Meet Guillain-Barré Syndrome

A friend of ours, wife of hubby's distant relative died last Sunday. The news shocked us all because, first, the last we saw each other was June 6, burial of a relative also. She was really healthy that time we saw each other, we thought she was feeling all right. Second, she is only 34 years old, so young at that age, and she left her 5-year old only child to the husband.

According to stories, it all started last April, she had been feeling headaches, and recurring headaches the following months. The husband said she had been attacked by head-splitting headaches that she could not sleep, area around her eyes were already very dark. According to him, of the 24 hours, she only had 2 hours of sleep. And that was her daily routine.

In two weeks time, her pains and sleepless nights plunged. She became blind partially, then totally. The doctors could not decipher the cause of all these pains and agonies she's felt. The tests, MRI, CT-scan and other lab results showed negative.

The headaches were followed by a slow paralysis, until half her body was paralyzed and she was diagnosed with a cyst on the head. They were told to prepare 400k, soon they were ready, but the doctors would not operate on her because of something different about her tests. It took the doctors long to tell the family she had Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks the peripheral nerves or the peripheral nervous system. This is likened to a short circuit, but happens on the nerves. It is a rare case to which rates 1 out of 100, 000 people. It can attack any gender, of any age. The immune system of the body attacks itself. And it happens fast because of the nerves being attacked. No specific symptoms, no sure as well.

I just heard of this syndrome, and felt fear because of my recurring headaches too. Migraine it may be, but I realized life is too short to waste away. I may live today but I could not be sure of what happens the next day, or any minute now.

Life is really short, but if you are prepared, then maybe life could be lived to your advantage, and to your fulfillment as well. Live today's life as if it were your last. This I was reminded.

Rest in Peace, Zeny.


Lawstude said…
my deep condolences sheng. life is indeed precious and a Greater Being has control over it. take care always.
jeanny said…
my condolences Sheng.

live life to the fullest..kaya nga I always make a point to be positive kahit na mahirap sometimes.
Bonedoc said…
Quite unusual though for this GBS to actually result to death. Most of the cases I saw are rather of the mild form and those that I saw in my old tertiary hospital, where rare than rare cases. Anyhow, you're right sheng, the more we rub elbows with death, the more it is imperative we live life like it is our last day here. My condolences sheng to the family....

PS> I added your blog to my Gulper's razor links if its ok with you.
goma said…
let us not forget that death is part of life. celebrate her life instead and we should live to the fullest. let's thank Him everyday.

kg said…
katakot naman yan. what causes it sheng?

Eds said…
my deep condolences sheng. grabe noh. life is too short.
dong ho said…
that's when you learn to treasure each day in your relatively short life span.

i believe the more you give the more you gain. whether it's your time, resources and above all care for others.
kayni said…
i'm so sorry to hear this. the disease was so quick. it's really scary.

you're right. we have to treasure each moment. life is too short.

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