is, so visit this place and be enchanted!

The Photographer's Wife (1)

It was last Sunday. He woke me up at 2.30 am. And so I stretched and yawned and readied myself for the day. The friend gave us a wake-up call. Time to get ready. They will pick us up before 3 am. And so we walked to the national highway. It was so early that no sign of transportation was available yet. And when we reached the highway, night people were many, getting ready for the new day, stores and bakeries were open at 3am, and we grabbed a pack of pandesal.

Soon, the friend was there, with his wife, and the family driver. They, with us tagging along, will drive our way to Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province to catch the sunrise. What? To catch the sunrise?

Yes, this is the first time I joined hubby in his quest for taking shots at landscapes. He has been doing some photo-shoots at some places, festivals, and some macro shots too, but this was the first time I was disturbed in my sleep to just accompany him there. Of course, the kids could not be disturbed at 3am so we decided to let the…

A Doggy Post

Dogs are man's best friends.

And we have three of them in our house.

And even if these three dogs annoy me at times because of their whining, and the food budget they add up to our list, still we cannot do away without them.

They give us protection, especially at night. They guard our small house from evil doers, and we have been treating these dogs like family. We feed them twice, or even thrice each day, and we take the time to look for bones in the grocery to cook for them. Yes, we cook them their food.

This is Hagrid. He is named as such because of my favorite character, aside from Harry, in the Harry Potter series. Cool right, he has whiskers too, and this all the more adds up in his name.

Alice, as this stout doggy is called, she is a favorite, she is the naughtiest among the pack. We sometimes have broken slippers because of her gnashing teeth. She is not really tied all day long, but we try to educate them in their toilet activities that's why she is tied up in the p…

Choose Now...for a Better Philippines

The Philippines will have to choose another ruler this coming 2010. Yes, and we better choose very well, or all hell breaks loose, ugh! Sad... but true.

Did you receive any calendar from our hopeful presidentiables?

As early as now, there are already a lot of intentions echoing in our political scenery. These presidentiables have already been into the scenario once, or has been in the political arena for a number of years. Many of them has been longing to take the seat from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

And what have they shared to us, have they done anything to make this country a better Philippines?

This post I am making today is a query as to who your choice is. Of course, whoever wins as the ruler of the country will have a lot to sacrifice for. The Philippine politics is a dirty game, and whoever wins this, I hope plays clean in order to achieve the goal our country has been longing for: PEACE.

Not world peace yet, although that is an impossibility as of the moment, just Philippine PEACE.


Oh My Gulay!

When I was a kid, I hated veggies. For me, it felt so yucky and I just couldn't muster up the strength to swallow it. Until I went to college, the room I had was full of canned goodies my Mom scoops up in my bag to bring to our boarding house, in case I'd be too lazy to go to the cafeteria to eat. My friends eat at the nearby kiosk and they get to eat ampalaya with egg and pinakbet, but I always order adobong chicken or afritada. I really don't like vegetables.

I HATE Veggies!


Not until I realized I could die not having it. When I got married, I learned to whip things up in the kitchen and that includes those green leafy vegetables that once felt ultimately yucky in my tongue. I have learned to make my own version of pinakbet (though not as good as my Dad's, my Mom does not cook so well, *grin*). I have forced myself to eat green leafy veggies especially malunggay, saluyot, pechay, cabbage and root crops like carrots and potatoes.

Today, my day is incomplete without h…

JUSTICE in a long hiatus

At a Rape Case Trial

Judge:This court requests the accused to stand up. Defendant is hereby requested to stand up.

The accused stood up, a senior citizen, using a cane to support his fragile body.

(People whispering behind backs, looking for the defendant.)

After a few minutes, a young woman stood up.

Judge: Are you the accused?

Accused: Yes, your Honor.

Judge: Are you the defendant?

Young Woman: No, your Honor, it was my grandmother who was raped by the accused. My mother is the fruit of that unfortunate event, and soon after, Mother bore a child and it was me.


Three generations, and it was only then that JUSTICE was given. This is how the Justice System here in our country operates. It is sad to know that the Department of (In)Justice functions at a turtle pace, one which can be fully condemned by the people involved in such a case. Considering my little knowledge of the Philippine Law, it is those trying times that we can fully nag and curse our Justice System, the Supreme Court and ot…