Everything Noodles

I have always loved pasta. Aside from the fact that my kids and husband love spaghetti, I binge myself when faced with a bowl of lasagna and carbonara. Anything with white sauce is a big welcome, and I always find myself not resisting an invitation to pancit canton, pancit lomi and my ever favorite pancit malabon or palabok.

Some men just couldn't understand why we girls have to work our way in cooking pasta. There's a lot to prepare, and sometimes, even if he is excited with the eating, my husband seems to be too bored in the kitchen when waiting for the spaghetti to be cooked.

I still love spaghetti and everything noodles. Sometimes, this gets to be my only meal as this is already carbo-filled. If I want a carbo-overload, I sacrifice a little time, starve a little until my pasta is cooked.

I love pasta. My kids love spaghetti. My favorite though is anything with white sauce. But I just want to share to you that this bowl was done last Black Saturday, and left the dining table empty after breakfast. The four of us gorged into this for breakfast, and even asked for more.

So I did reveal that my favorite is carbonara, what's your favorite pasta?


jeanny said…
i love pasta with red sauce naman. Yumm!
docgelo said…
like you, i also love noodles and anything noodles! from instant pancit canton to fancy pasta!

ginutom mo ako sheng!
ngayon gusto ng pasta! haha!
kg said…
buti na lang sheng spaghetti ang merienda namin. kung hindi, natakam ako! :)
bertN said…
I am a spaghetti and lasagna kind of guy. Pansit bihon and canton OK din.
toni said…
My current fave is the Pasta Genovese at Cibo -- basil pesto with cream. Mmmmmmm. I'm not too fond of white sauce-based pasta but this one is really good. Most of the time though I like puttanesca. <3
SunnyToast said…
I love spicy Jambalaya pasta:)
Photo Cache said…
i love the usual pinoy spaghetti with meatballs and hot dogs :)

i haven't met a pasta with white sauce that i fell in love with. usually kasi super creamy ang white sauce and nauuyam agad ako pag creamy :)
Ela said…
my favorite pasta? Si Pasta (aso) ni Gay at pasta dishes na luto nya :D

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