Makeup or no Makeup?

Despite friends' further urge on making myself a lot more presentable to others, and despite the words I got from friends not to dress like my man, I still have not done anything to improve my looks. Maybe because I am just busy with other stuff, or am I just too lazy to learn putting color on my face and dressing up like some goddess, haha.

We attended a one night DOLE Family Day at the beach with a Luau theme, but I have not done anything to look like I am in a Hawaiian party, ugh. I only wore a not-so-skimpy shorts with a flowery (not even) shirt top.

And so I think, I must invest some time learning the color schemes and the brushes and the strokes in order to put some color on my face and ask advice from fashion gurus on which dresses I should wear and what not to.

My hair is a big mess nowadays, if not in pony tail, it's tucked with a clamp. But then again, I still feel so comfortable with just the ordinary me. Yet, I'd still love a new look, yes. So, someday soon, I'd give myself a reward by learning basic makeup and putting shades on my eyes. Whatever happens, I resolve to do something about my personality. So I guess, it's time to scout for some makeup.

Guys, you see me on the photos I post in this blog. That's the ordinary me. So, let me ask you your opinion on this. What's more beautiful for you, makeup or no makeup? Any help I can get from you, my faithful readers?


marian said…
it's nice to put a little make-up at work. just a simple powder, blush-on and lipstick will do. those light pink or bronze depending to your skin type is perfect. iba din kasi yung may make-up especially if you're infront of a client. :)
princess_dyanie said…
Basic make up will do! Mishu! :D
bertN said…
If the merchandise is good, why dress it up?
dong ho said…
im a zero on this. i remember accompanying a friend in buying a make-up for her mom. didnt know it can have that much choices.
Photo Cache said…
No make up for me.
docgelo said…
i love my wife with or without make up. to answer your query, whatever you're comfortable with, sheng. you're loved with or without it too, i'm sure.
toni said…
I'm not too fond of make-up. But I do powder my face and put on a little lipstick when going out. That's it!

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