Step Up 3D Made Me Cry

You know you're dancing when tears of pain and happiness blend in with your sweat." ~Anonymous

I don't know how to dance, I believe I have two left feet. Not even a very simple step could go unnoticed by the hubby once I make a move. It's so awkward of me to dance, and when I do, it's always not a good sight to see, so I don't dance anymore, not when I can help it.

But I married a dancer. Hubby was member of the infamous NDMU Kariktan Dance Troupe when he was in his college days. I remember him getting to the office late because he had some trainings to do, and he's been teaching kids in one place to do cultural dance.

Last Friday afternoon, we dated. I assumed he was surprised when, asked to see what movie, I chose Step Up 3D from Salt, Furry Vengeance and Hating Kapatid (which is obviously never my type). So off we went inside with our 3D glasses, cinema almost full, and armed with my drink.

The movie had me glued to my seat. It was the type of movie I have long been wanting to see, so much action, de-stressing, and fun. During the whole movie time, you can hear almost everyone reacting and admiring the steps they do, clapping to each finale step, cheering for the cast. The 3D experience is just so worth it!

Moose went to NYU to study electrical engineering with Camille, his long time bestfriend. But after he was there for an orientation, he caught himself having a showdown with a Samurai group, and hunted down by the police for some street disturbance.

It was when he met Luke, a film maker, whose life was to house dancers on his parent's house which is almost foreclosed. They were the Pirates, they intend to join the World Jam, the final battle for dance, fighting the House of Samurai.

While they trained, Luke became in love with Natalie, sister of Julienne, from the House of Samurai. When he knew of this, he felt he was betrayed, added to that the foreclosure problems. Until they were left with nothing, their vault gone to pits. Moose, in all his effort to save the team, and to make his education work, had to miss the love of his life, but eventually made up after he was able to tell Camille he was dancing.

Behind my 3D glasses, I was crying, the story was nonetheless very moving. It was ironic that I was crying when the whole crowd around me was itching to dance.

I highly recommend this movie, the love story is great, the lesson to learn is to have passion for what you love to do, and make the best out of it. Do not hide what makes you happy, for in the end, it might be your saving grace.

Go watch Step Up 3D now, a very heartwarming movie. But beware, you might get that itch to dance, even inside the cinema.

Oh, and yes, I married a dancer. I may not be a good dancer to complement his perfect moves, but I believe I make good steps dancing with him in this music we call LIFE.


jinky said…
waaah, love it, sheng! we watched salt kasi instead of this movie last time...

am watching this anytime now! am starting to love dancing na rin kasi (charing!)
bariles said…
Jinky, I told you so!!!

Really love this movie! It is the best 3D Live Action Movie for me so far!

And the cast are a bunch of beautiful talented people!! Want to watch it the 2nd time!
Reena said…
parang kulang sa advertising tong movie na to. i didnt know may ganitong movie! hehe..ive seen salt and inception. go watch salt! for me, it's a better movie though inception is getting good reviews.
sheng said…
@Reena, I already did too, hubby has a downloaded file, nice movie too! Though am not really a fan of angelina Jolie!
dong ho said…
bihira na ako nakakapanood ng palabas ngayon hinihintay ko na lang sa mga reviews pag talagang maganda.
Redlan said…
Speaking of Hating Kapatid, lol, natuwa ako sa officemate ko kasi dumaan yung car nila sa gaisano city, pagbasa niya ng now showing board ayan puro english like salt, step up tas pagbasa niya ng hating english rin. anong hating kapatid, yun pala hating kapatid (filipino words). Basta wenn deramas movie hindi ko na pinapanood ewan ko like ko lang yung tanging ina original.

Step up hindi ko pa napanood 'to. wala akong kasama. lol. extended pa naman. thanks sa movie review.

Hindi rin ako marunong sumayaw. yun kakatawa tingnan, buti ka pa nakapanap ka ng ng dancing partner in life na kini-keri ka.
witsandnuts said…
The last movie I saw in the cinema was Inception. The rest are in-flight. I hope Step Up 3 will be available as an in-flight movie late this year. :)
pamatayhomesick said…
pareho kami ni dong, naghihintay ng magandang reviews, saka palang manood.

mukhang maganda nga at mapapasayaw ako. :)
upto6only said…
i love your last sentence "I married a dancer. I may not be a good dancer to complement his perfect moves, but I believe I make good steps dancing with him in this music we call LIFE."

i dont ususally watched dance movies ewan ko lang pero bec of your review i'll try to check it out pero baka next (sana meron pa)
Lawstude said…
i have seen the trailer of this one when lantaw, erick and I watched inception in megamall. mukha nga maganda.
mordsith said…
maybe because I cannot dance, i love watching people dancing! i was so amazed by the ease of their movements. sana matuto din ako! pwede pa kaya? :)
princess_dyanie said…
aawwww ang sweet naman ni sheng! yay dancer pala si ric!

di ko pa to napapanood. wala na kasing time. will check this out. :)
Brendel said…
Thanks for this post, I'm determined to watch this movie.

And also, when do we get to see Kyawster's moves? Asteeg!
bertN said…
We are on the same leaking boat. I can't dance and my wife dance like a charm LOL.
Ibyang said…
i'm waiting for this movie to be available on DVD. would love to watch it because i used to be a dancer.

i love the last bit you said about you and your husband dancing thru life--that's what marriage is about :)

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