Just a Thought...

It's already February!

How the days go by so swiftly and another year is fast counting towards its end. Isipin mo? 11 months na lang and 2012 na, hehe.

For sure, days are fast, and I admit, I am aging. When was that when I was just a little kid with a crush on a small guy riding a bicycle. When was that when I had my first prom, and having to be fetched from school because Dad thinks I have to go home on time. And when was that when I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life? And, was it at least ten years ago when I had my first baby?

Time moves so fast, and counting the days just doesn't make it a notch slower. I'll be turning double 3 this month, and I wonder what's gonna be in store for me this 2012, but I am still praying for that regular post.

I just want to ask you how you spent your years, I hope they are meaningful days. It simply is fun and nostalgic going back to days when you were a child, until you have grown up. And one thing you can do when you think of these things is to reflect what you have done for others to make them happy.

Well, for me, I think I did good, but then again, there are better things I could still do and looking forward to it. I am thinking of a project for the kids in Kinilis, please check out how how we touched their hearts on this story. I was actually thinking of enjoining you, my dear friends to help out for their schooling this June. No, it's not gonna be that big as a scholarship but I was thinking if maybe we could give our help in sending them to school by helping them with their school needs like paper pads and notebooks, pencils and pens. What do you think? You can start collecting your pens and pencils now if you think you have extra, and maybe we could arrange for it when the time is nearing.

So, how about that? Tell me what you think. If you are willing, please do email me at sdumalay[at]yahoo[dot]com so we can think on these things. Thanks!


nanardxz said…
maam shei i've asked na some my members/supporters :) .. we'll have a project this coming may or june ( www.southcotabato.org 2nd year anniversary) and we are considering a community at brgy.linan in tupi.. ^^
sheng said…
@Nanardxz: Do you think we can include Kinilis in your project, so we could also divide our efforts in giving to Brgy. Linan? let's talk about this project soon, I'd be glad to help you find support, too.
kg said…
naku, ang kabataan ko sheng ay makulay. i can honestly say i've had a happy and eventful childhood!

maganda yang naisip mo sheng. even with small things, you can help a lot! :)
witsandnuts said…
It's your birth month!

That's a good initiative from your end. :)
Eds said…
that's a good project ha. goodluck.

oy, lapit na nga birthday mo sheng.

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