Starbucks Bottled Coffee = Newfound LOVE

The closest I have in association with Starbucks are two organizers given by Marian of Upto6only and Dong Ho. They were given to me when 1) Marian sent me a copy knowing we are so far from Starbucks as it can only be found in Luzon that time, and it was a Christmas gift; and 2) when Dom visited me here in General Santos City as pasalubong.

I feel so jealous of my friends knowing they can enjoy Starbucks as much as they can because it is just a few steps away from them. It was just lately also that Starbucks opened its Ayala Abreeza Branch in Davao City which is, still not a good idea for me to be frequenting as it is 3 hours of bus ride away from where we are located.

But when a good friend saw this bottle of Starbucks frappuccino at a local grocery here in our place, I couldn't help but be giddy at the idea. And when we both had a chance to check, there, in all its glory, sits this mocha-flavored bottled coffee from Starbucks.

Seriously, it was really good, the closest I could be now with Starbucks, and it is uber yummy when chilled. Tastes a little bit like cold chocolate drink but with the coffee taste and still some coffee delish aroma. Not too caffeinated, but anyhoo, I am still buying another bottle, and will try other flavors too.

And for the record, I think I am gonna get addicted. P99 for this bottle. Not bad, at all.

Welcome to my life, Starbucks!


marian said…
yey!!!good that you got the chance to taste starbucks. alam mo i always see that bottle in the local supermarket pero i don't seem to buy it hahaha nagkukuripot kasi.
dong ho said…
yey! kakatuwa nga at nakadalawang planner ka that time. dont worry on my return ill bring something "starbucks" again for you.
Eds said…
uhmm...malay mo soon magkaroon na rin ng starbucks jan sheng.
jeanny said…
next time pag dalaw mo dito Manila, mag coffeeshop hopping tayo. :-)

Masarap pla yan, I saw that sa local supermarkets dito, will try that nga. :-)
BlogusVox said…
Sheng, I'll let you in a little secret.

Get an empty bottle with cap.
Put one tablespoon of nescafe gold.
Add a small amount of hot water.
Shake vigorously until it froth.
Add some more water and creamer.

Viola, you have your Starbuck coffee imitation. And it smells the same too. : )
SunnyToast said…
Dont worry pag bumisita ako dyn dalhin ko ang buong starbucks

If ever you visit starbucks again try to have caramel macchiato with a sht of raspberry..let me know if you like it:)
kayni said…
yes, those are delicious. i have those from time to time especially summer, but these days, caffeine is not a good thing for me.
witsandnuts said…
I've never had a S'bucks planner and only because of friends I go for their frap pag andyan ako sa atin. Naaliw ako sa recommendation ni Blogusvox. :)

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