Status for Life

What a surprise this August has given me. Surely, when you knock, it shall be opened, when you seek, you shall find; and when you ask, it shall be given you.

I worked hard for this, I prayed so hard. I did my best, I performed to the best of my capacity. I was not dismayed, I kept on. I did not settle for mediocrity but accepted failures as a challenge. And if there's one thing I never will forget, It is by HIS grace, and in HIS perfect timing that all things are falling in its place.

This is my most loved status, way better than my FB status updates. This is a start of a new beginning, new challenges, new adventures, new career. Status in employment: Permanent.

Now, it is safe to say: In the interest of public service, I remain.


upto6only said…
yes, congrats sheng !!!. blow out blow out. I'm happy for you :)
congrats to you! this opens up a whole new world of opportunity for you.
BlogusVox said…
congrats sheng on your permanent status. it means marami ka ng benefits na matatanggap.
SunnyToast said…
Congrats Sheng! you deserve it!
docgelo said…
bravo, sheng! well done!
ang panalo dito hindi ikaw, kundi ang mga anak mo. i'm sure they're your inspiration and all your (and your husband's) efforts at work and all are for them. am i right, or am i correct? haha... congratz, sheng! mabuhay ka!

ps: belib ako at mataas respeto ko sa mga tao, lalo na sa taong-gobyerno na gumagawa ng tama, hindi nanlalamang o nandadaya. so keep doing only what's right, sheng! make pinoys more proud of public servants like you. amen!
mordsith said…
way to go sheng! pa-burger ka naman!!!
Reena said…
congrats again sheng!!!!! you deserve it! :0 you're right as long as you dedicate everything you do in the Lord, nothing is impossible.
Ibyang said…
congratulations!!! happy for you :)

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