Parental Guidance (PG Ratings) : Ignored

Two weeks ago, I was enticed by friends to watch Praybeyt Benjamin although I never really am an avid fan of Filipino films because of their tendency to have predictable endings. My kids who have asked me if they could join me in watching the film were of course rejected for the reason that I saw a PG 13 rating on the poster of Praybeyt Benjamin. But there were lots of kids inside the movie house. And parents tagging small kids along were also a lot.

Last Friday, I had a date with my husband because I was too excited about Breaking Dawn. I decided to watch it on the 8pm schedule. Again, the film has a PG 13 rating, and again, there were so many kids inside the theater house ranging from teens to even toddlers, and it's night time.

Not that I am a strict mom, but as a parent, sometimes we have bad words coming out of our mouths that naturally come out so we have to be careful with everything we say. And they hear that, and even use the same words in their classrooms and who knows who they are facing or conversing with. The same goes to the films they watch. this being said, I do not allow my kids to watch a movie with a rating not suitable for their age. And that is being strictly imposed in my family.

How can these parents be irresponsible with just a simple rule as this one? I mean, there must be a reason why the MTRCB or other screening boards do not encourage the entrance of 12 and younger generation, right? I do not bring any of my kids in a movie which I think will have a different effect on them. True, it may just be a simple movie, but kids are not supposed to view a film with a sexual scene on it or one that's too bloody as hell for them to even watch. They could be viewing a very violent-filled film and the parent who will not educate their children about why the story has come about that scene will for sure create an impression on their children that it is but okey.

I do not know if I am making any sense here but I sure would like to emphasize that PG ratings are parental guidance ratings. They must be followed. Correct me if I am wrong about what I say, but these films with ratings may contain obscene, explicit, or high-profanity words which are being used in them and it is inappropriate for younger children to watch. Besides, why bring your 4 year old toddler in a movie that can barely be understood by even a 10 year old? Makes sense?

I feel bad about parents bringing their toddlers inside the cinema with PG 13 films. I am sure that even if they watch with their children, their eyes will be glued to the screen forgetting about their children and never explaining why it has come to that situation. If that is the case, why bring your young kids? Better leave them at home. Or if you watch in your respective homes, please make sure your kids will hear a good explanation.

Ignored Parental Guidance Ratings, they abound everywhere. Even with our mouths, we sometimes speak profanity, and yet, we forget to teach the kids the reason why we have expressed such.

I pity these children, they must understand what they watch, but the parents are enjoying what they watch at the expense of their kids' character being shaped even in the movies they watch and in the actions of the elders.


Did you even understand what I just ranted?


Photo Cache said…
Robert Pattinson said on JKL that Breaking Dawn has an R rating?????

Haven't seen the movie and I haven't seen any ads so I don't know what rating it has.

I'm not sure that movie theatres esp in the Phil would take into consideration the ratings.
Anonymous said…
not only for the kids. it was kinda awkward for other movie-goers as well. (you can tell i've seen Breaking Dawn with a similar experience). i really don't know what these parents are trying to do with their kids.

and then they start complaining about their children getting into crimes and pregnant barely into their teens and even blame other people for their irresponsibility.

nakaka-inis talaga diba? i so~ get this post, sheng. here, here.
BlogusVox said…
Ang alam ng nakakaraming magulang, basta PG ang pelikula at kasama silang nanonood ng mga anak nila ay ok na. Dahil ang pakakaintindi nila sa "PG" ay literal as in : "bawal manood ang bata pag walang kasamang magulang".

Ganyan ang nang yayari pag kulang sa impormasyon ang isang tao.
pamatayhomesick said…
parental guidance daw- he he he..
agree ako kay blogusbox.. yun ang ibang pagkakaalam ng iba- basta kasama ang magulang na taga takip ng mata pag may maselan na pinapanood...
kg said…
sheng, sa haba mg sinabi mo, i totally get you...and I agree 100%!!!
dong ho said…
tama yan sheng. mahirap talaga kasi yung iba basta na lang dinadala sa mga ganyang palabas.
dyosa said…
I've always disliked parents who bring their children to the movies that they weren't even supposed to see. I don't know why they're having a hard time adhering guidelines. And, don't parents realize that it's extremely annoying to have noisy kids inside the cinema when watching films made for adults?
swexie said…
I think I have the literal interpretation of what PG 13 really means but I think that kids will be allowed as long as they're with their parents, compared to an R-13 rating which is strictly for 13 and up. I could be wrong...

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