Just Having a Little Fun

My Independence Day turned quite exciting as I had to join a photoblogging seminar/workshop with the famous Jojie Alcantara of Davao Sunstar. She's one of the best photographers I really admire because of her wits and her joviality when it comes to teaching the basics of photography. It was the second time I had to be under her scrutinizing eyes, or my photos to be exact. And I think I have learned a lot, through the fun and laughter that's captured our June 12.

It was more than a day of finding the best subjects, the best place to include leading lines, background and foreground, symmetry, rule of thirds and many more. It was a fun day as well for posing to different cameras. It was my first, albeit not the professional type of photo-shoot as I was just having fun with the other photographer participants. At least, my holiday was not spent researching on tax extension information.

Armed with my husband's camera, I simply followed all the rules embodied in the Top Ten Rules for Photography, but I realize I have no such eyes for photography as compared to my husband's. He simply captures the best photos even if he's not really into it. Such skills and talent I envy.
My day went good, not because I was with friends, neither because I had to pose for friends' cameras but because I had fun learning, and I wasted my day not by cracking my brain on how to file a tax extension. Do you think I'd be a photographer someday, or even able to show you some good photographs? Sigh. It is but wishful thinking, but yes, posing for the camera(s) is really fun!

Thanks to Sir Hecky Minoza for this picture! It was nice a pleasure to pose for you and Ariel.



kg said…
wow sheng...di ka lang pang photography...pwede ka din sa modeling! :)
SunnyToast said…
Ang cute teh! bonggels! agree ako pwde kana rin subject for high fashion para mas bonggels to the max:)
sheng said…
@KG: Magkaibigan talaga tayo! Hahaha

@SunnyToast: You bet it was fun, and yung pag pose ko, cute-cutean ang drama teh, walang kaeffort-effort yan, hahaha.
Eds said…
hanep naman sa pose. love it!
Andy David said…
Visiting from Colors and Grays.

I am useless when it comes to taking photographs, but give me paper and pen and I can create magic straight from the heart. Nice photo! Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn..
Anonymous said…
Ikaw na ang mowdel...pwede pwedeng na :)
Anonymous said…
Ikaw na ang mowdel...pwede pwedeng na :)
Olivr said…
photography has been a frustration for me. soon i'll buy my own camera and achieve this dream. haha
Photo Cache said…
you are natural model so why hide behind the lens :)

i don't follow the rules, heck i don't know the rules. i really should learn photography the right way.
Anonymous said…
cover girl sheng! nice!

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