Ganda Ever So Much!

Hello guys!

Let me introduce you to a blog i have been visiting daily for almost a year now.

I knew he was the guy who made things possible in festivals and other events, but I didn't know we could get closer.

It wasn't until Bariles announced that his brother (or sister for that matter) already has a blog after a few budging and forcing to. And it was then announced to many of his networking sites like plurk and blog, and even thru the SMS to ask us to visit the blog and see what makes of it.

Of course I couldn't get more giddy, I felt excitement, here's the big guy doing a blog and trying his way to pour out what he feels through his online journal.

...and so I went to visit, and everyday I visited, and the next days, I was still there. I wouldn't just be there for the wrong impressions, will I? BUT, it is because his blog will sure keep you coming back. His stories though may not be one of a kind, the posts are at times nice and at times angsty. Of course, that's what a blog must be, honest and true to the self. This is one main reason why I keep following his blog and his life. His stories may be complicated but he sure has all the energy to make people laugh, even when he is down.

We have become good friends and when times I feel stressed out, he knows. That's when I get to realize I need a break and I get to his blog to read his stories, because I find de-stressing capability of his blog posts.

We have been together for some events and he does not fail to make us laugh, and though we can feel his sadness deep inside, he would still be the one to cheer the place up.

He is frank and surely not subtle on his comments, which for me is a good thing. I admire this guys and his blog because they are so ONE.

And it's Gandaeversomuch! anniversary! I couldn't be happier for the man!

Sir Orman, Happy blogversary. As always, Gandaeversomuch! rocks! Get on with it. Thank you for the inspiration I get from your blog. The laughters may not be counted, but they are are a lot! And if laughter is counted by the dollar, I am a poor little self now. Thank you ever so much.

And just to let you know, Gandaeversomuch! is a daily habit I cannot resist.

Happy Blogversary! Congratulations for a year of blogging and
keep counting the years!

More power to the author of this wonderfully created blog.

Kokak pa!


orman said…
sheng -- nakahabol ka rin! thank you for your kind words! as you may have notice, my colorful life has taken a new direction (or maybe just a rehash for some and an old direction for most). my blogging life has taken many passengers. i am asking you, as a friend, to come ride with me once more in my roller-coaster i call LIFE...
dong ho said…
congratulations to orman! isa sa pinakabuhay na buhay na blogger.

buti rin at nakilala ko na rin siya.
Jeanny said…
Congrats to Orman. I visited his place often too and everythime I'm there I am enjoying my stay.

Hopefully makadalaw dyan sa inyo at makilala rin cya :)
docgelo said…
sweet words from a blog buddy.
i'll sneak into his blog in a blink.
princess_dyanie said…
ay talaga magkapatid sila? vinisit ko blog nya! tawa ko ng tawa dun sa post nya about viceganda hahaha!

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