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First Off, Wash Hands!

Well, I guess I was not washing my hands well or I forgot to wash my hands that's why I got this flu. But then, here's a little reminder for us. Swine flu can be prevented, and as to how, get back to the basics! Wash hands!

A delicious warm pizza, a good-luck gem, or a friendly pat on the pet dog are just a few of the presents kids love to bring home to Mom and Dad. But behind these adorable gifts, millions of germs could be lurking.

Kids don't always listen when you tell them to wash their hands before eating, but it's a message worth repeating. Hand washing is by far the best way to prevent germs from spreading and to keep your kids from getting sick.

Germs can be transmitted in many ways, including:

* touching dirty hands
* changing dirty diapers
* through contaminated water and food
* through droplets released during a cough or a sneeze
* via contaminated surfaces
* through contact with a sick person's body fluids
* via handrails and other things you are to…

Sick Days Suck

For those visiting my place, you may have noticed my long silence. It's just that I am so sick. It all started when we were busy preparing for a family outing, we did the groceries last Friday, i did all the cooking and the food preparation so i was so darn tired and stressed the whole day last Saturday.

I dunno what happened to me but I was sore all over, my body does not seem to cooperate, I have sore throat, and I am suffering from splitting headaches.

Haaaaay...when the bug bites, it saddens me, so I might be away for a few days, i don't want to contaminate the blogosphere...

For the mornings, since I have sore throat, I just want pancakes...

You want? Yummeh!

A New Way of Scouting

When i was in grade two, i had my first try at camping and scouting. It was the best scouting I have ever experienced. Since it was the first, it was awful at first, that for the first time, my lola was not with me in our sleep, but i was with classmates and other campers trying to figure out life on our own, with the aid of our scout masters and our instincts.

Scouting today is very different. There was this camping/scouting event at a school near our house, a few months back and we had a chance to see the campers and their activities inside. We had to compare today's camping activities from what we have experienced.

1. Before: I remember having to wake up early because of the blasting siren, and all has to stretch and wash and prepare for the day's activities.

Now: There's the scoutmaster shouting and waking up the campers, and there's the yaya (househelp) nudging the campers to move their butts and prepare. Ugh.

2. Before: I remember having to look for firewood to use…

Jammin' at Jams

Last Friday was a nice day for us to be relaxing. It was also a very cool day to be jamming with some visitors from Davao. They were bloggers we have already met during the DFAT and Zipline Outland Adventure in Maa, Davao City. Two of them were here to judge a certain resort's Bikini Open 2009.

After they were fetched from the terminal, we met at Genee's, introduced ourselves with each other before we proceeded to...

Located at Nunez St., Prk. Malakas, General Santos City

Jam's Entrance Hall

The place is so warm and cozy, well-lighted, a very attractive resto a few minutes out of the city's busy business perimeters.

With well-manicured and nicely decorated garden, Jam's offers a great way
to spend a relaxing time after a long stressful day.

We were welcomed with this scenery, meaning, food is at hand. The owner, Madam Sol Mananquil is in the tuna fishing industry for years and has been dealing with tuna customers in the Gensan fishport in the mornings, a queen in the tuna…

Thank you's and a lot more...

To all who sympathized with what I and my family has been through last Holy Week, thank you very much. I am very thankful that I have friends like you who are more than willing to lend an ear but also to give me spiritual uplifting in my down times. I am just so thrilled that I have a lot of you to tell me nice words in order to cheer me up in such a trying time.

I am so over it, I know it will not benefit me if I dwell with what we lost, so I and my family have decided to move on with our lives, and try to earn more, and save again to regain that which was lost. A thousand times have I thought of why these bad people could not have come up with things more moral to do, than take away other's stuffs. Well, it's life I guess, there are just people who don't understand the value of hard work and just too lazy to work for what they need. Another man's loss is another man's gain.

But thanks so much to all of you, you have cheered me up and made strong. Your prayers are …

All Instant

I am so tired. The Holy Week was holy for others but not for some evil minded people who don't have the heart to repent and for the holy week reflect on God's mercy, rather, they go about snatching things and stuffs away from people and getting them for their own selfish desires.

The last weeks of March happened to be a very busy one for me and my hubby, we were busy printing certificates for graduating students in our place, and some souvenir programs have been making our time for kids and family super limited. Yes, sure money, because if not for the earnings we would get, we won't be limiting our sleep to 2 hours only if not for the desire to grant our family the much needed comfort we can ever give them.

After April 3, we have enjoyed longer sleeps, we have promised some bonding moments with the kids and so we went out to watch Monsters vs Aliens, and did some mall shopping.

I was actually looking forward for the Holy Week because it is a long holiday here in our country, …

Tell Me a Love Story

Tell me a love story greater than His love for us, and I am sure that that one could never encompass the love Jesus has shown us, a gift for humanity - His life.

When I was still a child, I wondered what is the meaning of the cross that I see in churches. I was then very small that I could not understand what the old folks have been trying to let me know.

But when I grew older, I have already understood that I was and am a sinner and He is the one who shed His blood to wash away my sins.

This Holy Week, let us join the Christian world in celebrating God's goodness. I am so awed by His love for me that Lent in the Philippines is not only a reason for rejoicing because of the long holidays but the day to rejoice and reflect on God's unconditional love for us.

I am so blessed the previous year and this year, a clear manifestation of God's love for me and my family. A proof that His love for us is way beyond borders of sin, that even if we do things unpleasing in His sight, still…

A Decade After

Ten years ago today, April 2, I graduated in college. I marched my way to get my diploma in this gymnasium. I was given a round of applause by my friends and family, and I remember having fun years of PE classes here.

The school's main entrance where jeepneys pass and make ikot in the whole campus. I remember when this road was not cemented yet, and we were covering our heads with tubao, or bandanna. Lucky for me because I do not pass this entrance because there's some wing entrance areas that are capable of entrance and exits to students and motorcycles; that one near the flat where i stay. The building you see is called Y building because of its structure, this is the administrative building where we line up for payments of tuition (which I don't pay at all, being a priviledged student). You can just imagine how long the walks are when you are in our school. From buildings to buildings, you have to suffer walking a good distance of 500 meters or more just to get to your …