Shake it Up!

We have been frequenting our far far away home because of the long weekends. Truth is, we seldom visit this far away home because time won't allow us to do it as often as we could, so, during long weekends, we make it a point to go home and enjoy the weekend there.

Armed with chips, and the fridge filled with food, I am making sure that the kids eat good food, from veggies to their favorite snacks, and almost always bottles of liters of Coke. Everytime we go home, we are actually consuming 2-3 liters of Coke for just a day, and it's making me a very irresponsible mom for giving unhealthy food to my children.

To correct this problem, as my kids' favorite drinks whenever we go to restaurants for our meals are fruit shakes, preferably mango shake, I decided to buy a fruit blender from out of my measly 1k bonus.

So starting yesterday, we have been consuming mango shakes in our every meal, kids forgetting about Coke already. I wonder how long this will last but I am pretty happy that I am introducing healthy eating to my children. This morning, we once again had mango shakes after breakfast and I hope to introduce more fruit shakes to them very soon. I wonder where I can get fresh strawberries so I could make strawberry shakes for them. Hmmm...

Shakes, anyone?

Tell me, what fruit shakes do you love?


marian said…
i love mango, melon, and watermelon fruit shakes with less sweetness. It's good to prepare your own shakes kasi you can control the amount of sugar that's in your shakes :) and of course healthy nga :)
BlogusVox said…
mango or banana shake for me.

our daughter doesn't dring soda but she's heavy in fruit juice (tetra or bottled). but I guess it's the same because of too much sugar.
doc anna said…
wow sheng! those are soo yummy!!!
you can also try mango shake with yogurt mango/strawberry flavor mixed with it (if your children loves yogurt)! :)
kayni said…
i love avocado shakes :)
I miss my childhood days when mangoes would go as cheap as P2 per kilo during peak season. (Just goes to show how old I am haha!)

Avocado shake is nice with a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top. You seriously ought to try it.

Milkshakes are also a treat. Buy ice cream, mix with ice and milk. Yummy!

Definitely a good step away from Coke and well worth the investment. Just go easy on the sugar. Keep it up!
Chyng said…
mango + banana + watermelon for me! ♥
kaso effort gawin, so ayun bili nalang sa fruitas. hihi
kg said…
akosheng, favorite ko mango shake!
Anonymous said…
Sheng, I lost you for quite a while. I got this link from "Joan Harvest's Blog" and I couldn't be happier. I think about you and wonder how you are doing! This, by the way- is Anne, formerly known as "JavaQueen" and I am from Chicago, IL USA - Do you remember me?
sheng said…
@Java Queen, Of course I still remember you, do you still blog? Where's the link so I could connect with you again. Glad to see you back here in the blogosphere.
mango extract said…
Shake it up baby!

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