Game Muna Tayo!

Okey, I got this from PM's site and I was like ooooh...

It spelled F-U-N for me, but made me think afterwards if I deserve to be called that. I'm sharing it with you with the hope that you will tell me what words described you. Game?

Click image for larger version.

The first three words I saw were




Cidy said…
gosh! the first word I saw is " Fat" waahh sa dami2x pwede ko makita yun pa..hahayyyzz!! LOL! The 2nd one was "funny" then "lovely"...
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
mine are: wade, epic, and hue :)
liezl said…
maganda na sana first word ko, "lovely"...pero sinundan ng kahindik-hindik na word na "whore" (toink). last word is "fun" :)
marian said…
cute nito first word is "fat" shocks napa honest naman nito. it only shows i need to loose weight. next is "beautiful". tama naman. kahit fat ka beautiful pa din hahaha. last word nga lang is broken hmmm baka kasi wala akong pang gym lol.
atat said…
Waaaahhh... I'm broke-nice-funny! Whew! :)
jeanny said…
cab, love and broke...hahaha!
Anonymous said…


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