Choose Now...for a Better Philippines

The Philippines will have to choose another ruler this coming 2010. Yes, and we better choose very well, or all hell breaks loose, ugh! Sad... but true.

Did you receive any calendar from our hopeful presidentiables?

As early as now, there are already a lot of intentions echoing in our political scenery. These presidentiables have already been into the scenario once, or has been in the political arena for a number of years. Many of them has been longing to take the seat from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

And what have they shared to us, have they done anything to make this country a better Philippines?

This post I am making today is a query as to who your choice is. Of course, whoever wins as the ruler of the country will have a lot to sacrifice for. The Philippine politics is a dirty game, and whoever wins this, I hope plays clean in order to achieve the goal our country has been longing for: PEACE.

Not world peace yet, although that is an impossibility as of the moment, just Philippine PEACE.

Judging from the number of presidents who has run this country, who amongst our presidentiables do you think is deserving of the term: President?

Manny Villar

Noli de Castro

Mar Roxas

Loren Legarda

Ping Lacson

Kiko Pangilinan

Richard Gordon

Joseph Estrada

The list includes those who have been lurking the bloody waters of presidentiables for 2010 elections. Rant or rave, you can do it here, whatever you want to say regarding this people.

Let me know what you think of them.

Just a reminder: Choose Well For a Better Philippines!


kg said…
Ako kay Noli de Castro, kasi same surname kami...he! he! joke!

honestly, as of now, wala akong gusto sa kanila. I don't know. maybe i'm having hard time trusting politicians nowadays...
BlogusVox said…
The lesser evil, if I have no choice but to choose among whom you have presented. But practically speaking, I prefer somebody who has an economic or business background. I don't mind if he governs with an iron fist as long as he uplifts our situation towards economic prosperity. A man who has the acumen of Lee Kwan Yu. I hope Villar or Gordon has that kind of character.
bursky said…
If only Juan Flavier would run for President, he'd get my vote. I'll probably abstain this next election. grrr...
witsandnuts said…
I remember when we went to the Giant Lantern Fest as Part of Kapampangan Tour, they were distributing paper fans wherein Dick Gordon's face is printed. Heehee. I didn't pay attention to it. Just now I realized he's aiming for the highest seat.
Blue Rose said…
very timing ha! we discussed about the presidentiables over lunch today. wala lang napag-uusapan lang palibhasa'y nakasalalay din sa president ang aming trabaho. and medyo lumutang ang name ni de castro and villar.
TPS said…
Wala si Binay?
Sinta said…
I don't know the majority of those candidates, and those that I do no, all I can think of is: NO!

*sigh* Who is the lesser evil?
Garando said…
I used to have a lot of respect for Mar Roxas in 2002. He was a good economist, and I didn't see him act like a "TRAPO" at that time.
But I wasn't impressed with what he's been getting himself into lately. So I'm afraid I have no vote until after I see these douchebags slugging it out in a public debate.
Garando said…
Btw, I already prepared a shoe in case Estrada wins. Need to practice my aim na lang...
dyosa said…
I'd go for the lesser evil. I just pray that Filipinos will vote "wisely" now.
Rico said…
Siguro si Loren. Kasi sa list mo sya lang maganda, hehe
I used to like Noli and Mar. Pero as time goes by, parang they're becoming like those politicians that I dislike. I guess playing a dirty game does make one dirty. Gordon has potential. He did a lot of good things while still in Olongapo, but now, ewan lang.
Honestly wala pa kong napipili.
Anonymous said…
i'd like loren legarda or ping lacson to win the presidency, they are both educated, smart,very dedicated, genius. nxt would be manny villar, mar roxas, kiko pangilinan, they are very educated as well. ang babaw naman non si noli de castro, vice ng pilipinas tumayo pa sa ring nong nanalo si pacquiao laban kay de la hoya. gusto ko ung matatalino mamuno sa pinas. kasi presidente ng america laging matalino.
incoherent said…
I like Richard Gordon.

I hope Legarda gets nowhere near 10 votes or whatever if she ends up running for the 2010 presidential elections. Don't like her.

PS. Sheng, this is Jen of I moved again. :D Sorry!
the donG said…
i hope that people will base their votes on the credibility and programs that each presidentiable should present. it's not about the vision, it's about the action that people shouldn't miss.
glenville said…
ack! wala bang hindi trapo? yung mala-obama (not jobama), hehehe.

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