Proper Breathing Means Healthy Living

Last week, my daughter was diagnosed with broncho--pneumonia, prescribed with an antibiotics and medicines for the cough and the colds. This week, it is the son who was diagnosed with the same, broncho-pneumonia. In my kids' school, there are a lot of children having flu and the worst thing is, dengue cases are rampant here in our side of the world.

Nowadays, you really have to take care of your health. Or else you will have to suffer spending money over medicines that will relieve you from your situation.

Know that the best thing is always prevention, and not cure. So in order to prevent having to get sick, deep breathing is relatively important. Studies have shown that learning how to properly breathe is important because proper breathing can help and is effective in making you live healthy.

Here are steps to proper deep breathing:

1. Take a deep breath, hear yourself inhale.
2. Hold your breath for a short time.
3. Exhale. This time, hear yourself exhale as well.
4. Exhale again, with a loud sigh.

You should repeat this six times or more. Do not be afraid of excessive breathing (hyperventilation) because it is unlikely to occur. But in case your fingers has a tingling sensation, that's a sign to stop.

Proper breathing can deliver oxygen to your lungs, and even in your brain. Enough oxygen in the body can prevent headache and even migraine. So if you have recurring migraine, it helps when you learn to breathe properly. A daily lung exercise such as this can be helpful. Also, avoid second hand smoke, and if you are still into smoking, better quit now or lose your healthy lungs.


mordsith said…
ohh.. ang hirap ng may sakit sa family. i hope both of the kids are well now!
kayni said…
i hope the kids are feeling much better now.
Reena said…
that is why i think runing is a good exercise. it not only exercises the heart,. it helps in the breathin too. that's what i notice when i run eh. i breathe better.

get well soon to your kids.
kg said…
oohhh....are the kids ok na sheng? i hope they are! give them kisses from their tita kg! mahirap talaga magkasaki!
dong ho said…
kaya importante din talaga ang healthy lifestyle. for the past two months medyo naging prone ako sa sakit kaya ngayon kailangan ang exercise at vitamins.
docgelo said…
glad to know your kids are far from complications of pneumonia already. it's one with the highest mortality rates in the country.

...i agree that proper breathing is essential to a healthier lifestyle but breathing unpolluted air particularly in manila has become a luxury.
Redlan said…
Ay nadali ako ng cough and colds na yan. medyo okay na ako. get well soon sa kanila ni tabebs at ni kuya.
Eds said…
i hope the kids feel much better now sheng. sobrang hirap at gastos kaya magkasakit kaya tama ka jan, prevention is indeed better than cure!

happy monday sistah!

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