I Want One, Now!

I am sure many people who know me, know that I am a sucker for stamps. I have been collecting stamps since grade school and in fact, I already have two filled albums. Although I used the photo album to keep them, this time, I think I want to try organizing them again for a better look.

I already organized my coin collection two years back, and I will begin with my stamps soon. I found this very interesting stamp on the internet, and I could not help but want to get my hands on this beauty. And words leaked that the French people who made this, gave it a dark chocolate scent as well that lasts for two years. Oooohhh, I want to have a copy, so much that I could ask for your help if you got French relatives, please ask them for me. Haha.

Click on the stamp for more stamp stories.

My love for chocolates is more than my love for stamps. But if i could get them both, who knows? What is one thing you would love to get your hands to right now? Well, aside from your dreams, and your desires for a good life, I'm sure there is this one material thing you want to have with you, an iPhone? Me too!


kg said…
oh my sheng, baka makain ko yan! ang sarap naman nyan! :)
Anonymous said…
that looks great! i had my phase of collecting stuff but none i had till now. kung meron lang akong kilalang French! LOL
kayni said…
that looks yummy and worth collecting :)
dong ho said…
pang inggit to. hindi mo alam kung itatago na lang or kakainin pagkatapos kuhanan ng picture.
pamatayhomesick said…
pareho kami ni dong.. tatago ko muna...:)
docgelo said…
dark chocolate scent on stamps? hmmm, baka langgamin? hehe. i want real dark chocolates! but i salute those with passion for collecting something.
...ako i really like silk ties. lalo na from a particular affordable brand.
Redlan said…
It launched last year ata. I have a newly found french friend pero hindi pa kami masyadong close. nakakalaway ang chocolate no? pati ako pinalaway mo sa photo na yan

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