I Want a Divorce!

It's been bugging me, it's been a long time that I have been thinking about it. I personally made moves on how we can settle some differences, yet, I failed. I have been very stressed thinking about ways I can solve this problem, but there seems to be no resolve. I want out, NOW!

Yes, I want a divorce, with my bulging tummy, that is. It's been causing me sleepless nights and I still can't find ways to at least, trim down. I have been doing some brisk walking, and yet, that good hour of brisk walking is just defeated by thirty minutes of good sweets in the office, some snacks of bijon guisado, some peanut butter sandwiches to which is also my fault that I indulge.

I just can't stop munching, food seems to be everywhere, and even if I don't have the means to buy them, they come knocking on my door like a sweet temptation.

I don't really know how I can trim down, it's been A for effort thing for me. But still, there is no reduce to the waistline. Oh and yes, my only problem is the waistline, my weight seems to stay as is, but the waistline is forever expanding. Ack!

I'd gladly welcome any suggestions, videos and articles regarding effective waistline trimming, and maybe some effective slimming pill? Nyay!

Err, any simple weight loss tip or waistline trimming exercise there that you know?


Ibyang said…
you need to divorce with your waistline...what you need is to divorce with sweets--or at least stay away from them a bit.

i've read in articles before the that culprit for big tummies are carbs and sweets.

good luck!
Ibyang said…
correction: *you need NOT divorce with your waistline.
Anonymous said…
walking has been helpful to me but it can only do so much in trimming the waist. :( i hear crunches are best but of course you have to be dedicated and keep at it every week.

and i so~ get the part na lumalapit ang food sayo kahit wala kang pera. haha! di nakakatulong ano? but yeah.

iwas na lang din sa beer! (if you're a drinker) :D
jeanny said…
discipline lang sis.

Dati I tried going to the gym at it really helps me to trim down....ngayon no gym na ko balik na ulit sa dati. Kaya I am planning to go back. Enjoy ko muna ang pagkain, hehehe :-)
bertN said…
When you find out how best you can trim your waistline, share it with me. That's my problem! If I don't do anything about it, I'll not be able to see my feet anymore when I look down LOL.
SleeplessInKL said…

Try this too: "@WomensHealthMag: Target your transverse abdominis--the midsection muscle that pulls in your belly like a corset: http://ow.ly/6ujzf"
Eds said…
hi sheng. goodluck. kapag nahanap mo na ang solution jan, share them with us ha. after ko manganak for sure i need to trim down also.
lynette g. said…
sigh.. i have the same prob sheng :) and you're not that fat naman.. so im not sure yours is such a big prob.

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