Give Fish A Chance

General Santos City is actually tagged as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Not anymore, I guess, because we are getting less and less tuna here in our country. Probably because we have more boats and less of the fish.

The Soccsksargen Bloggers met with Greenpeace Asia to talk about this topic, the decrease of the fish hatch, and the traffic of huge fishing vessels in the ocean, bringing about limited or decreasing fish tonnage in our tuna industry.

I am quite frustrated at the fact that the indicators of the decline in the tuna or fish quality are very much obvious to this moment. I remember having seen large tuna, and eating really big fishes for less pesos that we shell out, but now, it seems to be the other way around, more moolah you pay and you get bigger fish. 

We were also made to notice that the sizes of fish we have now are smaller than what we have during the 80's or the 90's.

Not that Greenpeace is closing down the Tuna Industry, because a lot of people are living their means in fishing, but we can resort to other methods of fishing where we can limit the by-catch, meaning we catch the bigger ones, and keeping the juvenile fishes in the ocean for growing.Now this is more like sustainable fishing. At least, we still have fishes to catch when the time comes. 

This is true, our fishes need a chance to grow before we can catch them and consume them. Some of these fishes being caught by our purseiners just go to waste because they have lesser value than the bigger ones. This being said, let's resort to more conscience-wise fishing. Other methods, like pole and line fishing, perhaps?


BlogusVox said…
We may put a moratorium on tuna fishing but what about those japanese trawlers and chinese fishing boats? Will they abide by it?
kg said…
sad to say it's all about the money... wawa naman oceans natin.
Reena said…
oo nga. we overfish our seas. our marine resources need to be replenished. responsible fishing and awareness on this is very impt. thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…

Need your help.

Pede nimo ma reply dire ang phone number sa The Professional Group Insurance diha naga opisina duol sa Oval Plaza or DOLE Gensan sa Pendatun? or ma email sa "" ang info sa TPG... need to contact them...

Appreciate it very much...

daghan kaayong salamat...

Gensan Boi...
sheng said…
@Gensan Boi: I have the number of DOLE Gensan, it's 552-3952. Or do you want the number of TPGI na duol sa DOLE Gensan? Kasi po, walang DOLE Gensan sa Pendatun, nasa Magsaysay Ave siya.

For clarification please.

wow.. so sorry to have missed this mtg with greenpeace and thanks for giving us this insight. let's pray that everyone will do their part so that our children and their children will still get to enjoy abundance of seafood when their time comes.

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