One Very Special Day with HIS Gandaness

during Manny Pacquiao's Birthday Bash

If there's one BIG person I could call on when I need a good laugh, it's HIM, THE gandaness ever so much. It was during plurkfiestas when Sir Orman had the chance to bond with us, as we have been earlier recruited by his awesomeness brother, Bariles, to join the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers.

I was actually aloof at joining them during events because I felt like they are the kind of people who would be hard to level with, until HIS Heaviness invited us all his plurk buddies to his birthday bash at Taaz Bar. We were there and we were especially mentioned and thanked for because of our presence. This made me feel welcome with the group and after which, some more events followed that's when we eventually bonded.

my birthday at Olaer Cold Spring Resort

There were even moments when we just had to text each other, plan for a swim at Olaer and everything followed including food. Yes, food, because everywhere we went, there was food and we do not complain, never.

My best encounter with HIS Gandaness was during my birthday, that was when I decided we meet up at our favorite place, Olaer Cold Spring Resort and have fun, enjoy food, and celebrate friendship. When the group arrived, I was uber happy. They are the people whom I have called friends since I blogged. They are the kind of people who make me laugh when we are together, they are the kind of people I could go out with and simply be myself. Like right now, blogging has been my outlet, and these blogger friends are more than friends to me, they are family.

My birthday was complete because of them, and because The Gandaness knows me to be a fan of Noynoy, he gave me a Noynoy cap for a birthday gift. He even blogged about my day.

my Noynoy cap

We have been together in so many events, we have shared frienships with other people, and we have supported Sir Orman in many of his undertakings especially braving festivals. If there's one thing we could offer him because of his friendship, it is our support. My husband and I love him, and we could always say, being with him is LAUGH TRIP. Pantanggal stress!

Sir Orman has proven to be more than the blogger friend that he is, I have made myself a fan of his blog, every morning is never complete without a visit to his website, there's a proof of me being top commentor here. That's how loyal I am to his posts.

Piyesta Bar opening with Gov. Migs Dominguez

Pictures are countless to prove that we are friends, but deep in my heart, whether there's evidence or none, I cherish every day that we bond, every special moment with friends like Sir Orman is worth cherishing.

Congratulations to Sir Orman and his GandaEverSoMuch on its 1st Anniversary! Many returns to you and this blog!

If you have not encountered HIS Gandaness yet, hop on to his site now!


orman said…
friends 4 keeps
friends 4 life
friends 4ever
love you sheng and ric!
kg said…
wow sheng! he seems really nice. lalo na for you to make a post about him! :)
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
outstanding! ☺
Lyle said…
Heartwarming post and I totally agree with everything written here.

Nice post, Sheng!
Eds said…
what a heartwarming post sheng!
Heart of Rachel said…
Great friends are blessings in life.
Redlan said…
Now I know much about the special person you always mentioned on your plurk updates. congrats sa 1st blog anniv!
upto6only said…
wow. i bumped to his blog and saw his anniversary contest. i tried reading some of his posts and i find it cool, witty and funny.
Ibyang said…
you are lucky to find true friends online.

happy anniversary to Gandaeversomuch
jeanny said…
Its so hard to find true friends, your both lucky kasi you find one another :)
docgelo said…
ang galing naman ng friendship ng bloggers dyan sa inyo. i miss attending to events for bloggers because of this post.

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