Tips to Shedding Off the Pounds

Gosh, I want to have a body like her's.

I have gained weight, and I am just so mad at myself for eating so much. I was just 40 kilos, ten years ago, and now, I am 15 kilos heavier. Darn!

The husband ain't got plans of changing my wardrobe. He said I must work my way into getting back to the old shape, or at least going back to 110 lbs or lesser. This means I have to get back to doing sit ups, and a few more exercises, and worst, I have to cut down on my eating.

But it's just so nice to eat, right? Especially when you feel like wanting to gobble up something, the craving won't keep away from you like it's some devil inviting you for free dinner. Ugh.

Here are some tips I have read that took my interest. I hope to follow these tips and try if it works in making me shed off some weight.

1. Start with soup. This is the Japanese's best way of treating weight-loss. The soup fills you up fast that you eat least during the meal.

2. Lunch should be your main meal. According to some research, we digest more effectively during 10am to 2pm, thus, lunch should be our main meal and not breakfast.

3. Think healthy and quality, not quantity. So if you want some steak, and there's also a choice of veggies, think twice on the steak. It's healthier to eat veggies, and I guess, a lot cheaper. Think twice and thrice if you really want that Coke, remember, it ain't healthy.

4. Eat right. When you eat, do it on the table and not on anywhere else. Pay attention to what you eat. Do not mind the TV. Now, this is kind of difficult for us, but it sure is a fast way to finish what you are gobbling up.

5. Enjoy eating regular meals. Three times a day, and stick with just three times a day. Aha! Easier said than done?

6. Eat only when you are hungry. This may be a contradiction to number 5 but here's how it works. You cannot make food or eating the solution to your boredom. Some people eat just because they crave, or some eat because they are invited to a meal or for some food. Remember that we eat because our body needs to. We cannot make food the solution to every issue in our lives and expect ourselves to be thin and sexy. But for the sake of choices, if you eat because you are bored, find a hobby. If you eat because you are stressed, learn yoga. They are the better choices.

7. Move it. Last Saturday, I walked four rounds of brisk walking around Robinson's Place. That's basically 4 kilometers or so. And I plan to do it more often. People in France and in the Mediterranean are slimmer than any other people, their secret: They walk.

So there, I hope you learn what I have learned too. It might help you in your quest for getting back to the old shape. And hopefully it helps me get back to my old nice clothes that are becoming more clingy now. Teeheee!


kayni said…
nice list, sheng. i agree with you on the eating part especially for me who crave Filipino food so much. kaya kapag nakapunta ng Filipino resto ditoy, para bang fiesta kapag nag order.
docgelo said…
i cannot agree more, sheng.
however it's apparent that tina and i have no intentions for now to lose our extra pounds, haha! not that we're happy with it but we're happy with who we are. and when you're happy, everything seems so perfect amidst our flaws! :p
upto6only said…
nice suggestions. i hope i can do that. with this kind of heat parang nakakatamad na ding kumain hehehe
dong ho said…
wow! tumaba ka pala pero di ka na naman din ganun kataba. i like "move it".
Reena said…
i need this too!
sheng said…
@dongho: di naman "ganun" kataba, it's just that I gained some pounds that make my clothes a little bit clingy, and the tummy a little bit bulgy. Waaah!
lynette g. said…
me im still wishing for the discipline to follow a really strict diet and exercise routine. :) good luck to us! and by the way..di ka naman mataba kaya..
sheng said…
@lynette: I'm not reaLLY getting fat, gaining is the more appropriate term. Something which means just the same, and something I have to stop doing.

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