Service Deluxe at Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City

I have never been outside the country and even though I am itching to go with my family, I just can't because some more trivial matters need to be faced and it will cost me more than money to just go and splurge on something as exciting as a foreign trip. However, I have been blessed with some local trips due to my work, and with these trips I have, I am discovering more of the Philippines and what beauty it exudes.   

This is the place where we stayed for one night in Kidapawan City. Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City is a new hotel and opened only June 28, 2012 and we from the DOLE are their first guests. Meaning, we have the first dips in their glorious clean pool, rested our heads on their majestic beds, and enjoyed ourselves on their clean baths.

How I wish I brought my family with me here, but of course I will for as long as I have the opportunity to take some time off from work. The place is really beautiful, clean and they have a set of attendants ready to help with your every need from extra glass to a cup of coffee. I'd say Elai Hotel and Resort delivers service deluxe to their clients.
Call me ignorant, but it was my first try at a jacuzzi, and it was cool. Steaming bubbles and hot bath, it's a different relaxation for me, and I am glad I was able to visit Elai Hotel and Resort for my first taste of their jacuzzi.

Very relaxing place, with green and manicured lawn, a gazebo where a hammock can be found, where you can drowse your way to sleep because of the crisp cold breeze that will lull you to dreamland. Relieve your stress by having someone to groom your hands using Julep nail art. Whoa! What a great way to enjoy a vacation.

Indeed a home away from home, Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City provides one of the best services a hotel can give you.

But! That's just the pool area. I am actually excited to show you the pool area because it is what attracted me the most. On my next post, I will be featuring the lobby and the bedroom, and what service deluxe we have had in Elai Hotel and Resort in Kidapawan City.



docgelo said…
napa-WOW ako sa mga photos, sheng! nicely taken and the hotel-resort is indeed beautiful!

i hope more establishments like this would sping in the philippines that could keep tourism alive! maintenance is a must.
Ibyang said…
that's a gorgeous-looking resort. looks very clean :)
kg said…
mukhang maganda dyan sheng ha. im sure ag eenjoy mga baat dyaan! :)

PS, asan pic mo sa jacuzzi? haha! joke!
Anonymous said…
Please answer this quetion..

Magkano pohh mag pa exclusive nyan??

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
i have a friend po kinasal jan sa place nyo.. i want it privately..yaw ko dito ...suggestion lng with regards sa management. d lang ako cgurado kung totoo ung narinig ko.
jon@NZ said…
hi there cno po may ari nitong resort do they accept weddings..Pls text me 09993204505…thanks

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