My Childhood Christmas Experiences

Christmas is NEAR!

I can’t wait. As of today, it’s just a few days before Christmas, and it’s actually beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We already decorated our new Christmas tree, and the kids are very happy. This is the first time we have our Christmas tree in our very own home, as we only had a Christmas wreath on our door in the past Christmases. But now that it’s so soon, we had to feel it, because we are very blessed this year, and feeling more Christmas-y is just one way of giving thanks for our family.

Here are some Christmas experiences I had when I was a kid, one thing I’d like to introduce to my kids too.

  • Aguinaldo - is not only Emilio, it’s also the presents one gives or receives during Christmas. During Christmas, Chinese people give ampao with money inside it as “Aguinaldo” for their loved ones. I remember my lola giving me Aguinaldo once, she has to fake being Santa Claus. I caught her putting chips on the socks we hung.
  • Bibingka – Filipino cake made of rice flour and coconut milk which is very popular most especially during simbang gabi or early morning mass during the Christmas season. I love bibingka, one with cheese or salted egg on top.
  • Caroling – one thing we did when we were kids. We had to go from the nearest neighbor to the end of the street singing Christmas songs until they give us a few pesos for the talent we shared. The thing is, my kids have never experienced this yet, and if my kids will experience this, that I do not know.
  • Parol – I used to make my very own parol. Once, I had a teacher who required us to make a parol and as much as I complained, I still had to make one. So, I asked my lolo to create one for me, I got 100% for that job I didn’t do. Aminin ninyo, may mga secrets din kayong tulad nito di ba?
  • Noche Buena – Seriously, our Decembers and New Year are magastos. 1: It’s hubby’s birthday month and it happens just a week before the Christmas Eve. 2: It’s my Dad’s birthday on the 23rd. So, sometimes, we no longer celebrate the birthday but enjoin the three celebrations as one, just during the Christmas Eve. After the New Year, we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday on the 3rd. Whew! What perfect timing, haha.
  • Santa Claus – Last year, I already told my son the truth about Santa Claus. Because he has already reached ten Christmases, I already told him that we, his parents were actually the ones giving him gifts. I hope he understood that, because this year, we are of course giving him gifts, but not because we are still Santa Claus. That secret still remains for the daughter, though.
  • Keso de Bola - A ball of cheese. I am so glad that this is still around. I love keso de bola and I also love ham. These are my favorite treats during Christmas. My kids love keso de bola, so, for sure, there will be another ball this year.
Care to share your Christmas experiences? I’m sure you also have lots. Remember them now so you can share them with us.


Henry said…
Hello po! Pwede ba makipag-exchange link?

dong ho said…
aguinaldo is not just emilio. lol. i like that. i remember joining other kids to do it every night in december.
kg said…
ohhh! christmas na!

i love your list...add ko lang crispies. the smell of new money really makes me think of christmas! hehe!

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