Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0 / Philippine Blog Awards - Mindanao

Another blessing comes!

No, it's not another batch of Christmas bonus, but things have been really good to me these days, minus the tiring days of work. This Saturday, I will be joining the 2nd Blogfest Soccsksargen. Because of blogging, I have made a lot of friends, local and even from distant countries. I am very blessed because of these friendships, some of them giving me pieces of their minds, and some of them laughing with me and ranting with me in my posts.

I am just very happy that because of blogging, I have opened my world to a new level of awareness, a different level of thinking, a different level of concern for the world, and much better than all these, a different and higher level of becoming a person.

Life has been good, in fact, because of blogging, I have overcome my weaknesses, and became more open to positivity. My blogging friends have given me much inspiration because of their comments, and because of their posts, I have become more educated, even learned.

This is the official poster of Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0, and these are the people who will be sharing their knowledge and pieces of their creative minds to the participants this coming Saturday. I am so excited to meet these wonderful minds.

And what's even better is that, this blog, yes, this one, is a nominee to the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao. I do not know how or why but maybe because I have been a good person, so Santa gave me this chance to share my personal experiences, feelings and opinions thru this blog. Here's the link to the complete list of nominees to the Philippine Blog Awards in Mindanao.

I am humbled by this nomination, although I am not expecting anything. I just want people to learn from my blog, like what I have also learned by reading other people's minds thru their blogs.

Thank you for whoever nominated me, I am happy that you trusted me this much to be a part of the list of nominees. My gratefulness to everyone...


docgelo said…
congratulations, sheng! nomination alone in pba is more than enough! you've got fans here in penang (kami iyon-tina, gabby & me!) :)
marian said…
yey congrats sheng i'm happy for you :) galing galing.
zenith said…
Congrats Sheiladear! this blog- stuff of yours is truly great. and honestly Miga, I was so clueless what a blog means till you introduced it to me Ü Kudos're one heaven of a blogger!
Eds said…
yes! congrats sheng. nomination palang panalo na.
bertN said…
kg said…
sosyal kayo! at nominated ka pala? galing! good luck!

enjoy sheng!
dong ho said…
again congratulations Sheng! teka kailangan may blow out pag pumunta ako diyan.

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