Never Too Busy for Mother Earth

I've been too busy to blog lately. I have a couple of talks here and there and sometimes, several programs and services of the department need to be catered to through meetings and brainstorming activities. June was a whirlwind and the next weeks of July will also be one. 

I do not know if I am ever going to be a good mother this time because my work has been eating up my time lately, and I have to succumb because I need to, it is my responsibility.

But thanks to friends who are there to lift me up when I am so downtrodden, thanks to family who supports me even if I  have limited time with them.I draw my strength from my family, and I know that I can do things because God strengthens me. 

Last week, the City of Koronadal spearheaded the 2nd Tree Growing Festival which we from the DOLE are enjoined to participate. Even if we are too busy, I did not lose the opportunity to join in the activity. I am pleased that going up the altitude of 541 feet above sea level, I carried myself with less tension, and I was empowered even though we had to wake up at 3am because the tree planting started at 4:30 in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a struggle getting up, but I managed to bring myself up and shower, but the fulfillment of planting trees (planted more than fifty) cannot be equaled. And I'm gonna do it as often as I could, for the next generation! 


You're looking good, Sheng!
sheng said…
@Scientist in the Kitchen: Thanks Gay, I miss you! The kids have been asking about you too!
Anonymous said…
i wish tree planting activities will be aggressively pursued by all towns in the country. indeed it is for the next generation. when i saw the man made forest in bohol i was blown away and i thought if they could do it there why not everywhere? so great job here sheng, thumbs up for mother nature :D
BlogusVox said…
Dami mong activity, sheng. Ngayon naman, tree planting.
Visual Velocity said…
What you're doing is admirable. Here's to planting more trees in the future. :-)
Photo Cache said…
i would hope that activities such as tree planting would be mandatory to all schools.

we need to wake up and plant trees now before it's too late.
kg said…
god for you sheng! at least kahit busy ka you have time for good causes!

don't forget to take a breather!
docgelo said…
mabuhay ka sheng for being an earthsaver! more than 50 trees? dami noon ha! applause!

i read somewhere a chinese proverb that in order to live a fulfilling life, one should become a parent, write a book (does keeping a blog counts?) and plant a tree. bingo ka sa 3 kaya congratz!

may your tribe increase. :)
happy weekend, sheng!
Phioxee said…
wow you're so active. mommy pa, working woman pa, mother earth advocate pa. ano pa? blogger pa. grabeh. starting to love your blogpost.

just me,

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