The Photographer's Wife (1)

It was last Sunday. He woke me up at 2.30 am. And so I stretched and yawned and readied myself for the day. The friend gave us a wake-up call. Time to get ready. They will pick us up before 3 am. And so we walked to the national highway. It was so early that no sign of transportation was available yet. And when we reached the highway, night people were many, getting ready for the new day, stores and bakeries were open at 3am, and we grabbed a pack of pandesal.

Soon, the friend was there, with his wife, and the family driver. They, with us tagging along, will drive our way to Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province to catch the sunrise. What? To catch the sunrise?

Yes, this is the first time I joined hubby in his quest for taking shots at landscapes. He has been doing some photo-shoots at some places, festivals, and some macro shots too, but this was the first time I was disturbed in my sleep to just accompany him there. Of course, the kids could not be disturbed at 3am so we decided to let them sleep and leave them with the lola.

It was very cold, and my jeans were still feeling the entire coldness and dampness of the wee mornings. It was fogging as we drove our way there.

Another friend texted the friend, he was coming along, and behind us is another car approaching. It was him. So there, we were six.

We reached Rosal Beach Resort at 4.30. It was very cold and the guards were so surprised of our coming at that very early morning.

We prepared the cottage and the table for a coffee session, before everything starts. While there, the boys, the photographers I mean, were already setting up their gadgets, and all things needed for the most awaited sunrise.

Drats! It was too cloudy, that explained the mist we were enveloped in. And so, no good sunrise shots.

But of course, Gumasa is well known for the fine white sand beach, and said to be the second Boracay if it will be developed in due time.

So, being the photographer's wife, I instantly became a model and at the same time "tripod-carrier" of my hubby's camera paraphernalias.

Here's some shots of the beautiful Gumasa Beach I would like to share with you.

a taste of Gumasa sunrise

and sunset

the long fine white sand beach, Gumasa

black or white?

Here's the other photographer

and the other photographer's wife.

rockscapes in Gumasa

a sleepy shot

We found a cute hermit crab. They are actually abundant in the beach,

and some fast crawling small white crabs too!


I carried the tripod, prepared the food, suggested some nice views to shoot, and supported the hubby. Doing that is an adventure, a bonding that I could never forget. It is always good that partners support each other especially in their hobbies. Hubby supports me too, in everything I do, provided it is for a good cause.

The friend's wife was very supportive too, she prepared all the food they brought to the beach, slept so little before the trip, and was carrying the long tripod as well.

Feels good to be a photographer's wife, very time-consuming but very interesting. As he clicks his cam, I get to learn doing photography as well.

It was a beautiful adventure in Gumasa, we have more cool shots, but I have reserved it for another post. Meanwhile, please enjoy this post.


mordsith said…
i like the F-R-I-E-N-D-S shot, maybe better even if there was a good sunrise shot. haha.

hmmm.. are you a rachel, a monica, or a phoebe? :)
kg said…
nice pictures! and beautiful wives! :)

looks like nag-enjoy talaga kayo lahat! have a great day sheng! :)
Nanaybelen said…
nice photos. and you are the model a.

BTW Sheng i posted already about carbonara sauce. Hope you will like it
med said…
nice shoot. iba talaga ang Boracay.
Blue Rose said…
nice pictures! i particularly love the "other photographer's wife" picture and the "friends" picture.
witsandnuts said…
I liked the takes of hermit crab and friends. Looking forward to the other shots.
Rico said…
That beach looks beautiful, parang Bora nga. Fine sand din ba? Parang okay mag invest dyan ah!
Jeanny said…
Nice shots sheng. Grabe aga ng gising nyo hirap nun ah....cguro that time patulog pa lang kami ni hubz...heheheh.

javaqueen14 said…
The photo's are breathtaking! Oh, the beach looks fantastic- the hermit crab and white crab close up are neat! You are an excellent model and I love the last pic of you with all of your friends, looks like a nice day!
Heart of Rachel said…
Thanks for sharing these great and fun shots. I'm sure waking up early for that adventure was worth it. It's amazing to witness the sunrise and the sunset.

It's great that you support your hubby's passion for photography.
witsandnuts said…
Hi Sheng, my second comment for this post. Just to let you know of the award for you here:
Lantaw said…
my wife can relate to this! she's my assistant when we went to Gumasa :D. I'm going to steal Ric away for sunrise and sunset shots when I get back home sa Holy Week :D
Alice Teh said…
Nice photos, Sheng!

For my case, it's the other way round: The Photographer's Husband. LOL.
upto6only said…
Hi thanks for visiting my site and for dropping a comment.

love the F-R-I-E-N-D-S shot it's so cool :)
BlogusVox said…
Aba sheng, maganda nga yang beach nyo. Sayang ano. If only its not near the "confict" it has potential as a tourist destination.
Perky said…
Nice photos. Thanks for sharing them with us! :D
Kayni said…
i love sunsets and the sea. great shots!
jborela said…
Hi, sheng!

wow, grabe, nice shots!

Hats off ako sa inyo ng hubby mo!

Keep it up!
glenville said…
oooh, i like your gumasa adventure! nice shots.
princess_dyanie said…
natawa naman ako dun sa sleepy shot hehe. kung sabagay ang aga ng 230am he hehe :P
Lawstude said…
in behalf of all the photographers in the world, we thank you for understanding our passion and bearing with us in this endevour. thank you.
REDLAN said…
wow, happy adventure ah. group adventure pa. i like the sunset photo.

aabangan ko ang part 2 nito.
iluvgreen said…
hi sheng, nice shots grabe, yan yung gusto ko ma learn soon. i so love the photo of the white cutie crab.
the donG said…
gumasa and sarangani is on top of my list to visit this year! these photos makes me excited.

cool ng group ah!
teeni said…
Oh, what wonderful photos! I love the cute little crabs! And you are adorable, leaning on the tripod! I absolutely LOVE the last shot of FRIENDS! ;) That is a great memory. :)
ark said…
Maganda nga jan. I've been to that place last December 2007.

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