DOLE Job Fair Blues: Matuwid na Daan Tungo sa Kaunlaran Para sa Lahat

You may have wondered where I was after I posted my April 26 post. Truth is, I have been lurking and busy doing some work and chores and a lot more. Last April 28, hubby's cousin and his son and son's wife visited us here in Gensan. They came all the way from Iloilo City and it was during that time when I was so busy with the job fair and a lot more.

So there, I was really busy.

But I am available now, and will share a lot of stories for you. In fact, this will be a series of blog posts of the things I experienced during my 2 weeks hiatus from this blog.

You all know how I am as a worker. I prefer to do things perfectly, systematically and in an organized manner. But sometimes, we just don't fully get what we want, especially if there are so many teachers in just one classroom.

I was there in the venue earlier than the others were. In fact, I was still tired that very morning because prior to May 1, we had to arrange some stuffs inside the venue. That morning, we manually arranged things to get started. Some slave labor of a job, and in a while, I was called to start the program. I hosted the event, and wanted things to go perfect because it was actually my first to be emceeing in such a huge venue, with my superiors and the regional director watching. After the short program, my assignments began pouring in.

There was a huge number of people inside the venue. Unspecified count reached more than a thousand heads inside the convention center, all of them lining up in queue for their turn to be interviewed. As for the day's record, we had new registrants totaling to 900+ within the day, add that to the already pre-registered 1,313 applicants.

After a few hours of getting things done, I preferred to stay tuned to the monitoring since I was also assigned to do such. We had a schedule of 12, 3 and 5pm to report the number of applicants who were successfully hired on the spot.

With many teachers in one setting, I could say, we could never really get a perfect outcome if there are different instructions coming from different people. Do this and do that, hence, one's perfect report could never be attained, and with other people numb to the fact that we are busy, I couldn't care less. It irked me as much that there are people who can only enjoy watching how busy one can get.

But nevertheless, I have delivered. I did not allow the situation to annoy me one bit. For if I had, I couldn't have finished the report on time, and could not have come up with good enough data to satisfy their need for numbers.

Seriously, sometimes I think, this government and the people working for it need emotions. Sensitive emotions. They must be sensitive of what is happening around them, and hopefully, do what is right and proper.

The 2-day job fair ended well. Although it was a bit disappointing on my part that there were only 241 successful applicants who were hired on the spot, from out of the 2, 734, I am praying that those who were scheduled for interview and trade tests could be given chance to get to work.

And, if there is any consolation I had after that, it was when the Regional Director and I crossed paths on the first day, and she stopped to tell me, "Very good emcee." And I wanted to fly. Well, I actually hoped to shine for that day, and I think I did.


doc anna said…
wow! that's what you call "work under pressure"! job well done,sheng!:)
I also hope the number of unemployed in our country will be lessen..(sigh!)and that our president will also focus on this problem.
bertN said…
Less than 10% were hired on the spot! I feel sorry for the more than 90% who were turned down, who are probably as qualified as the ones who got lucky.
pamatayhomesick said…
isa sa mga sitwasyon nakakatanggal ng pagod yan...huwaw a very good emcee.congrats for a wonderfull day!

sana lahat ng emcee gaya mo... yung iba kasi sa sobrang pagod nakakalimutan ngumiti!..:)
Photo Cache said…
congratulations. it seems like you deserve a well-earned spa visit after that.
mordsith said…
hey! congrats on the job well done! there are just so many people here unemployed.. talagang pahirapan ang trabaho at ang paghahanap ng kabuhayan..

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